Saturday, 23 January 2010

geeeemarket: clothes, masks and accessories

This week I was really happy to see this little fellow again...

For the people who still have not lost their gmarket-virginity...this is the little icon that is on the box of gmarket goodies.

I had not seen this fellow for ages. After a couple of orders on Gmarket, I continuously found the Custom service crediting me for taxes...grrr. However, Gmarket has too many cute goodies and fantastic Korean items to miss, so I just HAD to make another order.

My order was small, but cute (as I say myself). Although one item is not really that good qualitywise.

This feather headband was something I really liked. Ehm, actually I bought another one, at least I thought I did.
But my Korean has been incredibly limited, so I ended up with this feather headband. I probably clicked on a different code and ended up with another cute headband.

A year ago I bought a feather headband on Etsy, which I have worn at special occasions (does shopping count as a special occasion as well?).

It differs from this one, as it has different colours. So wonderful, now I have two feathery headbands...

Sometimes you get some sweet packages from fellow bloggers. Old Cow once sent me a super package, and it had a VOV Daily Fresh mask inside of it. I found out that the Volcano Ash mask is really superior for the skin. Moreover, it is non-irritating!

I could not find it on ebay, but Gmarket had it available. For this one, I typed in the right code!

Yippi, now I have 10 sessions of facial pampering with these babies... I bought these mask by seller ♪드림코스♪ over here (LOL at the music signs...sounds like music in my ear) .

I really wanted a couple of headphones that I can place on top of my ears, instead on internally. I really liked the mint green colour of ONTO headphones. However, as I said Korean ain't top notch, so I received the pink ones...

Although they look incredibly cute and are not that huge as the normal-sized earphones, the quality is not that good. You can hear what music I hear, even when playing soft. The sound is a bit tin-like as well. OOPS!

Still, I will list the seller for information, 디지안 (here). They can still function as earwarmers, or to listen some music as home.

Ha ha, I have been writing a lot about being really happy about the latest fashion trend, which is girly/frilly/sweet. Korean fashion can be really cute and fun, so I browsed the site for some items.

I came across this petticoat-esque skirt in girly ballet pint! Yey...and it fits as well.

The only thing that worried me was the possible size. I do not consider myself to be full-figured, but I am a lot bigger than the average Korean girl. Still, it fits!

The pic on the seller's site 더꾸엔 (link over here)
This girl is wearing the skirt in such a sweet and dainty manner.

I do not think I will wear it in this sweet manner. I probably wear it with some grungy elements as well, to get a bit of sweet-meets-edgy combination.

Those were a couple of my Gmarket items. A very wonderful haul!

Ok, I did not buy that much makeup, which has to do with my 2010 detox of makeup I did before. So, am I not writing about makeup anymore? Ofcourse not...I am plotting buying some of Christian Dior's gorgeous 2010 spring collection soon! I finally found this collection over here as well!!! And it is really pretty...

Have a fantastic weekend!


Vanilla said...

awww love the headband!

ning * star said...

ah, that headband is so unique!
wheee, vov mask wink wink!

Blair said...

omg, what a dreamy floaty skirt!!! i feel like buying it too, but how on earth am i going to wear it??? some suggestions please birkie?

Chrissy said...

I love that skirt!! I see headbands like that feathery one around here. Too bad I don't really wear headbands!!

Too bad about the headphones. :(

LS said...

what a great haul. love the skirt