Friday, 20 March 2009

artsy fartsy day

Yesterday I went to another museum, which had an exhibition on 'Love! Art! Passion!' and dealt with the art of artistic couples. I know this blog is more for makeup and fashion, but I found some of the paintings to be so marvelous and vivid with colours, that I wanted to share them.

Hey, you might get some new inspiration for makeup or a fashion-look. At least, I went to a shop afterwards and was really drawn to the bright and happy colours, LOL

This painting is the one I wrote my artwork article about! It is a joint project from Paula Moderson-Becker and her husband Otto Moderson....It looks so happy with all the dancing people around the lovers in the moonlight. (Title: Love-Life in Nature)

One of the more famous artists, Auguste Rodin. This is the Eternal Spring. He was influenced by his girlfriend Camille Claudel, and her art by him as well.

Eternal spring, that is such a hopeful and romantic title to depict the feeling of being in love...sight!

Alexej von Jalensky and Marianne von Werefkin were another painter-couple. She was a couple of years his senior, and came from a wealthier family. Here is a bit of biography on the couple (click for a better view)

I love this painting from Alexej, that has such vivid colours and the eyes are so startling....
This is another one from Alexej, Girl with the Peonies. I love the red and pinkish tones and the demure look of the girl.

This is the painting from Marianne, Alexej's partner. It is called Atmosfera tragica or tragic atmosphere, and I can see the desolation in the picture. It is quite stricking.

The last couple that impressed me a lot were the paintings of Wassilly Kandinsky and Gabriëlle Munter. Kadinsky has more of an abstract feel of painting ...

Wassily Kandinsky, Painting with white shape, 1913

I can see the similarities in painting style with his girlfriend's painting, however, she tends to reflect a more modernist style.

That was art-class today, dear students (LOL).
Next time it will be swatch-time again, as I was the happy receiver of the Maquillage Face Creator in 11 yesterday (but I still have to make good pictures).


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

oh wow thank you for sharing
i miss being able to see such wonderful works from when i lived in UK. [europe just has so much gorgeous museums!]

Glow Chaser said...

You can take photos in your galleries or did you make like a sniper and point and shoot?

I went to the Kandinsky thing that they had here at the Tate Modern...I was enthralled by the idea of synesthesia.

I have to say I am such a Bauhaus admirer.

I would love to go linger in a gallery with you Birkie!

Jamilla Camel said...

Thank you for sharing!! I miss decent museums being stuck in Detroit. Even worse, I have to work this weekend!

I'd love to wander around a museum with you and Glow!

Kimberly Tia said...

GasP... how fun!!!

I would love to visit museums in Holland, sheesh I wish I even had the time to just got to museums in LA!!!

and Like glow, I'm so suprised you were able to snap photos in your museum, ours are strictly no-no or 'paparazzi camera phone sneaky shots" lol

birkinbagbeauty said...

HI Glow and Kimberly Tia,

I thought I was snapping illegally, until a security gard came to me and told me that it was allowed to take pictures, only I had to take the flash off....he he, but I was doing it a bit secretive first with my mobile phone.

I would love to go to a museum and shopping with you, Glow, Kimberly Tia and Yumeko...that would be so much fun!