Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

The last 7 days I have been enthralled by:

Shortly Autumn Collections of Cosmetic brands:

1. First, I believe the makeup on the promotion picture of the Lunasol Autumn 2011 is pure Elegance. Her lips are the perfect nude/mauve YLBB, her skin looks impeccable and the eyes are the perfect Elegant smokey. I also really like her silvery top she is wearing, but aside of that, I am looking forward to Lunasol Autumn 2011 collection

2. I have been getting my hands on the first Chanel Autumn 2011 product.
I have been swatching a lot, and was a bit dissapointed by the foamy eyeproducts. Honestly, L'Oréal's are just as good or even better: lots of glittery fall-out and the colours weren't that stunning. However, there were still some goodies to be found, one of them a lip-pencil in 47 Rose Cuivré. It is a coral with a slight pinkish undertone, that matches a large part of my (pinky) corals. I didn't have that colour yet.

He he, I combined the picture of the pencil with another Chanel advertisement that the woman is cuddling the Chanel Chance bottle. I am quite pleased with my new pencil, so it deserves a hug too!

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Jamilla Camel said...

I must check out those Chanel lip pencils - thanks for the tip!