Thursday, 7 January 2010

For the Geek in me...Geek Bliss lipbalms

I have been geeky lately....staying up late browsing in books, being totally enthralled by everything technical and enjoying everything that is so uncool that it is almost cool again.

Nerdy lipbalm, I never heard of it until I browsed on Confessions of a balmaholic. They had a BOGO sale when I ordered, so I ordered two of them.

These balms are not cutesy, but entirely nerdy with the old-school computer language on the tubes. You could easily pass these balms to your brother or boyfriend without giving them the feeling of acting too girly. I mean, men must have dry lips in cold winter weather as well...

I ordered I kissed a Cullen, ha ha, ofcourse the Twilight Cullen with the brooding eyes and floppy cute hairdo...(played by Robert Pattinson)

Ha ha, in reality I would not stand any change kissing a boy this young and attractive and famous...but the teenage girl inside me is loving the eyebrows so much...

(oh, and I love the scent of Creme de Menthe that comes with this balm)

So reality sucks...which is the name of my next balm, ha ha.

So what other flavour to give it than the always dreamy scent of chocolate...mmmm.

I have only tried Cullen's balm, and it is such a gorgeously moisturizing balm. It has not that hardness that some handmade lipbalms have. You know, the ones that you have to rub over and over again before your lips are finally moisturizes. This balm leaves your lips instantly moisturized, and when the balm has vanished after some time, it leaves them soft as well.

They make a cute gift for the nerdy friend, the dreamer, any Twilight fan or for the non-prissy person using lipbalm. They retail for $3 on etsy, and you get your second one for free this month.


sizbelle said...

i wana try the one you got. it reminds me of him in the show kissing bella haha..

choclate flavor balm, maybe you should try and let me know as i need another one to stand for the offer.

missypixie said...

Got to embrace your geeky side <3 have to check the site out :D

Old Cow said...


I am using burts bess right now...its rather stonking splendid!

Balmaholic said...

Mmm.. I love this lip balm. It's amazing, and really speaks to the nerd within myself. lol.

Glad you liked it! :D