Saturday, 30 January 2010

pre-spring glow: Banilla Co The Secret blush in 02 Eternity

Today I have a secret for you...

Actually Banila Co. has a secret for you, and I am willing to share.

The thing with having a penchant for makeup is that I have a lot of it. Most readers (probably all) understand the slightly addictive rush of getting your hands on a beautiful cosmetic item you bought, which is perfect in every way.

And then it ends up in a drawer full of other perfect colours...

The good thing is that I still have some colours to discover in a period when I do not want to buy so much. Sometimes I end up seeing some pretty blushes I absolutely forgot about.

The blush I would like to review today is from a gmarket haul I received almost a year ago. Can you believe it? It is so pretty and I have not even touched it for A YEAR?

I finally tried it and was able to make some pictures of it...yes, the weather was sunny enough to finally make some pictures that are clear enough.

So there she is...Banila Co The Secret Marble Blusher in 02 Eternity...the box is shiny and promising...

Eternity was a colour that looked like a neutral peach in the colour picture on Banila's chart.

The case is a pearl coloured dusty pink, adorned with boxy and curly letters:

Banila Co. often includes a brush with its blushers and highlighters. It has been included with the marble blushers as well. The brush is not too bad, but I would not use it for my own. It does not pick up much pigment and the brush is too bulky to add a defined bit of colour on the face. I prefer to use my own blusher brushes for it.

As often with these gorgeously baked blushers, the blush is shaded with a mixture of colours, all in a peachy tint, ofcourse...

I mentioned that I use this colour as a blush (or I only used it once since I rediscovered it only a couple of days before) but it is a bit of a hybrid between a blush and a highlighter. It depends how pale your skin is.

Anyway, you can judge yourself it the shade it more a blush or highlighter to you. My inner arm is quite pale, I believe it is MAC N20 or N15 now.

Banila Co 02 Eternity (daylight)
Banila Co Eternity 02 (flash)

I consider this colour to be rather flattering for my lackluster skin. The pinky peach brings a bit of life to my complexion, and the glow fakes a bit of radiance and health...

It is a subtle glow, I believe. I am really picky with blush and highligher, mind you. I always skip MAC baked blushers/highlighters because I feel like a discobal in them. I duck away from most NARS blush (especially Orgasm) for the same reason.

I love colour and glow, but I think blush should look like it comes from within, and not some sprayed on discofest. Although the more shimmery colours are perfect for a night out...

And my skin is not really the same as it was when I was subtle is the word for me.

Still, it is glowy enough to look like you have been born with naturally sculped cheekbones..

I bought my Banila Co on gmarket. The item number is 176260515 from seller 바닐라코[공식딜러].

I spotted it on ebay as well, but the seller does not have a good positive feedback, so I am not going to mention the seller, but feel free to do a search and decide if you are willing to take the plunge...

I also spotted a review on Tacitunity Serenity's blog. She has reviewed all 5 colours and has compared them.

(check out her review on the latest Etude House Hello Kitty handcream as looks so cute and handy)


Pixie said...

oh my, I remember seeing them on her blog and REALLY wanting to buy them all. I have so many baked blushers and highlighters already though. No the lemming has been revived ;)

Anonymous said...

O.O I definitely would like to own one, after I stop breaking out of course.

Kimoko has so many reviews I wish she had them in categories to search through.

Pixie said...

OK, I such. I just went to ebay and bought one anyway. Sigh, no will power!

Dee said...

I've been wanting these for a while, but I have so many highlighters/blushers. I might buy these later on though! Thanks for the review!