Tuesday, 26 January 2010

unconvential Valentine Cards...

Valentine's day is coming. It is supposed to be a day full of love and romance, if you believe Mr. Hallmark and more commercial companies.

But let's be honest...sometimes you cannot get the fantasy ideal of love and romance...and things are more complicated than what those lovely fairytales said...

For the people who are not really a fan of all this planned romance, or are just not in that lovingly position to celebrate Valentine with a person who answers their love/infatuation/desire I have found some untypical cards.

For the ex-boyfriend who was an &*^/@:

from OhSoSassyGreetings on Etsy

Actually, this card would be too beautiful for him. However, I love the way how this romantic picture is absolutely soo different from its message. It reminds me of the Locher's t-shirts I like.

Or, if your feelings have become less bitter, you could try this one:

Jailbird on Etsy

Hey, at least he will get an eraser out of it! So you are already being more friendly...

Ok, if the break-up was mutual and you ended in 'staying friends' , you might send a friendlier card such as this one:

Snarkycards on Etsy

Enough about the past, which is the message in this card:

NeatThings on Etsy

The outside is still rather lovey-dovey, which will make the 'enough about the ex, let's talk about you' content rather a ironic suprise:

NeatThings on Etsy

I have always understood that is is an unwritten rule NOT to speak about the ex on a first date...Did you know that rule as well? And have you spoken about an ex on your first date once?

If you are lucky to found a new object of affection, you might want to keep it light and fresh:

Snarkycards on Etsy

And if you are, ehmmm, less suble about your message, and the lust element is a bit higher than the love:

(Warning: not for the faint at heart)

Only send this card to a person with a good sense of humour...!

And I want to finish with a card that is truely romantic and loving, if you are really lucky to have found the valentine in your life:

"Once in a while right in the middle of ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale".

Because love can lift you from the ordinary and dreary part of life.

...and although I find Valentine's day a bit too commercial...It is really wonderful to be able to believe in something as magical as love.


sizbelle said...

Thanks for the idea, it does change the ideas of the common known valentine day. Which reminds us of those mushy or lovey dovey cards.. I might pick one up for my love and surprise him this vday!

Blair said...

Those snarky greetings are hilarious!

Old Cow said...

Now THESE are valentines worth spending money on!! I am hopelessly UNromantic x

ning * star said...

oh Valentines card, well this year the Chinese New Year is at the same day as Valentines day, haha, I've totally no idea people will sending me what kind of cards... but those cards above, hahahahaaa~