Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mid weekly quirkologies

Thankfully, this week I have been on a holiday:

1. We went to Lissabon for visiting a new city ♥. I have to say I am quite amazed that this city get so little attention. It is beyond gorgeous and the food is fantastic.

2. Also worthwhile is Pedrogão Grande. Most people think of graveyards as eerie and misty, but this town has what I would say an almost fresh uptake on graves.

Portugal has some gorgeous beauty products as well. I always makes my friends a bit tired, because I spend too much time in the drugstores and beautyshops for local or national beauty-products whereas the rest want to go to the beach, another museum, etc.

For this week we are planning to visit the pilgrimage-town of Fatima. I am a bit iffy about the real powers of religious healing, but you never know.

Have you been holidaying as well?

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Jamilla Camel said...

You've been on holiday! Fantastic! I am still sweating it out in my home office with my cast on ....13 more days!