Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Mid summer quirkologies:

1. Liking animals in their hide-outs.

I found this cutie lying around in a shop, and I guess she is the owner of the shop. Or she is the cat of the owner, but we all know cats own their bosses instead of bosses own their cats ;P.

In Dutch we have a saying that sounds like 'Kat in het bakkie', which literary means a cat in a trunk.

Figuratively it means that something would be a piece of cake or quite easy (explained over here). However, this cat did not want to be petted and was not really into being photographed as well: that explains the closed eyes. So, only a 'kat in het bakkie' in the literal way.

2. Talking about a 'piece of cake', I had been windowshopping and I found these adorable cupcakes. Sometimes I just stare at the brightly coloured cupcakes and realise they won't be good for my health. But they sure look adorable. I do buy a cupcake every now and then, and really savour them when I get home. Yummmm


Pammy said...

The cat made me giggle. So cute. :P

Jamilla Camel said...

I love kittehs in shops!