Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel Lips N RS-1 (shiny line)

Today I am going to give my two cents on the Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel lips, the newest version. Lavshuca has had the Jewel lips lipstick in their collection for quite a long time: at least for a cosmetic brand, because cosmetic lines seem to come with *new-and-improved* versions of products every time. It seems that their Jewel lips is a keeper in this department. Still, they added a couple of things to their Jewel Lipsticks so it can be sold with the extra *N*.

One of the newer things about their Jewel lips, is that they divided the lipsticks in to a Shiny line and a Color line: shiny is for the sheer and #of course# shiny lipsticks and the color line is probably a deeper version with more pigment.

After pondering if I would like to buy a shiny or a color one, I bought the shiny one. It is my very first Jewel line lipstick, so I cannot say how it compares to earlier versions.

I picked up a rosy version (RS), based on online swatches on their website (here). The RS1 looked a bit more neutral than the RS2, so I went for the neutral rosy.

It is my first Jewel lip purchase, and I found the lipstick to be quite tiny. Even I am not someone to complain about size oftenly, it still reminds me of one of those childrens cosmetics line lipstick that I used to have as a kid.

The benefit of this is that is is more portable and you have a better excuse to replace your lipstick, as it even might be finished one day. (not that I need any excuse for buying new lipsticks *blushes*).

Buying online based on swatches of the manufactor companies can be a risky business. The colour is a tad cooler than I expected. I surely do not mind this, as I have a neutral complexion and I can wear slightly warmer or slightly cooler colours. For a large category of Asian people, it would be better to include better swatches, because they tend to have a warmer skintone and are looking for neutral to warmer shades of lipsticks instead of the cooler ones.

I do like this colour: look close at this has blue shimmer or glitter parts on a mauve-rosy base that makes your lips look a bit fuller and has a slightly cooler surface. Oh, and blue undertones in your lipstick makes your teeth look whiter.

I made a swatch on my arm. It still appears warmer in this picture (and all 7 of the pictures I have attempted to make of this colour) than it is in real life. However, it shows the dewiness of the lipstick and the way the shimmer/glitter reflects the light. The base colour (the neutral rose) is also quite accurate.

So, it is not the biggest of lipsticks, but I understand why Lavshuca kept their Jewel Lipstick line in their collection for a couple of years. It is cute/kawaii, it is moisturizing enough, and it has some lovely shades for girls on the go. It is not my personal favourite of the Lavshuca collection: that is the Lavshuca Rouge Essence Bar. It is my second favourite, though.
I think it is more a lipsticks for girls, as I would find it a bit odd to top op my lipstick with such a lipstick in a mature (office etc) area. I would prefer to flash a more sophisticated tube such as the other Lavshuca lipsticks, Lunasol, Maquillage or such. However, in my daily life I do not have a 'mature' job yet, so I can flash this lippy with easy.

These are for sale at ichibankao and facial-shop.


Anonymous said...

that's a lovely product. the packaging and the colour both look very nice.

sizbelle said...

i'm loving mini products as i can finish them easily and do my next gulit free shopping spree...

the packaging is cute and jewel pretty too.

aileen said...

I love Lavshuca lippies packing! I also ordered one from ebay, it was hard to decide which shade, since there were so many! Great that you mentioned about the blue undertone thing, i almost forgot what it does! :D

Elvira said...

I have an old verions of the jewel lipsticks and was shocked at how small they are. Since I hardly ever finish a lipstick I shouldn't complain about the size but I'm still paying the same price I do for a larger "regular" size. LOL. The color you picked looks lovely. How is the glitter in it? Is it gritty at all?