Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm Tint Color in 102 Peach Tint

The last couple of weeks I have been obsessed by lip-products, as I probably have mentioned a million times before. I was particularly pleased to see some new additions on the Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balms listed on several Japanese cosmetics-website-sellers, so I picked up the Jill Stuart Lipbalm on one of the cheapest places I found them, gooddealer.com.

The prices of Japanese cosmetics vary on the various websites I love to shop. Normally adambeauty is one of the cheapest resellers, but the stock is not always as up to date than the other shops. Gooddealer I found to be the cheapest on most Jill Stuart products.

Jill Stuart is one of the most princessy brands in Japanese cosmetics. You will pay for the cutesy factor as well, as it is not a cheap line. Blushes retail for approximately $55 to $60.

The balm comes in a light pink box that has a darker pink lady on the background. The amount of lipbalm inside is an average 7 gram or .24 oz. I think Carmex distributes a similar amount.

It is a product for moisturizing the lips, according to the package. It is not a gloss, but it has gloss-like substance, which you can see in the following pictures. The package claimes that it has a 'Fresh fruity floral fragance', and it does! A very light fruity floral scent, which is probably Jill Stuart signature scent (but I do not have that many JS items yet, so I cannot compare).

The ingredient-list looks wholesome and rather natural. However, I am not sure if this is the full ingredient list, or just the ingredients they want to mention. It contains Strawberry Fruit juice, Raspberry Fruit Juice, Macademia Seed Oil (really moisturizing and healing), shea butter, orange oil and many other goodies.

I picked the 102: peach tint.

The cap is utterly gorgeous. It looks like a tiny jewel box.

The balm inside does not have any shimmer at all. It is indeed a lipbalm with a pinky tint with a hint of peach. I would call it to be more pinky than peach.

Also, when swatching I found the gloss to be more pink as well. It is indeed a warmer pink, but I would not call it a peach as Jill Stuart does. The colour is incredibly sheer on the lips, but it will give a lovely, balmy feeling with a hint of pink.

A close-up from the previous swatch...don't ya love my veins...LOL? Indeed, now I see more of the peachiness of the gloss....The sheered out sides are the most representative for how the balm would look on the lips. I have not taken a lipswatch, as my pigmented lips would not show much colour at all...my pale inner arms still do...

Would I buy this again? No, I love the cutisy and princessy factor of the balm but I do not believe that the balm itself stands out for the price I have paid (appr $19). It is a lot better than Carmex. But It does not live up to my Badger Balm in Tangerine, which contains twice as much products, more organic goodies and is 3 times as cheap. However, I am glad to have this product and I will use it up for sure, as I am a great fan of natural goodies on my lips.

Monday, 30 March 2009

COS: Concepts of Style

A week ago I went to the Museum in order to work on a assigment (post here). I combined work with pleasure, and went for a half hour of shopping afterwards. I have been so busy with projects and all and was so stressed out that I needed to give myself a little reward.

One of my favourite shops ever is COS, or Concepts of Style. COS was created as H&M mature sister in being a middle end brand with better quality of clothes and a more classic style instead of running after one trend to another.

The prices are often quite reasonable, varying from 20 euro (t-shirt) to 150 euro (for a coat). The fabrics are quite lovely and original, and I find them to look high-end and fashionable. It is incredibly work-appropriate with a quirky twist.

This is the dress I bought at COS. It is a mushroom green colour with long sleeves and a ribbed middle. The lenght of the dress is a bit above the knee. The fabric feels a bit like some natural fibre (but I am not sure, I have to check the lable), and it a light fabric. I can wear this dress for winter with thick tights and a turtle neck under it. It is light enough for mild summer weather as well!

I will wear this dress when I have a meeting in the business sphere, or on chic days at Uni (when I want to look more polished up.

"Why are you into beauty?"

If you want a light-hearted post, do not read further. If you are afraid of rants, just skip this post.

For people who read my blog regularly and the blogosphere we reside in beauty and beauty-items are important and a fun way for us to express ourselves. We understand that society puts a lot of pressure onto us for being attractive and young, which might be one of the reasons to indulge into cosmetics.

Only, outside the blogworld, I find myself to be criticized by my interest in beauty-items. It is deemed at being superficial and flakey. I would not dare to express my hobby at University, as I would be totally burned down by some fancy 'intellectuals' who think their past-time is sooo much better than mine. And honestly, I find this to be offensive and the double standard is incredibly obvious in those circles, as people at University value each other on attractiveness as well!

So, I do feel the need to look young and attractive...I want that lipgloss to give me a nicer pout. I am not a natural beauty as some of the people are, so I need extra help. I am not into surgery or injectables (yet), so my beauty has to come from the products I use.

As for my inner beauty: it is present! I am a beautiful person within. Only, society sees the outside first and makes its judgement and first impression based on that, which makes me sad sometimes.

I would like to know from my fellow bloggers why they are into beauty, and how their friends/collegues/family think about that? Do you confess being a beauty addict? and to whom? Do you feel judged by being too 'superficial'?

Banilla Co. Kiss Scandalous lipgloss in 11 Egoïst

I have been incredibly addicted to everything lip-related lately. My quest for pillowy, beautiful lips have made me buy tons and tons of wonderful Japanese lipsticks and lipglosses. I also have been quite happy with some of my Korean lip-products I have bought in the past, therefore I was happy to include the Banilla Co. Kiss Scandalist in my last G-market order.

I have no idea why they called it Kiss Scandalist: perhaps it is related with the Gossip Girl theme I blogged about yesterday. The word Scandalist would be more suited to dark red or vampy lipsticks with a high degree of opaqueness, very Dita Von Teese. For these lovely and light lipglosses the name is a bit overdone. As you can see at the colours below, they are so fresh, pink to nude and lovely, how could they be Scandalous?
I picked one of the newest colours in Egoist. I liked the colour from the swatch chart above, and I found the name suitable for my personality, LOL, I am a big Egoist! The colour does not dissapoint. As you can see, it is a pinky nude with red and multicoloured shimmer inside. It is absolutely gorgeous. I also enjoy the fact that you can close the distribution of lipgloss with a cap: that is very hygienic and handy.

When you take the cap off, you can twist the bottom of the lipgloss, and the lipgloss will come out of the smaller dots.
The close up shows the multilayeredness of the lipgloss. It looks like the perfect pinky nude, but the shimmer amps up the lips!

More swatches to show the beauty of the gloss in all its dimensions.

The product iself isn't just pretty to look at: the lipgloss feels balmlike and confortable on the lips. It also adds a plumping effect from a slightly minty consistency it has, but not too obtrusive. The scent is a mix of fruitiness and a tiny hint of mint: I enjoyed the scent personally, but that might be a matter of personal taste. It is not too thick, nor too thin. It stayed on my lips for approximately 2 hours, and I am not the keep-the-lips-still-and-pretty-type, so I think the endurance level of the lipgloss is quite reasonable.

The gloss retails for 8.500 Won on Gmarket, which is $6.59 at the current rate. I bought it from seller khs005492 as well, and they are generous with samples. The itemnumber is 120480686.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Banilla Co Gossip Girl Palette

After the estatic feelings of receiving my long-awaited Gmarket haul, I was able to make a couple of pictures today. I will start with one of the girliest and cutest items from the bunch, the Banilla Co Gossip Girl Palette.

As you can see at looking at the box: it is girly, it is bubbly, it is a cute palette.

I think Banilla Co. made a good move of using Gossip Girl as the theme of the palette. I do not know if Gossip Girl is being aired in Korea, where Banilla Co. is manufactured, but in the US and probably all around Europe as well you find a lot of press and publicity around the Gossip Girl TV show. Why didn't MAC or any other western brand picked up this idea yet? (so, Korean cosmetics-makers are brilliant IMO)
The show itself is targeted for a young public (teens and twentysomethings) but lots of thirtysomethings like the show as well. Anyway, I probably do not have to explain anything about Gossip Girl, as most of you will probably know something about it, he he.

The Banilla Co. palette is just as lighthearted and girly-with-a-dark twist as the show. The box is a matte case with several pink-coloured dots in various shapes.

The inside contains a mirror, which is still protected in the picture with a plastic shield. The box absolutely looks similar to a MAC palette. The content is a pink blush/highlighter, a whitish eyeshadow, a dark taupe eyeshadow and a bubblegum pink eyeshadow.

Up close: the taupe would be a Blair colour, as she could work it in a naughty girl kind of manner. The pink is a Serena colour, and I do not know the other characters too well, but the designer girl could have the white colour, as she is still incredibly young (what is her name in the show?)

All girls in the show have a lovely, innocent glow over them (brilliant makeup-artists and perfect Genes, I assume). So the blush included would be very Gossip Girl-like.

The swatches: I layered them a couple of times, so you could apply them with a lighter hand. I love the taupe eyeshadow the most, and the blush would be lovely when blended carefully. As for the bubblegum pink eyeshadow on the right....ehm, not a wonderful match for my mature (seasoned, LOL) green eyes. The white can be applied with a light hand as a highlighter under the brows.

I have paid approximately $17 for in on Gmarket. I bought it from seller khs005492, itemnumber 151717489. The seller was quite generous with the extras (see last post), and he did that for every item I bought from him, which explains the great amount of primers. Overall, a very nice addition to my fun palette collection.

yes, Yes, YES: G-market decadence!!!

Ohhhh my goooodiiinessss! After a month of being deprived of a serious haul I finally received my GMARKET haul today....I was soo intensly happy seeing the big box from Korea.

My inner beauty-vixen is absolutely delighted with this haul. Look at the beautiful Banilla Co and Lioelle boxes on the left; and the extras are spectacular again. I received enough Banilla Co primer samples for a whole year, 4 boxes of Cathy Kath skincare samples, Cathy Kath cotton pads; 2 travel sized Lioelle BB creams and a buckload of Lioelle samples; Makeup Wedges; a pencil sharpener and a box full of white and blue roses...

The real haul is so perfect as well. Baking powders, lipgloss, Sunblock powder, 2 palettes, and a Banilla Co Serum. I cannot wait to post swatches and do reviews... (but the weather is still murky, so the good pics will come later).

I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend. Any good plans yet?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Not Your Average granny

I haven't done the Icon post for a while...and as I am severely lacking any new hauls yet (the postman is dissing me, boohooo!)
So, I think I have to look at one of my style-icons now. I am more than what I buy (he he, or was it I buy, therefore I am?)

My next style and personality icon is the British Lady of cool. I have a weak spot for everything British, as I am a huge fan of the cool and quirky outlook some of the Brits have upon life, fashion , art, etc. And this lady has started the ubercool movement of rebellion and punk in the 60s, and she is still going strong.

This is not your tea and cookies-cozy grandma that knits woollen socks for you.

This is Vivienne Westwood: probably one of the few seniors that rocks the orange hair, the baseball cap and the axe!

To me she is the woman who defies age, absolutely crushes the notions of behaving old, she was the epitome of Punk-coolness in the 60s, and she still has the Mojo in the noughties (that is now).

And the things she designes, oh stop me....I ADORE her designs. The dress she is wearing in the second picture is quintessentially Vivienne Westwood, and is both weareable for the skinnies among us as the curvy girls...not discrimination on the body front!

I once passed a Vivienne Westwood shop in Manchester, and I almost ran frantically up and down in the bus (as I travelled in the bus to the Manchester centre) in order to get out as fast as possible. Did I visit the shop? No, my wallet would not allow me to do that...

But if I were a chica rica, or a rich girl, I would certainly bring my amped up creditcard to the Vivienne Westwood store and leave with big bags and a big grin....

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sassy Sunday...

Sunday Sunday Sunday, how relaxed it was today...I think it was my first sunday since a month that I was totally free of tasks and assignments, which was total bliss.

The boy and I went to the sea and lunched at a cute fish-and-chips kind of restaurant...tres romantique. The fish and chips was EXCELLENT, so fresh and lovely. (sorry, no pics, my mobile battery was empty).

I have some pictures of my Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss in 09 Shiney Beige, which I bought from bobodave.com a month ago, but forgot to post anything about yet.

It looks sooo shimmery and sparkly....very lushious and lip plumping. It still looks natural and a bit nude with a twist. I really like my first Lunasol Lipgloss item...

I also want to show you one of my gmarket items I received a couple of weeks ago, the Alice in Wonderland business card holder. Actually, I thought I ordered a small wallet, but this is pretty nifty as well! The lining of the card holder is really gorgeous.

This strangely made up, blurred eye is mine...I was planning to enter in glowchaser's competition of WILD, and wanted to create a David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust wicked eye, but I was not too happy about it, so I did not enter (sooooorrry sweet glowchaser).

I hope you had a wonderful sunday full of creativity, love and relaxation! And, have a WONDERFUL and blissful week!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Shiseido Maquillage Face Creator in 11

Woohoo, yesterday I received the 'compensating' refill of the Shiseido Maquillage Face Creator in 11. I had been a bit dissapointed with my last Maquillage Face Creator buy (post here), because the colours were not flattering on me at all.

This compostion of colours are a much better one. It has a mix of cool and warmer tones...

Here is the beauty out of its box...As you can see, it has a lilacy white colour on top, a peachy pink at the right side, a white colour in the middle, a taupy brown below and a brownish bronze on the left. (click on the pic for a more detailed vision)

Although I am not as enthousiastic with the palette as the first one, the Maquillage in 33, I still like the variety of colours. However, some colours appear to be somewhat eyeshadow-like imo (the taupy brown below). Also, the colour in the middle is a bit too opaque and frosty to apply full-handed on your face, so it should be dosed with a light hand.

I absolutely love the peachy pink on the right side and the bronzy brown on the left side. They will make wonderful blushing and shading colours for my complexion. And I think I can use the colour below for other shading methods, or as an eyeshadow. The lilacy white on the top will make a wonderful brightener on the days that I have a sallow complexion.
Picture made in full sunlight (YES, we had SUNLIGHT yesterday!!! OMG, it almost looks like spring)

I still adore the buttery soft consistency of the Maquillage Face creator palette, as it was the reason I fell in love with in the first place with the 33 palette (and the reason I ordered soo many other colours).

Where to buy this? I bought this refill at ichibankao when they had the Maquillage sale ($38.50). I found a good deal on a refill on facial-shop.com for $32.99, including shipping: they have the 11 (this one reviewed for today) ,colours 33 (my fave) and 44 (Kathi's fave). It is also being sold at adambeauty.com right now for $33 (without shipping). You can also find it on gooddealer.com.

Friday, 20 March 2009

artsy fartsy day

Yesterday I went to another museum, which had an exhibition on 'Love! Art! Passion!' and dealt with the art of artistic couples. I know this blog is more for makeup and fashion, but I found some of the paintings to be so marvelous and vivid with colours, that I wanted to share them.

Hey, you might get some new inspiration for makeup or a fashion-look. At least, I went to a shop afterwards and was really drawn to the bright and happy colours, LOL

This painting is the one I wrote my artwork article about! It is a joint project from Paula Moderson-Becker and her husband Otto Moderson....It looks so happy with all the dancing people around the lovers in the moonlight. (Title: Love-Life in Nature)

One of the more famous artists, Auguste Rodin. This is the Eternal Spring. He was influenced by his girlfriend Camille Claudel, and her art by him as well.

Eternal spring, that is such a hopeful and romantic title to depict the feeling of being in love...sight!

Alexej von Jalensky and Marianne von Werefkin were another painter-couple. She was a couple of years his senior, and came from a wealthier family. Here is a bit of biography on the couple (click for a better view)

I love this painting from Alexej, that has such vivid colours and the eyes are so startling....
This is another one from Alexej, Girl with the Peonies. I love the red and pinkish tones and the demure look of the girl.

This is the painting from Marianne, Alexej's partner. It is called Atmosfera tragica or tragic atmosphere, and I can see the desolation in the picture. It is quite stricking.

The last couple that impressed me a lot were the paintings of Wassilly Kandinsky and Gabriëlle Munter. Kadinsky has more of an abstract feel of painting ...

Wassily Kandinsky, Painting with white shape, 1913

I can see the similarities in painting style with his girlfriend's painting, however, she tends to reflect a more modernist style.

That was art-class today, dear students (LOL).
Next time it will be swatch-time again, as I was the happy receiver of the Maquillage Face Creator in 11 yesterday (but I still have to make good pictures).

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Clé de Peau Beauté eye color quad in 21 (spring 2009)

I finally have something to blog about....ugg, mail has been so slow lately: what has happened to all my beautiful hauls?

Moreover, I felt a bit 'depressed' (in a light way) by normal life and university life (studies have been so terrible), so I needed a pick-me-up to show myself that I am going strong and doing my best.

So, I was really delighted to see the Clé de Peau eyeshadow quad delivered. It would become my first Clé de Peau quad, and I have read so many good things about it at Jojoba's blog...I had to try it.

The box itself is a sleek, black case. It has the little Clé de Peau logo on the right side beneath.

I love love love the colours inside. They might not be the best if you like cool colours, but my eyes are greenish, so they can handle both warm and cool shades. It even brings out different colours in my eyes if I shift colours every now and then. I am not too happy about a lot of things on my body, but at least I like the colour of my eyes...

Anyway, the colours are a kind of cool olive green, a warm sandy beige, a slightly reddish taupe and a stone coloured sandy colour.

The close up: click on it if you want to see the colours a bit better.

I wore the green olive colour and the stone colour on the right side today, and I absolutely love the velvety appearance it gives. It is really suitable for a mature eye. They stayed on the whole day, until I took it off with my cleanser.
I bought the palette at facial-shop.com, however, they are out of stock now. I need to test it a bit more, to give a full review...oh, and let's not forget the swatches. But at least I wanted to show some of my readers my latest haul before you guys would think I abandoned you....
I hope the mail will be good tomorrow. I will have a day off, but still have to go to the museum for a project for University....