Sunday, 7 August 2011

Back from Portugal

Hey everyone!

I'm back from Portugal.

Well, you could already read from my last mid-weekly Quirkologies that I was in Portugal with some friends, and that I always spend too much time in beauty shops, according to them.

Well, if I would go on holiday with one of the beauty-bloggers I am quite sure there would not be such complaints, right?

But in order to keep everyone happy I just browsed the shops a few times, which is probably a few times too much for my friends, although they bought something too and they kind of liked it.

I toned it down to this:

The one in the middle is a hair-mask for blonde hair. Weirdly, I think my hair is not so blonde, but as you might have read from a holiday post of last year that people from Southern Europe always consider me to be a dark or middle blond, whereas the people over here almost think I have black hair. Ok, not really black but brown at least.
It does a fine job. It makes some of my lighter hairs look brighter and is quite soft for my hair. I could almost go back for that one ;P

The 'Vita Capili' Karite in that cute can is a bit too greasy for normal use, but it was brilliant on the beach for protecting my hair against brassy blondeness.

The Mini Skala on the left is a wonderful bodylotion.

Ok, the CD tube is something every beautyblogger will recognize, and not particularly Portuguese. It was just one Tax-free purchase on Lisboa airport before I was pulled out by my friends again, ha ha. I love the light pink colour (it's 240) and I am familiar with Dior Serum Drape so I know that one will not dissapoint me.

Just curious, how do you beauty-bloggers behave on holidays when seeing a beauty-shop? And how does your travel-mates react on that?

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Jamilla Camel said...

great trip! I really need to get to Portugal!