Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

The last 7 days I have been enthralled by:

Shortly Autumn Collections of Cosmetic brands:

1. First, I believe the makeup on the promotion picture of the Lunasol Autumn 2011 is pure Elegance. Her lips are the perfect nude/mauve YLBB, her skin looks impeccable and the eyes are the perfect Elegant smokey. I also really like her silvery top she is wearing, but aside of that, I am looking forward to Lunasol Autumn 2011 collection

2. I have been getting my hands on the first Chanel Autumn 2011 product.
I have been swatching a lot, and was a bit dissapointed by the foamy eyeproducts. Honestly, L'Oréal's are just as good or even better: lots of glittery fall-out and the colours weren't that stunning. However, there were still some goodies to be found, one of them a lip-pencil in 47 Rose Cuivré. It is a coral with a slight pinkish undertone, that matches a large part of my (pinky) corals. I didn't have that colour yet.

He he, I combined the picture of the pencil with another Chanel advertisement that the woman is cuddling the Chanel Chance bottle. I am quite pleased with my new pencil, so it deserves a hug too!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Blythe Freshlight Haircolour Maple Brown

A couple of days I promised you a proper review on something quite new. I haven't received my sasa yet, but I received something else that I will review for you in this post. It will be a lengthy review with a bulk of picture, because it's about hairdye, and I think pictures speak a thousand words for those kind of reviews.

Most people reading my blog know I really like Blythe dolls. Yeh it's even my profile picture. They also know I use lots of Asian beauty products and read lots of Asian beauty-bloggers advise. In this combination I purchased Schwarzkopf Blythe's latest hairdye, an alternative version of the other hairdye Schwarzkopf Blythe has been on the market for the last couple of years.

Japanese hairdye companies were the first to launch the innovative formula of foam hairdyes, and as far as I have read from other beautybloggers, they have been better than the Western companies on this field. The colour is better and covers grey and other hairs better. Well, time for a personal challenge on that.

I had bought some hairextensions lately. However, I ordered them a bit too light to fit my colouring, so I thought I could dye them in a browner shade. Blythe's Maple Brown seemed to fit the bill with coming close to my natural shade. So I picked that colour. And the doll looks so cute on it  ♥

So, this is supposed to be the end-result colour: Maple brown:

Here is the extension that will be up for experimentation:

Oh, all pictures on this post have been uploaded quite large, but made a bit smaller for the formula of the blog. Feel free to click them for even more detailed view,

The box outside is written in Japanese, but the instructions are so detailed in pictures that every dummy in every language knows how it will function.

Expectation of colour: In my case, I will have the lowest kind of expectation because I'll experiment on light hair. If you don't have light hair, you might continue reading this review as well, because you might get grey hairs one day, and you can see if it captures the grey hairs as well:

Cute packaging and already some easy instructions on the outside:

Chinese instructions as well:

The bottom of the box:

Unboxing the box brings out a couple of items:

  • the white bottle on the left should be mixed with the brown bottle on the left.
  • before all of this: put on the gloves 
  • the pump after the mixing of the white bottle solution and the brown (do not shake but tip it left and right for about 30 times in a gentle way)
  • the sachet on the left is the typical after-treatment
  • the pink sheet has even more elaborate instructions: let's have a closer look
All in Japanese again, but still dummy-proof for non-Japanese speakers:

Again: I opened the bottle by screwing the white lid off:

The solution smells lightly like apricots combined with chemicals. But not so strong as some dyes I have smelled.

Applying the brown bottle: the solution in there is a maple brown indeed:

As I said before, NO VIGOUROUS SHAKING, just stirring (sounds like Bond, James Bond).

The foaming action will blend them together a bit more. And the colour of the foam is already a bit of a maple brown:

So there it goes on my blonde extentions:

I've applied it all over, and afterwards I combed it in: that is for the dye to reach all of the hairs:

After 5 minutes: you can see it working quite rapidly:

After 12 minutes:

 I rinsed it out after 16 minutes. This is how it looks wet:

After blow-drying the hairs: In shadow-esque environment: (please click on picture for more detail):

In some more natural light: It seems lighter than the colour on the package, but it sure made the hairs a lot darker.

In sunlight:

The ends in sunlight:

I think the colour has turned out in a rather gorgeous golden darker blonde or light golden brown shade.

It is quite a match to my natural hair-colour, so in my personal opinion I am quite pleased how it turned out. I do think it turns out lighter than what I have seen on the box. But, that is for light hair, so if you have darker hair you might have a different result.

I don't know if I can say if this is suitable for Western hair. As we all probably know, most extensions are made of Indian hair, which has been dyed to look Western, but still has a stronger quality of hair.

The extentions actually are quite similar to my own hairshaft, but then again, I've often heard from hairdressers that my hair resembles Asian hair because of its straightness and the ability to have stubborn cowlicks.

Actually, I think it could work on Western hair too, as the colour does turn out to be slightly darkening, but not to dramatic. And for darker Western hair with a thin hairshaft I suggest it would work as well because of the gentle formula. I think the foam is not really harsh either and quite 'moisturizing' as I might say so. I have been dying extensions before (with John Frieda foam dye, Schwarzkopf Vital Colours, etc), and I can see some dyes being quite stern and damaging to hairs. This one is one of the mildest I have used so far.

So I would actually reorder this one and use it for my own hair as well.

I have bought this box on ebay from hkwai_beauty for $12.98 but right now they only have the Melty Cherry up, which looks quite nice too. There are probably some other sellers that sell this foam as well, but I liked the service from this seller and it's the only one I've tried so far for buying this particular product.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Last couple of days have been about:

1. Beautiful Sunsets.

The gorgeousness of sunsetspotting is not only reserved for the beach. You can spot a gorgeous sunset anywhere, when the natural elements are cooperating and you don't close your eyes for this kind of beauty.

2. Reminders of ♥

Sometimes I wear mine on a sleeve (or, on my wrist) to remind myself that love is still there around.

Sounds a bit holistic in a religious sense, but it's just to keep an eye on the good things in life ;D

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


First I would like to apologise for the lack of interesting reviews I haven't been doing lately.

I'm trying to live a bit more modest and I believe my closet still needs some more space before I will add some newbies. However, I'm waiting for another sasa order, so I think there will be a good review coming up soon!

In the meanwhile, I'm not so modest that I never spend anything anymore. A certain cosmetic store had 25% off a while ago, and I bought myself some Chanel:

First I wanted the nailcolour in Mimosa. I already tried it in the beginning of the summer, and opted out because why would I spend 20 euros on a yellow nailpolish. However, I've been trying lots of yellows and no yellow comes close to the complexity of Mimoso. So, after spending approximately 10 euros on a good replacement on Mimosa, which I didn't find (but got some other good yellows too), I still bought this one before it would dissappear.

I already had a sample set of the Chanel Rouge Shines, which has Boy, Adventure, Monte Carlo and another colour in it. It would be the easiest and most neutral option to go for Boy. Still, I have plenty of MLBB options from Japanese brands, so I tried out Fétiche 52, which has a hint of pink in it, and liked it a lot.

I'm looking forward for the autumn range of Chanel. From the pictures I saw online I saw lots of things I would like to get my hands on. I haven't seen them here yet, but hopefully they get here soon and I will be Chanel-ling some more Chanel.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Silvery Greys

This summer I slowly accumulated a small collection of silvery greys

Silvery Greys

The small Mavala nailpolish was given as a freebie with the ElleUK September edition. It's a opaque colour without any shimmer.

The sparkly bottle in the middle is another nailpolish from Dutch brand Heröme. It has holographic shimmer and that makes it quite interesting.

You will absolutetly recognize the third: DiorAddict Lipstick in Couture. I purchased this one early summer when I thought the summer would be as bright as this colour. Actually, it is a bit of a muted cherry-pink so it represented this summer quite accurately: still bright, but not as summery as a fuschia colour.

And although I am open to many makeup-options, I would not really like to wear grey lipstick ;D

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

For the last couple of days I have been:

1. Enjoying unexpected freebies.

I got this rose-shaped purse with a clothing purchase on gmarket. It is so dainty and cute and I like the fact that you can attach it to something else so it doesn't dangle around in your purse.

2. The puppies in the window

Sometimes it is hard to abandon my inner child and I start cooing over something that it aimed for children just because it looks so cute. These are so adorable. I suspect lots of mothers who have children secretly buy some things they really like themselves, don't they?

I would really shower my child with lots of cuddly cute thingies and quirky dolls.I won't give them Barbies or try to avoid them, because they will not be good for their later self-esteem. I think I would give them a couple of non-caucasian dolls too to let them know dolls (and people) come in all ethnicities.

Winner Edward Bess Foundation

My apologies for putting this post up later than I promised, but I have the winner. There were only a couple of contesters, partly because I hadn't announced my giveaway on large scale.

The winner is no. 1: lunalunaface

Congratulations! I will mail you as soon as possible!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Edward Bess Sheer Satin Cream Foundation in 04 Beige

A couple of months ago I bought a foundation from Niche brand Eward Bess. It had been hanging around in my cupboard for some while before I finally used it. This will be an elaborate review with lots of pictures and I will compare it with two other foundations.

I needed a foundation to match my spring-complexion: I picked 04 beige, which turned out to be a good match colourwise.

The foundation comes in a cheap 'velvet' sleeve, similar to the one that Dior has with their eyeshadow quads:

The case it made of plastic and feels like it. The monogram looks sleek and business-like. White against a black background: rather classic:

Opening the case brings you to the standard formula of a mirror and foundation-pan:

The double underlayer is for the sponge:

I personally like to apply it with my own tools. It is rather creamy and the brush picks it up rather fast. This is a concealer-brush and for my whole face I use a larger brush:

So far so good.

Although good? Let me continue my review.

I found it a bit patchy-looking on some parts of my skin, especially the zones that were not-so-perfect, for example, my undainty pores on my nose.

The next pictures show what I mean on a part of my arm. My arms are not particularly old and do not have large pores at all, but look how it doesn't really cover the imperfections.

So I wondered: Did Edward Bess merely created this foundation for perfect skins only? (and if yes, why? because perfect skins do not really need foundation)

In order to see if my other foundations performed better, I compared this one with two others.

 First, I compared it with a fluid foundation. Not just any fluid but quite a good one: the NARS sheer glow foundation in Santa Fe:

First picture shows them unblended: However, the NARS already performs so much better in forms of covering the 'pores':

Sheered out and blended: Perhaps the difference is not so obvious as before, but if you click and zoom in you can see the NARS just being the refined one of the two. On the pores of the skin this is even more obvious:

I wondered it this was part of it being a cream foundation. So I picked up another cream foundation from another rather niche brand Scott Barnes:

Although Scott Barnes is a lot lighter (Alabaster) and performs as one of my winter foundations, you can see the difference in luminosity and coverage:

Honestly, the Scott Barnes gives out a better glow and covers the imperfections and possible wrinkles and pores just a bit better.


There are a lot of positives about this foundation. One of it is that it is really scentless and doesn't really irritate the skin. Secondly, the colour is quite a neutral one and fits my skintone just perfectly. Another positive is that you can brag about the brand, because I guess few of your girlfriend will have it.

The negatives have been stated in this review: it looks too patchy on the imperfections (pores etc) and I really expected more from a foundation that is around 50 euros for simply 5 grams of product.

Further on, the case is plastic and looks rather cheap. I do not get the luxury factor I can get with other foundations in similar price-ranges. Or, look at the Scott Barnes case, that one has a luxe feel with the combination of matte and metallic.

Price-wise, I would rather opt for the NARS that is around 33 euros for 30 ml of product. That makes Edward Bess about 20 times more expensive without the payoff.

If you are still interested?


Please comment in the comment-section that you are interested and put your email-adress in it as well. You will get the product as shown in the pictures, slightly used with sanitised brushes. I will draw a winner on Tuesday 16 August at 12 noon CET.

I will add some extras as well, but those will be a surprise.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Of Different Sunscreens

Today I am going to show you some of the sunscreens that I have.

I am not going to do a full review, however, I will keep it a bit general and discuss the different type of products that contain sunscreen, and how to handle them.

Most of us know that sunscreen is a part of a whole bunch of cosmetic products these days. What we do not know is that not all sunscreen is created equally and you have to think about what kind of protection you need for that day so you can taylor your sunscreen to that need.

If I get the comment that I look 'as pale as a ghost' (without wearing self-tan), I know I have done a good job with my sunscreen. Let's just face the fact that the sun can feel really good on your skin, but is one of the main causes of ageing. Ageing is good, as long as it doesn't show that much, which explains that a large amount in my cupboard is reserved for sunscreen-based products.

What do we have?

1. Etude House Glow Base Sunscreen in SPF 36

This was a part of their summer release in 2009. Overal, it is a highlighter-esque product that gives out a glow over the entire face. It also whitens a bit.

Protection factor:
I think I used it once in a hot climate and got a bit of a sunburn. So I would not recommend to use this as a full-on sunscreen in climates that are close to the equator (or other countries during warmer summer weather). It works as a protector when you are not in full sunlight or during winter-weather, though. Moreover, it is a brilliant highlighter/glowifyer.

It is also still fresh after 2 years. I stored this one in a cool and dark area, which helps to keep your sunscreen fresh and valid for a bit longer.

2. Aveeno Ultra-Calming daycream with SPF10.

 Sunscreens in daycreams or foundations NEVER have the same amount of protection as they would in the products that are real sunscreens. However, it filters out some damaging rays when sitting behind a desk behind the window or when you are simply commuting in cooler weather in colder climates. I always use an extra ('real') sunscreen when I know my face will get to see the sun that day.

3. Institut Estederm Photo Reverse Anti-brown Patches fluid- No sun.

I came across reviews of Institut Estederm thanks to Lisa Eldridge and CaféMakeup. It is a french brand and the common complaint of it is that it doesn't list the amount of protection given (SPF's, PA+) etc. I've tried it and it is quite thick compared to my usual stash of Japanese sunscreens (see swatches below). Positive is that it really does protect your skin in warmer weather, so it does work only it is not as brilliantly thin as some of my favourite Japanese sunscreens (or La Roche Posay).

4. Kose Suncut UV Protect Cream SPF 50+ PA++
Good protection in warmer climates. Still, for a Japanese sunsceen it is rather creamy and thick (see below). Still, it is thinner than the Institut Estederm one.

5. Orbis UV CUT sunscreen on face light SPF 34 PA++

This was my absolute favourite during 2010! I carried around everywhere, which, as you might see in the picture below, made it expire a bit before its date (see the runny texture at nr. 5). It is always advised to throw away your sunscreen after one season, but I believe it depends on how you store it too. With the Orbis I went everywhere and it got some serious heating in my purse.
Why I like it so much?
The texture is really thin and the light-skintone of it makes foundation optional. It really protects against stronger sun-rays and is scentless. It is quite cheap (around $17) and it did not give me pimples (some sunscreens do). I also love the smaller bottle that make it perfect for carrying around.

6. Claring Gel-Creme Solaire/Smoothing Cream-Gel low protection UVB 10/UVA

This is a thick cream, even though the name suggest it would be a gel-type of cream. I do like this one as a daycream type when the weather is not sunny, etc.  It gives out quite some protection even though it says SPF 10. I once applied it and suddenly the weather was really sunny (unexpected) and I had no higher protection with me. My face was exposed to this kind of sun for 10 minutes, but I didn't tan, so it did its job.

7. Olaz Proffesional anti-ageing Daycream SPF 30

Again, this is one of the daycream hybrids around. I believe that Olaz is the more serious one, because they target for American markets and they are really serious about good sun-protection. Still, I would always advise to go for a product that targets for a 100% on sun-protection, and consider hybrid products as an extra or just for a lower protection.

The textures on my skin:

I hope this helps out a little or refresh the knowledge most of the beauty-afficionadas already know ;D.

Remember that this article is partly my own opinion and partly scrambled information from all the other sources (magazines, other beauty-bloggers, academic 'research') I accumulated.  :D

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Mid summer quirkologies:

1. Liking animals in their hide-outs.

I found this cutie lying around in a shop, and I guess she is the owner of the shop. Or she is the cat of the owner, but we all know cats own their bosses instead of bosses own their cats ;P.

In Dutch we have a saying that sounds like 'Kat in het bakkie', which literary means a cat in a trunk.

Figuratively it means that something would be a piece of cake or quite easy (explained over here). However, this cat did not want to be petted and was not really into being photographed as well: that explains the closed eyes. So, only a 'kat in het bakkie' in the literal way.

2. Talking about a 'piece of cake', I had been windowshopping and I found these adorable cupcakes. Sometimes I just stare at the brightly coloured cupcakes and realise they won't be good for my health. But they sure look adorable. I do buy a cupcake every now and then, and really savour them when I get home. Yummmm

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Back from Portugal

Hey everyone!

I'm back from Portugal.

Well, you could already read from my last mid-weekly Quirkologies that I was in Portugal with some friends, and that I always spend too much time in beauty shops, according to them.

Well, if I would go on holiday with one of the beauty-bloggers I am quite sure there would not be such complaints, right?

But in order to keep everyone happy I just browsed the shops a few times, which is probably a few times too much for my friends, although they bought something too and they kind of liked it.

I toned it down to this:

The one in the middle is a hair-mask for blonde hair. Weirdly, I think my hair is not so blonde, but as you might have read from a holiday post of last year that people from Southern Europe always consider me to be a dark or middle blond, whereas the people over here almost think I have black hair. Ok, not really black but brown at least.
It does a fine job. It makes some of my lighter hairs look brighter and is quite soft for my hair. I could almost go back for that one ;P

The 'Vita Capili' Karite in that cute can is a bit too greasy for normal use, but it was brilliant on the beach for protecting my hair against brassy blondeness.

The Mini Skala on the left is a wonderful bodylotion.

Ok, the CD tube is something every beautyblogger will recognize, and not particularly Portuguese. It was just one Tax-free purchase on Lisboa airport before I was pulled out by my friends again, ha ha. I love the light pink colour (it's 240) and I am familiar with Dior Serum Drape so I know that one will not dissapoint me.

Just curious, how do you beauty-bloggers behave on holidays when seeing a beauty-shop? And how does your travel-mates react on that?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mid weekly quirkologies

Thankfully, this week I have been on a holiday:

1. We went to Lissabon for visiting a new city ♥. I have to say I am quite amazed that this city get so little attention. It is beyond gorgeous and the food is fantastic.

2. Also worthwhile is Pedrogão Grande. Most people think of graveyards as eerie and misty, but this town has what I would say an almost fresh uptake on graves.

Portugal has some gorgeous beauty products as well. I always makes my friends a bit tired, because I spend too much time in the drugstores and beautyshops for local or national beauty-products whereas the rest want to go to the beach, another museum, etc.

For this week we are planning to visit the pilgrimage-town of Fatima. I am a bit iffy about the real powers of religious healing, but you never know.

Have you been holidaying as well?