Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge in RD-2

It seems I am making up for my lack of post of the last couple of months. Haven't I been making 6 posts in a week? Mmm, well done.

So today I am doing a quick review on a wonderful lipstick I purchases. Yeh, a short one, because I have been blogging and 'talking' too much this week. However, I promised a review in my last post, so here it goes.

I already have plenty of lipsticks, so I kept a low buy strategy on the lipstick front. However, after seeing the various swatches on Yuki's blog and Lotuspalace complete thumbs up, I decided I wanted one of those.

I absolutely love the way most Japanese companies make the most flattering natural lipsticks, without compromising on the beauty aspect. In other words: they make you look polished, more beautiful, without that makeup-armour feeling. How much I like the look of Christian Dior, Lancome, YSL and other Western brands, they sometimes have colours that absolutely are too bright for my liking.

Ok, so I checked out Yuki and Lotuspalace for the perfect colour. I noticed that they had not swatched RD-2...ha ha, guess to which one I was most drawn: ?? (still no clue?)

Yeh, I wanted to see that one for myself. I also liked the kind of shade between RD-1 and RD-3, duh, that is RD-2. It looked like the perfect blend of mauvy pink and beige.

Lavshuca amped up a bit on the luxury factor with a sort of plastic gemstone in pink on top. I do like the look of the soft metal pink (and matte) cast. The lipstick looks cute and is in a better and sturdier (and prettier) cast than the previous Lavshuca editions. I might say it is even sturdier than its expensive sibling from Shiseido Maquillage: that one is almost $30 and still has that plastic-like packaging that goes murky after a couple of uses.

So I like the packaging around the lipstick. Was I right about the colour?

Ohhh, I love the colour! It is the perfect mauve/pink/beige blend that makes my lips glow and look a bit more pouty.

The next photo shows the lipstick in a different light, so you can see the shimmers that are embedded in the base. These shimmers are not obtrusive in any way, and result in a glowy, more voluptious (but still mature and office appropriate) colour.

As for the texture and moisturizing properties? I love it. I just have to agree with lotuspalace on this one: it gets my full thumbs up as well.

The price was quite affordable, I purchased it for $13 on Adambeauty. The dollar rate was really low at that time being, so that would make a 10 euros. L'oreal is more expensive over here, and I have never found a L'oreal lipstick I enjoyed half as much as this one.


Julia said...

Thanks for thr review! So getting one of these. xD
Yuki as in Yuki's Lazy Channel/Haruhii?

mandy said...

Hm sounds like when I start to dabble into lip products I should start with Japanese ones first! lol
That looks like a nice color! For a red it's not too bright :D

Jennifer said...

i should check out Lavschuca's section next time at the drugstores! the lippie looks nice!

&. nostalgia said...

gorgeous colour :)~