Friday, 3 October 2014

Surratt Lipslique in Perfectioniste

Everything lipstick is always permitted in love & war

Or for my 2nd Surratt I picked a lipstick with the quintessential name Perfectioniste:

It has been described as a 'Pinky Rose' which is an easy 'me'-colour. Or, it has been for a couple of years. Lately I venture i
on newer lipshades that are different from the inoffensiveness of rosy nude. For oldtime sake, and the heck of comparing it with my other rosy ones, I took this one:

 photo image44.jpeg
I cannot think of any product-hoarding, newbie-curious beautyblogger who is not slightly a perfectionist at heart. A beautiful Dior lipstick: so nice, but that latest edition of Chanel might be better for that specific occasion.

My lastest precious lipstick falls into the thin & portable form.

 photo foto18.jpg

We've seen a black tube before, but a closer look shows a graduation between a matte and a slightly glimmery surface. It twists up at the bottom.
 photo foto214.jpg

The colour of my new lipstick did not dissapoint.
 photo foto39.jpg
Though it looks like your average peachy pink, it has a vividy blue-pink dimension that shows in the swatches.

The formula feels a bit waxy. Now I'm spoiled to bits with cushiony lipsticks. In this case, comparing will do too:

I'll keep it a bit more specific and bring in the names & numbers (& repeat swatches later):

  1. Christian Dior Serum De Rouge - No. 740 Rosewood Serum
  2.  Mac Slimshine Lipstick Intimidate
  3. Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge RS 2
  4. Shiseido Maquillage moisture rouge rs305
5.  Marc Jacobs Beauty 110 Role Play
6. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 52 Fetiche
7. Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge PK 6
8. Benefit lipstick Um Um Uh
9. Giorgio Armani sheer transparant lipstick 10
 So let's do the swatches again:
 photo CSC_1163.jpg
1. Dior 740 is a different hue (brownish rose) but I put it in to show a different opacity compared to Surratt: Dior feels creamier instead of waxy and covers the lip better.
2. MAC Intimate is a hint cooler than Surrat, also with a dewier look.
3. Lavshuca rs 2 is rosier and is my favourite formula of all lipsticks featured.
4. Maquillage has a more nude/rosy tone.
5. Marc Jacobs RolePlay is the sheerest one and feels light but not too moisturizing.

 photo CSC_1159.jpg
5. Marc Jacobs Roleplay, as before with a sidenote of it looking less pink and more mauvy/nude.
6. Chanel Fetiche has more of a mauve/rosy undertone.
7. Lavshuca PK6 is a rosy nude with no real pink notes
8. Benefit is another mauvy/rosy MLLB
9. Armani 10 is a brownish rosy with a sheer untertone.

What makes Surratt Perfectioniste so cool is the way it lights up pink in certain light, and looks like the demure MLBB in other light:
 photo airplaneview.jpg
Airplane view!
Conclusion: Sweet & different enough with that cheeky pink glow.
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