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Saturday, 4 January 2014

December '13 Empties

I first want to make a special mention to my Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge PK 6 that I totally lip-pencilled out!

I once compared this sweetie with Chanel Flirt (see here): I still have Flirt but I used this one totally. It might be that I am too careful with an expensive lipstick but I just luuuurve Lashuca's formulas and thin-to-bring-on-the-road size.

The other empties: the Hair-department:

The yellow Le Petite Marseillais hair conditioner with honey has actually been bought in Marseille (South of France)! It is one of their easy-to-find beauty line [think supermarkets] that smells wonderful and performs really well, also on my older (reaaaally damaged) hair. I'd sure repurchase if I empty some other conditioners, and get my way to France, ofcourse.
Another hair conditioner that totally matches up with my newer hair has been Yarok Feed Your Volume travel size. It smells like fresh lemons & herbs, and it does give tons of body. It's really nice when your hair doesn't have that much damage (think top half & shorter 'dos). Even better, it is a bliss for people who have scalp-sensitivities and skin sensitivities as it is so natural and un-irritating. Cons: expensive.
 Lush Marilyn is a hairmask for blonder or highlighted hair, but also wonderful for brunettes/redheads who like a fresh, lemony scent and a thinner mask that still moisturizes enough. Most Lush products have gone quite expensive over the years; this one is still quite close to its original price.
 Swell Advanced Root Nutrient Complex (spray in front) needs a more detailed review than just me saying: 'love it'. It's a spray that reminds me of Phylia de M Connect & Yarok hairmousse in one. My hair is quite thick again after the treatments in 2013, but I like that Texas hair glamour these days so volume you go in an organic/natural way.
I bought my Kerastase Elixir Moringa Immortelle during summer 2012 and I just finished it. It needs little product and smoothes out with a fresh scent. I like the Elixirs but right now I'm on another hairoil/serum. I will come back to that one soon.
The Shu Uemura Muruto Volume Mask was discounted, and with another discount it was still expensive...hehe, but I was curious...I like it, but it smells quite chemical if you get more used to Yarok and other organic/natural products. Also, I believe the new natural/organic generation delivers just as well, or even better in terms of volume. Must be the herbs...

So let's talk organic/natural:
The black bottle on the left has been my Living Nature Tinted Moisturizer in Daylight. I'm really impressed by their tinted moisturizers, on par with the likes of Rouge Bunny Rouge & Omorovicza. I do think the difference between medium (Daylight) & Dawn Light (light) is a bit too much so I've been mixed both depending on my level [or absense] of selftan. It has macademia oil as its 3rd Lingredient and is 100% natural.
The white bottle in front is another S5 Serum sample in Renew. I like it but not as much as Nourish Relax serum.
The sack is inner beauty, or one of my superfood additives [addictives] in the antioxidant-forming Acai Powder. I already repurchased this as it tastes berry-ish and I feel healthier on it.
The empty candle has been my Neom Refresh with sicilian lemon: really zesty during sluggish mornings.
I've discussed Tisserant Luxury Bath oil over here and will repurchase. 
Last, and certainly not least, Manuka Honey 18+. It is not just inner beauty: I use it as a cleansing method (read over here how to), an additives to powder masks, and...duh, inner beauty. Oh, and you can double it up as the main ingredient of a hair lightening mixture that works without damage: more about that here and here.

Hold on for the last line-up of empties
  Essence Nude Glam's are fantastic nude nailpolishes for their price. Repurchase for sure.
I haven't used up the Merumaya Intensely Youthful Eyecream. I didn't like the Ayurvedic-based fragance which lingers on quite long. My sensitive skin wasn't too fond of the formula either.
Talking about eyes, I really liked BeautyDIY Green Tea brightening Eye Roll On. Unfortunately it is not being sold on anymore. Also, Sasa has been quite inconsistent delivering to my adress so I will have to forget about that online shop.
Kracie Naive has been a lovely oil-cleanser for some time. However, I will venture upon the organic market for a more unchemical oil cleanser.
The Clarisonic brush: Well, you gotta replace them after 3 months and I often want to do it earlier, but they are expensive so 3 months it is.
I also didn't finish Max Factor False Lash Effect:  it gotten various raves but I found the formula dry and clumpy, and the brush too big for precise focus. Mascaras are often a personal preference so I'm glad it is not the most expensive type that I will throw away.
My Suqqu Eyebrow pen dried out a bit too fast: according to another blogger that is not normal from Suqqu. I gotten it from a non-official Suqqu seller so that might be it.

Those were quite some empties for December: I 'compensated' by buying too much new stuff, ofcourse. And you will see that on the blog again...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Review: Lavshuca Girly Whip Cheek PK-2

Cute, girly and in an affordable pricerange: I really understand the appeal of Kanebo Lavshuca as a brand.
This time the focus on the kawaii factor is nothing to be dissapointed about: check out the adorable box in candy-floss colours and the most adorable heart at the cardboard end. 

In my last post I had the case of mistaking a lipgloss for being a cheek-product.

Today I have the opposite feeling with the Lavshuca Girly Whip: Doesn't this one look rather shaped like a dainty lipgloss tube?
And check out the wand...if the product on it wasn't so opaque and creamy it could be another lipgloss (or one of those velvety lip-products that are out these days)
Ok, before going to swatch-land, what does it state on the box?

Ok, the English part as I'm not that fluent with the Mandarin nor Japanese yet: 

The cautions are slighty on the obvious site, but I like them still being stated and for the English (read: American) public they have to be certain they don't get any lawsuit-cases behind their pants for not having listed any warnings.

 I was a bit aware of trying out this one: it has some visible gold-hued sparklies inside and I wasn't too sure how this would show on my skin:

The product itself has the most velvety consistency and has the feel of a high end primer on the skin
Blended out:

I think it is more of a pinky highlighter than a blush and it reminds me a lot of the Lunasol Cream Cheeks EX 4 in Tender Glow Pink (review/swatch here)


When I received my 3 lovelies last week (here) I tended to like the Visee Mineral Cheek a bit more as it was more targeted in colouring cheeks instead of highlighting. I compared the two and perhaps I shouldn't done that, however, I wanted to show my readers how something targeted as a cheek-product can be sooo different.

Anyway, I have stepped over my initial fear of sparklies and have to say I LOVE this one as a pink-toned highlighter on the upper cheeks, and also as a anti-dark-circle diffusing product under the eyes. The velvet consistency glides over less-perfect skin and doesn't sit in pores or the undereye wrinkles. Perhaps you can see the sparklies in direct sunlight or in those areas where they have budgetized on lightening (metros, etc), but it's not NARS Superorgasm-glittery terrritory so I think it's wearable.

It is also so easy to carry around with you as it really has the size of a lipgloss.

The only con I can think about is the hygiene factor: but similarly as a lipgloss there are ways to apply it on a sanitised spatula and then on the skin.
However, because it's relatively cheap you can also use this a couple of times the original (direct) way and toss it away when you suspect it's not so hygienic anymore.


A surprise LIKE for this one. Cute, the colour and texture is not just perfect for younger skins but for the slightly maturing ones too, travel friendly and the price is not too expensive for $14 (here)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Preview: Lavshuca Girly Whip Cheek PK 2 & Visee Mineral Cheek PK 800

I finally received my adambeauty haul for today and was able to make a couple of swatches of the cream/gel blush formulas I ordered I was waiting for
From the three of these I actually mistaken in thinking that the Kanebo Kate in the bottom was a cheek-product as well: it's actually a lipgloss.

Oh well, still two to swatch:
All right, the difference is already obvious by the unblended swatches.

The Lavshuca Girly Whip is indeed a foam-esque consistency and quite on the pale side. I consider it more of a highlighter. Also a bit of a con: glittery parts.

The Visee Mineral Liquid is, in contrast, hyperpigmented! I am like: is this a lipstain or something because it is really strong on cheeks and has this massive colour payoff.
somewhat warmer lightning: swatches are quite accurate to real life
I have to make some better swatches and test it for a longer period to write a proper review on these two. For the moment I hope these swatches help to show you how different these two are, productwise.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Pursued and a cheeky wait

After I haven't dared to put any makeup in the Miu Miu purse I bought a while ago in case I would smudge it's daintiness, I decided to buy something more playproof:

And if my lack of swatches and review has left you slightly dissapointed in me, I have some cheekies somewhere between Hong Kong and the Netherlands that are waiting eagerly to be swatched:
Goodie: I have quite some blush, mostly powder and some cream.

However, I have little in gel-form, only the Pixi and a Rouge Bunny Rouge from the Decadent Duo side (Tango-Argentino). I love these consistencies so I get three of them at the same time!

Looking forward to it and hopefully you too :}

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sweeten my Lips: 2 new peachies

It was the moment I gave up on being able to purchase my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Flirt that I finally came into a shop that
1. had it in stock
2.had a lovely salesperson to sell it to me.

I finally was able to buy it!
I wonder why they combined the name 'Flirt' with 69, coincidence? or not?

So what is that tall & skinny Lavshuca lipstick standing next to it? Well, Lavshuca was my pity-buy for not being able to have the Chanel. But you know the moment you order a look-a-like online that faith brings you into the arms of the true one..

Ok, I actually like them both a lot for different reasons: they are also not alike at all. Lavshuca is a safe, neutral peach and Chanel is the happier peach with a slight dose of bright/neon quality in it...the sheerness makes it subtle enough to wear it for the lipstick-safe among us. 

In Dutch we would say 'he he', which is something like 'fjew, finally' or such...:D

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge in RD-2

It seems I am making up for my lack of post of the last couple of months. Haven't I been making 6 posts in a week? Mmm, well done.

So today I am doing a quick review on a wonderful lipstick I purchases. Yeh, a short one, because I have been blogging and 'talking' too much this week. However, I promised a review in my last post, so here it goes.

I already have plenty of lipsticks, so I kept a low buy strategy on the lipstick front. However, after seeing the various swatches on Yuki's blog and Lotuspalace complete thumbs up, I decided I wanted one of those.

I absolutely love the way most Japanese companies make the most flattering natural lipsticks, without compromising on the beauty aspect. In other words: they make you look polished, more beautiful, without that makeup-armour feeling. How much I like the look of Christian Dior, Lancome, YSL and other Western brands, they sometimes have colours that absolutely are too bright for my liking.

Ok, so I checked out Yuki and Lotuspalace for the perfect colour. I noticed that they had not swatched RD-2...ha ha, guess to which one I was most drawn: ?? (still no clue?)

Yeh, I wanted to see that one for myself. I also liked the kind of shade between RD-1 and RD-3, duh, that is RD-2. It looked like the perfect blend of mauvy pink and beige.

Lavshuca amped up a bit on the luxury factor with a sort of plastic gemstone in pink on top. I do like the look of the soft metal pink (and matte) cast. The lipstick looks cute and is in a better and sturdier (and prettier) cast than the previous Lavshuca editions. I might say it is even sturdier than its expensive sibling from Shiseido Maquillage: that one is almost $30 and still has that plastic-like packaging that goes murky after a couple of uses.

So I like the packaging around the lipstick. Was I right about the colour?

Ohhh, I love the colour! It is the perfect mauve/pink/beige blend that makes my lips glow and look a bit more pouty.

The next photo shows the lipstick in a different light, so you can see the shimmers that are embedded in the base. These shimmers are not obtrusive in any way, and result in a glowy, more voluptious (but still mature and office appropriate) colour.

As for the texture and moisturizing properties? I love it. I just have to agree with lotuspalace on this one: it gets my full thumbs up as well.

The price was quite affordable, I purchased it for $13 on Adambeauty. The dollar rate was really low at that time being, so that would make a 10 euros. L'oreal is more expensive over here, and I have never found a L'oreal lipstick I enjoyed half as much as this one.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel Lips N RS-1 (shiny line)

Today I am going to give my two cents on the Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel lips, the newest version. Lavshuca has had the Jewel lips lipstick in their collection for quite a long time: at least for a cosmetic brand, because cosmetic lines seem to come with *new-and-improved* versions of products every time. It seems that their Jewel lips is a keeper in this department. Still, they added a couple of things to their Jewel Lipsticks so it can be sold with the extra *N*.

One of the newer things about their Jewel lips, is that they divided the lipsticks in to a Shiny line and a Color line: shiny is for the sheer and #of course# shiny lipsticks and the color line is probably a deeper version with more pigment.

After pondering if I would like to buy a shiny or a color one, I bought the shiny one. It is my very first Jewel line lipstick, so I cannot say how it compares to earlier versions.

I picked up a rosy version (RS), based on online swatches on their website (here). The RS1 looked a bit more neutral than the RS2, so I went for the neutral rosy.

It is my first Jewel lip purchase, and I found the lipstick to be quite tiny. Even I am not someone to complain about size oftenly, it still reminds me of one of those childrens cosmetics line lipstick that I used to have as a kid.

The benefit of this is that is is more portable and you have a better excuse to replace your lipstick, as it even might be finished one day. (not that I need any excuse for buying new lipsticks *blushes*).

Buying online based on swatches of the manufactor companies can be a risky business. The colour is a tad cooler than I expected. I surely do not mind this, as I have a neutral complexion and I can wear slightly warmer or slightly cooler colours. For a large category of Asian people, it would be better to include better swatches, because they tend to have a warmer skintone and are looking for neutral to warmer shades of lipsticks instead of the cooler ones.

I do like this colour: look close at this has blue shimmer or glitter parts on a mauve-rosy base that makes your lips look a bit fuller and has a slightly cooler surface. Oh, and blue undertones in your lipstick makes your teeth look whiter.

I made a swatch on my arm. It still appears warmer in this picture (and all 7 of the pictures I have attempted to make of this colour) than it is in real life. However, it shows the dewiness of the lipstick and the way the shimmer/glitter reflects the light. The base colour (the neutral rose) is also quite accurate.

So, it is not the biggest of lipsticks, but I understand why Lavshuca kept their Jewel Lipstick line in their collection for a couple of years. It is cute/kawaii, it is moisturizing enough, and it has some lovely shades for girls on the go. It is not my personal favourite of the Lavshuca collection: that is the Lavshuca Rouge Essence Bar. It is my second favourite, though.
I think it is more a lipsticks for girls, as I would find it a bit odd to top op my lipstick with such a lipstick in a mature (office etc) area. I would prefer to flash a more sophisticated tube such as the other Lavshuca lipsticks, Lunasol, Maquillage or such. However, in my daily life I do not have a 'mature' job yet, so I can flash this lippy with easy.

These are for sale at ichibankao and facial-shop.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Glossy posse: Kanebo Lavshuca Balloon RD-1

Today I would like to take a closer look to one of my newest lipglosses. I absolutely have no shortage in lipglosses, and I even doubt if I have ever finished a lipgloss entirely. Still, these glossy babies tempt me to reach for my credit card, especially when they promise me my-lips- but-better glow.

Kanebo's little sister Lavshuca is consequent in releasing regular collections throughout the seasons, and they often have a new formula of an eye or lip-product in their new line up. Their Balloon line had a couple of natural shades that the Japanese cosmetic makers are often so skillful of. The name Balloon also sounds tempting for the volume-challenged pucker that I have.

The gloss comes in a neutral, partly see-through box. The colour and number is written down on the sides of the box.

The gloss looks like a pen in its size. The application system is quite new. You have to press a button on the side, and eventually, some lipgloss will appear out of the plastic tube. It took me lots of patience and clicking before any gloss came out. I am not sure if you have to press in the button for the whole time, or click rhythmically.

It works quite differently than another penlike system I have from Integrate (beneath the next picture), which is an easy twist-and-gloss tube.

The colour was, although it looks quite rosy in the picture, a bit too brown for me. I also found it a bit too sticky for my liking. Normally that would not be the biggest problem for me, as I like the sticky Mac Lipglass as well. But in this case I found that the pigment did not spread evenly because of the stickiness. It resulted in an uneven coat of lipgloss and colour on my mouth.

My lips did not ballooned into huge porportions either. I could not detect any plumping effects. It functions, in my opinion, just as the standard lipgloss as far as volumizing the pout.

So I would like to compare the size with my Shiseido Integrate Soft Jelly Rouge in PK 702. The Integrate is the top one; the Lavshuca balloon is on the bottom. Obviously, the Lavshuca is the one in a thinner pen.

I prefer the Integrate over the Lavshuca, as Integrate is non-sticky and spreads the pigment out easily and equally. Nevertheless, the colour can be a bit too cool, sometimes. The swatch picture next shows the Integrate on the left and the browner Lavshuca on the right. Both have these lovely sparkles that are subtle enough for the more mature woman.

So I did my customizing blending of the two, and concocted the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) gloss. As far as the stickiness, now it is just a tad sticky. Together, they are a wonderful match.

That saved my glossy posse for today...

For a more positive review on the Kanebo Lavshuca Balloon lipgloss and more swatches of different colours, check out Lotuspalace.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Kanebo Lavshuca Dual Eyes in PU-2 (and Kate Diamond Cut PU-1)

Most cosmetic brands have been releasing their colour collection of the Autumn 2009 season around this moment. With the release of the latest colours of the Autumnal season, I was drawn to a couple of purple shades from Japanese brands. I had already purchased the latest Kanebo Kate Diamond Cut eyes in PU-1 (which I haven't swatched yet...ooops, I will show you the swatches at the end of the post).

I was still curious for the latest release of Lavshuca's Dual Eyes in a new duo of purples, even though I have my modest share of purple eyeshadows now. After being on a buy-diet for a while, I though it would be ok to purchase this duo of eyeshadows...

Ohh, I still adore the promo-picture of Paul & Joe's spring line of base products. I would almost get bangs in order to look like that stunning girl, however, bangs and me are not the best combination.

Kelly from ichibankao also included these samples of Esprique Precious lipglosses. That is so nice, because I merely ordered a the eyeshadow palette. I am wearing the reddish nude colour (right on the card) now, and it is slightly sticky and quite pigmented for a Japanese lipgloss. I already like this shade, pigmentation and texture.

Back to the real deal of this precious new duo palette. Lavshuca does not have the most expensive packaging (a euphinism for a cheap looking box) but I love the girly shapes of the little palette.

Inside is a shimmery composition of two colours...a lighter colour in a whitish lavender shade and a deep cooler purple colour, which mixes amethyst with purple.

Yikes, there is my lizardy skin again (yes, I radiate self-confidence ;p). I think my skin would be the nightmare of any Japanese girl and I think, if I would ever visit Japan, I would wear skyscraper heels in order to be really tall and not let the persons with perfect complexions watch my skin. (boohoo, and I take such good care of it)

On the other hand, with my imperfect skin it is great to see how the pigmentation of the Lavshuca duo works on the more mature eyes. The first swatches were taken in direct sunlight and the next swatch in indirect light (still sunny).

The deeper colour is, in my opinion, incredibly pigmented and buttery. I love this colour so much and it would make such a wonderful crease and liner colour, or over the whole moving eyelid for kapow-smokey eyes.

The lighter colour is not a me-colour. It can look good in a blended manner, but it would look to grandma-esque on me. The pigmentation is also a lot lighter...unfortunately.
Another lovely purple palette I bought from Kanebo Kate is the new PU-1 of the Diamond Cut Eyes.

If you love cooler purples, like I do, you will only get 2 of the 5 colours that would be something of your liking.
It costed me about $20, which gives me two stunning purples and one workeable white shade (in the right upper corner). Glittery fans will love the Diamond part of it (wavy in the palette, on the left upper side), however, they will be useless IMO.

I like the pigmentation of the Kate Kanebo light purple and the darker purple, however, I think Lavshuca looks better on, pigmentation-wise. On the other hand, I prefer the colour scheme of the Kate colours.

Those were my swatches of a couple of the latest Kanebo Kate and Lavshuca purples.

How do my dear readers feel about the fall collections of the Japanese brands, or the Western brands? Have you found your HG product in these collections, or do you prefer the collection of a particular brand from another season or year?

Monday, 27 July 2009

Peachy, princessy pout with Sofina Aube Couture lipstick in BE 703

Happy monday...everybody. I noticed that the blogosphere has been more quiet lately. LOL, I am glad to notice that lots of my favourite beauty bloggers have a real life and are probably enjoying their summer moments.

I find my title to be a bit arrogant...forgive me, my dears! I am not thát happy with my mouth, but I have been happy about my latest lipstick discovery from the Sofina Aube Couture Designing Rouge summer 2009 edition. It is lustrous, pigmented and I love this particular colour in BE 703.

BE is synonym, in Japanese cosmetics, with a beige tone. But sometimes you will receive a different kind of beige, which can be more nude, natural, or in this case peachy.

Ok, time to show of the form and shape of the lipstick case. You will get a pinkish silver case with Aube Couture written down in white, sleek letters.

In this picture my gorgeous lipstick was still unharmed and undamaged. But, in the interest of blogging, swatching and making good pictures, I actually balanced my lipstick on a small mirror in order to make a good picture....

And boohoo, my Aube fell and got damaged (left lipstick). The lipstick on the right, btw, is the Lavshuca Dramatic Memory rouge in PK-3. I thought the two lipstick compared colourwise, however, they are still different in colour.

They differ in colour, as I said, but they also differ a LOT in texture. The Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge in PK-03 is almost dry and looks a bit pastlike on my mouth, whereas the Aube Couture is full of lustre and moisture.

Eeek, I decided to post a swatch on my lips as well. The lipstick almost makes my lips seem normal, which is a huge plus for me.

Most Japanese lipsticks are scentless, and so is this lipstick.

I bought my lipstick for $25.99 on (including shipping) which was the cheapest option I could find at that time. I received my item by recommended mail (signed) within a week. It is also for sale at for $27.82 (minus shipping). You can check out reasonable pictures of the lipsticks (colours) at facial-shop as well: just click on the picture and another window will open (you can zoom in really close and the pictures are often really close to the actual colour).