Thursday, 27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving (& some sales)

I would like to wish all my readers a happy thanksgiving...

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in my country, but I will be happy to benefit from the various sales that are going on this week ;D.

Some interesting sales I found:

Cherryculture is offering 20% off from 25 November- 30 November: code TG20

My Chelle dermaceuticals is having a one-day-sale, 28 November, offering 20% off. No code needed. Check out their fruit fiesta peel!

Locher's Clothing is offering 25% off their entire collection until Xmas

Lochers offers cute, embroidered tshirts and necklace. But beware! The embroidered text can be quite naughty!!! This texts is one of their tamest ones!

Mineral Makeup company Fusion of Colors is offering a 15% discount on Adesign brushes until 15 December. I love Adesign brushes...they are made by the same company that produces Smashbox brushes. I would absolutely recommend the pointed kabuki for everyone that uses mineral makeup or powdered foundation. is having 20% off :To receive your 20% savings, use promo code CHEER20* on the payment page. You may enter only one promo code during checkout.
Sale ends Tuesday, December 2, 2008.

Cute makeup brand Eyeko is offering a free Minty Fat balm worth £5 with all orders from £25.

It is not as good as their last deal: buy two and get the third product for free, but it is still a nice deal if you missed the last one. They offer free worldwide shipping on every order!!!


Glow Chaser said...

Never ever buy the eyeko cream!!! It brought up boil sized spots on me!lol

Locher?? I like the sound of these!!

How are you going my dear?Any updates re the Masters?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Actually, the eyeshadows are pretty bad too. I will review a couple of things soon...not everything is bad from them. I like their highlighter thingy...

Locher, quite naughty...they have a tshirt with 'Will f#ck for shoes', seriously, but I did not want to put that directly on my blog (I would not..btw, ha ha)

the Masters, I have been trying to apply somewhere else. I gratuated at the school I wanted to reaply, but they are sooo slow to mail back. I mailed one woman last week, no mail from her so far...tsss. (oh, I have a Language and Culture bachelor degree and was applying for Literary Studies in the Modern age)

Glow Chaser said...

Dear Birkin, what a gorgeous shiny bright brain you have!

I always wanted to do philosophy or some interesting lit degree but life kept throwing things in my way! grr

And now I fear that I am just another shiny dumbo! Haha

Oh yes, the TATE in Liverpoodle had some interesting stuff. BUT, being in there, was sort of like being in an asylum! Creepy medical feel.