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Blythe Freshlight Haircolour Maple Brown

A couple of days I promised you a proper review on something quite new. I haven't received my sasa yet, but I received something else that I will review for you in this post. It will be a lengthy review with a bulk of picture, because it's about hairdye, and I think pictures speak a thousand words for those kind of reviews.

Most people reading my blog know I really like Blythe dolls. Yeh it's even my profile picture. They also know I use lots of Asian beauty products and read lots of Asian beauty-bloggers advise. In this combination I purchased Schwarzkopf Blythe's latest hairdye, an alternative version of the other hairdye Schwarzkopf Blythe has been on the market for the last couple of years.

Japanese hairdye companies were the first to launch the innovative formula of foam hairdyes, and as far as I have read from other beautybloggers, they have been better than the Western companies on this field. The colour is better and covers grey and other hairs better. Well, time for a personal challenge on that.

I had bought some hairextensions lately. However, I ordered them a bit too light to fit my colouring, so I thought I could dye them in a browner shade. Blythe's Maple Brown seemed to fit the bill with coming close to my natural shade. So I picked that colour. And the doll looks so cute on it  ♥

So, this is supposed to be the end-result colour: Maple brown:

Here is the extension that will be up for experimentation:

Oh, all pictures on this post have been uploaded quite large, but made a bit smaller for the formula of the blog. Feel free to click them for even more detailed view,

The box outside is written in Japanese, but the instructions are so detailed in pictures that every dummy in every language knows how it will function.

Expectation of colour: In my case, I will have the lowest kind of expectation because I'll experiment on light hair. If you don't have light hair, you might continue reading this review as well, because you might get grey hairs one day, and you can see if it captures the grey hairs as well:

Cute packaging and already some easy instructions on the outside:

Chinese instructions as well:

The bottom of the box:

Unboxing the box brings out a couple of items:

  • the white bottle on the left should be mixed with the brown bottle on the left.
  • before all of this: put on the gloves 
  • the pump after the mixing of the white bottle solution and the brown (do not shake but tip it left and right for about 30 times in a gentle way)
  • the sachet on the left is the typical after-treatment
  • the pink sheet has even more elaborate instructions: let's have a closer look
All in Japanese again, but still dummy-proof for non-Japanese speakers:

Again: I opened the bottle by screwing the white lid off:

The solution smells lightly like apricots combined with chemicals. But not so strong as some dyes I have smelled.

Applying the brown bottle: the solution in there is a maple brown indeed:

As I said before, NO VIGOUROUS SHAKING, just stirring (sounds like Bond, James Bond).

The foaming action will blend them together a bit more. And the colour of the foam is already a bit of a maple brown:

So there it goes on my blonde extentions:

I've applied it all over, and afterwards I combed it in: that is for the dye to reach all of the hairs:

After 5 minutes: you can see it working quite rapidly:

After 12 minutes:

 I rinsed it out after 16 minutes. This is how it looks wet:

After blow-drying the hairs: In shadow-esque environment: (please click on picture for more detail):

In some more natural light: It seems lighter than the colour on the package, but it sure made the hairs a lot darker.

In sunlight:

The ends in sunlight:

I think the colour has turned out in a rather gorgeous golden darker blonde or light golden brown shade.

It is quite a match to my natural hair-colour, so in my personal opinion I am quite pleased how it turned out. I do think it turns out lighter than what I have seen on the box. But, that is for light hair, so if you have darker hair you might have a different result.

I don't know if I can say if this is suitable for Western hair. As we all probably know, most extensions are made of Indian hair, which has been dyed to look Western, but still has a stronger quality of hair.

The extentions actually are quite similar to my own hairshaft, but then again, I've often heard from hairdressers that my hair resembles Asian hair because of its straightness and the ability to have stubborn cowlicks.

Actually, I think it could work on Western hair too, as the colour does turn out to be slightly darkening, but not to dramatic. And for darker Western hair with a thin hairshaft I suggest it would work as well because of the gentle formula. I think the foam is not really harsh either and quite 'moisturizing' as I might say so. I have been dying extensions before (with John Frieda foam dye, Schwarzkopf Vital Colours, etc), and I can see some dyes being quite stern and damaging to hairs. This one is one of the mildest I have used so far.

So I would actually reorder this one and use it for my own hair as well.

I have bought this box on ebay from hkwai_beauty for $12.98 but right now they only have the Melty Cherry up, which looks quite nice too. There are probably some other sellers that sell this foam as well, but I liked the service from this seller and it's the only one I've tried so far for buying this particular product.

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Wow, thanks for posting the whole process! You're so thorough :) I saw this box the other day and thought how cute the packaging was. If and when I do dye my hair, I'll def keep this in mind!