Saturday, 30 January 2010

pre-spring glow: Banilla Co The Secret blush in 02 Eternity

Today I have a secret for you...

Actually Banila Co. has a secret for you, and I am willing to share.

The thing with having a penchant for makeup is that I have a lot of it. Most readers (probably all) understand the slightly addictive rush of getting your hands on a beautiful cosmetic item you bought, which is perfect in every way.

And then it ends up in a drawer full of other perfect colours...

The good thing is that I still have some colours to discover in a period when I do not want to buy so much. Sometimes I end up seeing some pretty blushes I absolutely forgot about.

The blush I would like to review today is from a gmarket haul I received almost a year ago. Can you believe it? It is so pretty and I have not even touched it for A YEAR?

I finally tried it and was able to make some pictures of it...yes, the weather was sunny enough to finally make some pictures that are clear enough.

So there she is...Banila Co The Secret Marble Blusher in 02 Eternity...the box is shiny and promising...

Eternity was a colour that looked like a neutral peach in the colour picture on Banila's chart.

The case is a pearl coloured dusty pink, adorned with boxy and curly letters:

Banila Co. often includes a brush with its blushers and highlighters. It has been included with the marble blushers as well. The brush is not too bad, but I would not use it for my own. It does not pick up much pigment and the brush is too bulky to add a defined bit of colour on the face. I prefer to use my own blusher brushes for it.

As often with these gorgeously baked blushers, the blush is shaded with a mixture of colours, all in a peachy tint, ofcourse...

I mentioned that I use this colour as a blush (or I only used it once since I rediscovered it only a couple of days before) but it is a bit of a hybrid between a blush and a highlighter. It depends how pale your skin is.

Anyway, you can judge yourself it the shade it more a blush or highlighter to you. My inner arm is quite pale, I believe it is MAC N20 or N15 now.

Banila Co 02 Eternity (daylight)
Banila Co Eternity 02 (flash)

I consider this colour to be rather flattering for my lackluster skin. The pinky peach brings a bit of life to my complexion, and the glow fakes a bit of radiance and health...

It is a subtle glow, I believe. I am really picky with blush and highligher, mind you. I always skip MAC baked blushers/highlighters because I feel like a discobal in them. I duck away from most NARS blush (especially Orgasm) for the same reason.

I love colour and glow, but I think blush should look like it comes from within, and not some sprayed on discofest. Although the more shimmery colours are perfect for a night out...

And my skin is not really the same as it was when I was subtle is the word for me.

Still, it is glowy enough to look like you have been born with naturally sculped cheekbones..

I bought my Banila Co on gmarket. The item number is 176260515 from seller 바닐라코[공식딜러].

I spotted it on ebay as well, but the seller does not have a good positive feedback, so I am not going to mention the seller, but feel free to do a search and decide if you are willing to take the plunge...

I also spotted a review on Tacitunity Serenity's blog. She has reviewed all 5 colours and has compared them.

(check out her review on the latest Etude House Hello Kitty handcream as looks so cute and handy)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lotree at

What a fun thing: One of my favourite Korean Brands named Lotree is available at

Prices are a bit higher than on, but is probably a lot more convienient and safer to order from.

unconvential Valentine Cards...

Valentine's day is coming. It is supposed to be a day full of love and romance, if you believe Mr. Hallmark and more commercial companies.

But let's be honest...sometimes you cannot get the fantasy ideal of love and romance...and things are more complicated than what those lovely fairytales said...

For the people who are not really a fan of all this planned romance, or are just not in that lovingly position to celebrate Valentine with a person who answers their love/infatuation/desire I have found some untypical cards.

For the ex-boyfriend who was an &*^/@:

from OhSoSassyGreetings on Etsy

Actually, this card would be too beautiful for him. However, I love the way how this romantic picture is absolutely soo different from its message. It reminds me of the Locher's t-shirts I like.

Or, if your feelings have become less bitter, you could try this one:

Jailbird on Etsy

Hey, at least he will get an eraser out of it! So you are already being more friendly...

Ok, if the break-up was mutual and you ended in 'staying friends' , you might send a friendlier card such as this one:

Snarkycards on Etsy

Enough about the past, which is the message in this card:

NeatThings on Etsy

The outside is still rather lovey-dovey, which will make the 'enough about the ex, let's talk about you' content rather a ironic suprise:

NeatThings on Etsy

I have always understood that is is an unwritten rule NOT to speak about the ex on a first date...Did you know that rule as well? And have you spoken about an ex on your first date once?

If you are lucky to found a new object of affection, you might want to keep it light and fresh:

Snarkycards on Etsy

And if you are, ehmmm, less suble about your message, and the lust element is a bit higher than the love:

(Warning: not for the faint at heart)

Only send this card to a person with a good sense of humour...!

And I want to finish with a card that is truely romantic and loving, if you are really lucky to have found the valentine in your life:

"Once in a while right in the middle of ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale".

Because love can lift you from the ordinary and dreary part of life.

...and although I find Valentine's day a bit too commercial...It is really wonderful to be able to believe in something as magical as love.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

geeeemarket: clothes, masks and accessories

This week I was really happy to see this little fellow again...

For the people who still have not lost their gmarket-virginity...this is the little icon that is on the box of gmarket goodies.

I had not seen this fellow for ages. After a couple of orders on Gmarket, I continuously found the Custom service crediting me for taxes...grrr. However, Gmarket has too many cute goodies and fantastic Korean items to miss, so I just HAD to make another order.

My order was small, but cute (as I say myself). Although one item is not really that good qualitywise.

This feather headband was something I really liked. Ehm, actually I bought another one, at least I thought I did.
But my Korean has been incredibly limited, so I ended up with this feather headband. I probably clicked on a different code and ended up with another cute headband.

A year ago I bought a feather headband on Etsy, which I have worn at special occasions (does shopping count as a special occasion as well?).

It differs from this one, as it has different colours. So wonderful, now I have two feathery headbands...

Sometimes you get some sweet packages from fellow bloggers. Old Cow once sent me a super package, and it had a VOV Daily Fresh mask inside of it. I found out that the Volcano Ash mask is really superior for the skin. Moreover, it is non-irritating!

I could not find it on ebay, but Gmarket had it available. For this one, I typed in the right code!

Yippi, now I have 10 sessions of facial pampering with these babies... I bought these mask by seller ♪드림코스♪ over here (LOL at the music signs...sounds like music in my ear) .

I really wanted a couple of headphones that I can place on top of my ears, instead on internally. I really liked the mint green colour of ONTO headphones. However, as I said Korean ain't top notch, so I received the pink ones...

Although they look incredibly cute and are not that huge as the normal-sized earphones, the quality is not that good. You can hear what music I hear, even when playing soft. The sound is a bit tin-like as well. OOPS!

Still, I will list the seller for information, 디지안 (here). They can still function as earwarmers, or to listen some music as home.

Ha ha, I have been writing a lot about being really happy about the latest fashion trend, which is girly/frilly/sweet. Korean fashion can be really cute and fun, so I browsed the site for some items.

I came across this petticoat-esque skirt in girly ballet pint! Yey...and it fits as well.

The only thing that worried me was the possible size. I do not consider myself to be full-figured, but I am a lot bigger than the average Korean girl. Still, it fits!

The pic on the seller's site 더꾸엔 (link over here)
This girl is wearing the skirt in such a sweet and dainty manner.

I do not think I will wear it in this sweet manner. I probably wear it with some grungy elements as well, to get a bit of sweet-meets-edgy combination.

Those were a couple of my Gmarket items. A very wonderful haul!

Ok, I did not buy that much makeup, which has to do with my 2010 detox of makeup I did before. So, am I not writing about makeup anymore? Ofcourse not...I am plotting buying some of Christian Dior's gorgeous 2010 spring collection soon! I finally found this collection over here as well!!! And it is really pretty...

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Queenly lace and dainty portraits...

I have been such a good girl lately, as I have not indulged too much in buying and purchasing new things.

However, this is incredibly boring news for my blog readers...Who could ever though that my less-virtuous habit of buying too much makeup could ever be a source of entertainment for others?

To honour decadence, although in a more moderate form, I bought some cards with the image of a Aristocratic Lady receiving courtly affection of a equally poised Gentleman...

Ah, how lovely were the days when courtly love had some codes and regulations...

At least, it seems so nostalgic to think about this. These days, our contemporary selves are thrown in the weird world of dating were rules are based on everything and nothing...

Rules of romantic texting? Not immediately (otherwise you are too eager) but do not wait longer than three days or you seem too uninterested...

Come on, who makes these rules...? What a nonsense...

I would be awful if I would ever be lauched back into the 'dating sphere'....The idea of dating would seem like a total nuisance to me.

I would probably stay single forever......

Anyway, I am drifting off...back to the buying part...ha ha.

I also bought some lace to decorate around the house, or to apply on my clothes.

Lace will be a big thing for the Spring/Summer season. I am really happy to see more feminine clothes making a comeback in fashion, because I already complained about the overly tough fashion trend in this post.

And Vogue is predicting everything pastel, frilly and candy coloured to come back into fashion. Not that I really care what Vogue says, but if these clothes are declared 'trendy', I will have a better chance to find it in the shops...score!

(I bought the card and the lace at an etsy shop called 5dollarfrenchmarket...and guess what, they sell everything in their shop for $5...Très Chique)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

For the Geek in me...Geek Bliss lipbalms

I have been geeky lately....staying up late browsing in books, being totally enthralled by everything technical and enjoying everything that is so uncool that it is almost cool again.

Nerdy lipbalm, I never heard of it until I browsed on Confessions of a balmaholic. They had a BOGO sale when I ordered, so I ordered two of them.

These balms are not cutesy, but entirely nerdy with the old-school computer language on the tubes. You could easily pass these balms to your brother or boyfriend without giving them the feeling of acting too girly. I mean, men must have dry lips in cold winter weather as well...

I ordered I kissed a Cullen, ha ha, ofcourse the Twilight Cullen with the brooding eyes and floppy cute hairdo...(played by Robert Pattinson)

Ha ha, in reality I would not stand any change kissing a boy this young and attractive and famous...but the teenage girl inside me is loving the eyebrows so much...

(oh, and I love the scent of Creme de Menthe that comes with this balm)

So reality sucks...which is the name of my next balm, ha ha.

So what other flavour to give it than the always dreamy scent of chocolate...mmmm.

I have only tried Cullen's balm, and it is such a gorgeously moisturizing balm. It has not that hardness that some handmade lipbalms have. You know, the ones that you have to rub over and over again before your lips are finally moisturizes. This balm leaves your lips instantly moisturized, and when the balm has vanished after some time, it leaves them soft as well.

They make a cute gift for the nerdy friend, the dreamer, any Twilight fan or for the non-prissy person using lipbalm. They retail for $3 on etsy, and you get your second one for free this month.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Winner Pink Giveaway is....

No. 49...Deborah
Wooohooo! Deborah, congratulations. I only need your email and adress so I can send the pinkies to you as soon as possible. Could you mail me at tropischezee_(@)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Pink Giveaway!

Happy 2010!!!

To start the year of bright and cheerful, I will give a 2010's starters Pink Giveaway!

Pink is both a soft and energetic is red's baby sister, and you cannot get more girly with pink.

Moreover, even though I say it myself...I have some fabulous products to give away. Lioelle, DHC, Themefragance and a vividly pink colour by Orly.

Let's take a glance at the pink prices:
  1. Lioelle Beyond the Solution BB cream. Totally unopened and brand new. (I have a zillion of travel sized Lioelle BB's, so the big one is for the winner to have).
  2. Lioelle Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base. (used once, however, it is in a hygienic pump). A gorgeous highlighter base with delicate pearly pink shimmer.
  3. DHC Q10 Base Makeup Moisture Care Liquid Foundation SPF 25 PA++ in colour beige ochre 02. (used once, also in a hygienic pump). This foundation has been reviewed by Eki, Beauty Snap, Lotuspalace and Makeupalley.
  4. Orly nailpolish in Sea the Change. Brand new and unopened, with a lovely pink ring.
  5. Themefragances perfume in Bikini. A fresh, fruity floral that will mentally prepare you for sunnier days.
The guidelines are simple as ever:

1. Make a comment or say something small. I should be able to contact you, or you should read closely to see if you are the winner after the drawing, so you can contact me. I do not want followers just for the giveaway, so you can join even if you do not follow my blog. I just want to contact the right winner when the winner has been drawn.

2. Contest ends on Tuesday, 5 January 2010, 1 PM European standard time, GMT +1)

3. You are only able to make one comment, so no cheaters who would like to double (or triple) their chances.

4. Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by

5. Please contact me with 2 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected! Prizes will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!

Do join the giveaway because 2010 might start off with wonderful pink prices for you!