Sunday, 14 August 2011

Edward Bess Sheer Satin Cream Foundation in 04 Beige

A couple of months ago I bought a foundation from Niche brand Eward Bess. It had been hanging around in my cupboard for some while before I finally used it. This will be an elaborate review with lots of pictures and I will compare it with two other foundations.

I needed a foundation to match my spring-complexion: I picked 04 beige, which turned out to be a good match colourwise.

The foundation comes in a cheap 'velvet' sleeve, similar to the one that Dior has with their eyeshadow quads:

The case it made of plastic and feels like it. The monogram looks sleek and business-like. White against a black background: rather classic:

Opening the case brings you to the standard formula of a mirror and foundation-pan:

The double underlayer is for the sponge:

I personally like to apply it with my own tools. It is rather creamy and the brush picks it up rather fast. This is a concealer-brush and for my whole face I use a larger brush:

So far so good.

Although good? Let me continue my review.

I found it a bit patchy-looking on some parts of my skin, especially the zones that were not-so-perfect, for example, my undainty pores on my nose.

The next pictures show what I mean on a part of my arm. My arms are not particularly old and do not have large pores at all, but look how it doesn't really cover the imperfections.

So I wondered: Did Edward Bess merely created this foundation for perfect skins only? (and if yes, why? because perfect skins do not really need foundation)

In order to see if my other foundations performed better, I compared this one with two others.

 First, I compared it with a fluid foundation. Not just any fluid but quite a good one: the NARS sheer glow foundation in Santa Fe:

First picture shows them unblended: However, the NARS already performs so much better in forms of covering the 'pores':

Sheered out and blended: Perhaps the difference is not so obvious as before, but if you click and zoom in you can see the NARS just being the refined one of the two. On the pores of the skin this is even more obvious:

I wondered it this was part of it being a cream foundation. So I picked up another cream foundation from another rather niche brand Scott Barnes:

Although Scott Barnes is a lot lighter (Alabaster) and performs as one of my winter foundations, you can see the difference in luminosity and coverage:

Honestly, the Scott Barnes gives out a better glow and covers the imperfections and possible wrinkles and pores just a bit better.


There are a lot of positives about this foundation. One of it is that it is really scentless and doesn't really irritate the skin. Secondly, the colour is quite a neutral one and fits my skintone just perfectly. Another positive is that you can brag about the brand, because I guess few of your girlfriend will have it.

The negatives have been stated in this review: it looks too patchy on the imperfections (pores etc) and I really expected more from a foundation that is around 50 euros for simply 5 grams of product.

Further on, the case is plastic and looks rather cheap. I do not get the luxury factor I can get with other foundations in similar price-ranges. Or, look at the Scott Barnes case, that one has a luxe feel with the combination of matte and metallic.

Price-wise, I would rather opt for the NARS that is around 33 euros for 30 ml of product. That makes Edward Bess about 20 times more expensive without the payoff.

If you are still interested?


Please comment in the comment-section that you are interested and put your email-adress in it as well. You will get the product as shown in the pictures, slightly used with sanitised brushes. I will draw a winner on Tuesday 16 August at 12 noon CET.

I will add some extras as well, but those will be a surprise.


Jamilla Camel said...

The NARS Sheer Glow is one of my HG foundations, along with Armani Luminous Silk and Shu Uemura Face Architect!

Citrine said...

I think Edward Bess used himself as the guinea pig for his products and may I mention his skin(and hair!) are perfect...I will never want to get my picture taken right next to her...I meant him...

Ti_Amo said...

I'd love to try Edward Bess anything! I'm so sorry that it didn't' work out for you. I agree on the fact that Edward Bess has, indeed, perfect hair and skin!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this didn't work out for you.. I've been wanting to try out Edward Bess, but the price is just too prohibitive =(

lsyfeng said...

Thanks for the giveaway! This is the first time I've heard of Edward Bess cosmetics... I've been wanting to try the NARS foundation as well...

Avis said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I always hear about Edward Bess products but never had a chance to try them!

immorivine♥ said...

Always wanted to try out EB. Sadly it's not stocked in my country so it's pretty difficult to find.