Friday, 12 August 2011

Of Different Sunscreens

Today I am going to show you some of the sunscreens that I have.

I am not going to do a full review, however, I will keep it a bit general and discuss the different type of products that contain sunscreen, and how to handle them.

Most of us know that sunscreen is a part of a whole bunch of cosmetic products these days. What we do not know is that not all sunscreen is created equally and you have to think about what kind of protection you need for that day so you can taylor your sunscreen to that need.

If I get the comment that I look 'as pale as a ghost' (without wearing self-tan), I know I have done a good job with my sunscreen. Let's just face the fact that the sun can feel really good on your skin, but is one of the main causes of ageing. Ageing is good, as long as it doesn't show that much, which explains that a large amount in my cupboard is reserved for sunscreen-based products.

What do we have?

1. Etude House Glow Base Sunscreen in SPF 36

This was a part of their summer release in 2009. Overal, it is a highlighter-esque product that gives out a glow over the entire face. It also whitens a bit.

Protection factor:
I think I used it once in a hot climate and got a bit of a sunburn. So I would not recommend to use this as a full-on sunscreen in climates that are close to the equator (or other countries during warmer summer weather). It works as a protector when you are not in full sunlight or during winter-weather, though. Moreover, it is a brilliant highlighter/glowifyer.

It is also still fresh after 2 years. I stored this one in a cool and dark area, which helps to keep your sunscreen fresh and valid for a bit longer.

2. Aveeno Ultra-Calming daycream with SPF10.

 Sunscreens in daycreams or foundations NEVER have the same amount of protection as they would in the products that are real sunscreens. However, it filters out some damaging rays when sitting behind a desk behind the window or when you are simply commuting in cooler weather in colder climates. I always use an extra ('real') sunscreen when I know my face will get to see the sun that day.

3. Institut Estederm Photo Reverse Anti-brown Patches fluid- No sun.

I came across reviews of Institut Estederm thanks to Lisa Eldridge and CaféMakeup. It is a french brand and the common complaint of it is that it doesn't list the amount of protection given (SPF's, PA+) etc. I've tried it and it is quite thick compared to my usual stash of Japanese sunscreens (see swatches below). Positive is that it really does protect your skin in warmer weather, so it does work only it is not as brilliantly thin as some of my favourite Japanese sunscreens (or La Roche Posay).

4. Kose Suncut UV Protect Cream SPF 50+ PA++
Good protection in warmer climates. Still, for a Japanese sunsceen it is rather creamy and thick (see below). Still, it is thinner than the Institut Estederm one.

5. Orbis UV CUT sunscreen on face light SPF 34 PA++

This was my absolute favourite during 2010! I carried around everywhere, which, as you might see in the picture below, made it expire a bit before its date (see the runny texture at nr. 5). It is always advised to throw away your sunscreen after one season, but I believe it depends on how you store it too. With the Orbis I went everywhere and it got some serious heating in my purse.
Why I like it so much?
The texture is really thin and the light-skintone of it makes foundation optional. It really protects against stronger sun-rays and is scentless. It is quite cheap (around $17) and it did not give me pimples (some sunscreens do). I also love the smaller bottle that make it perfect for carrying around.

6. Claring Gel-Creme Solaire/Smoothing Cream-Gel low protection UVB 10/UVA

This is a thick cream, even though the name suggest it would be a gel-type of cream. I do like this one as a daycream type when the weather is not sunny, etc.  It gives out quite some protection even though it says SPF 10. I once applied it and suddenly the weather was really sunny (unexpected) and I had no higher protection with me. My face was exposed to this kind of sun for 10 minutes, but I didn't tan, so it did its job.

7. Olaz Proffesional anti-ageing Daycream SPF 30

Again, this is one of the daycream hybrids around. I believe that Olaz is the more serious one, because they target for American markets and they are really serious about good sun-protection. Still, I would always advise to go for a product that targets for a 100% on sun-protection, and consider hybrid products as an extra or just for a lower protection.

The textures on my skin:

I hope this helps out a little or refresh the knowledge most of the beauty-afficionadas already know ;D.

Remember that this article is partly my own opinion and partly scrambled information from all the other sources (magazines, other beauty-bloggers, academic 'research') I accumulated.  :D


aMz88 said...

really nice review :)
hmm which one is oil free? i have oily skin, one that i can use for the face? ;)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

wowww so many different kinds!!! thanks so much for the detailed reviews. ^_^

Jamilla Camel said...

Good to see that you've got so many!