Monday, 30 March 2009

COS: Concepts of Style

A week ago I went to the Museum in order to work on a assigment (post here). I combined work with pleasure, and went for a half hour of shopping afterwards. I have been so busy with projects and all and was so stressed out that I needed to give myself a little reward.

One of my favourite shops ever is COS, or Concepts of Style. COS was created as H&M mature sister in being a middle end brand with better quality of clothes and a more classic style instead of running after one trend to another.

The prices are often quite reasonable, varying from 20 euro (t-shirt) to 150 euro (for a coat). The fabrics are quite lovely and original, and I find them to look high-end and fashionable. It is incredibly work-appropriate with a quirky twist.

This is the dress I bought at COS. It is a mushroom green colour with long sleeves and a ribbed middle. The lenght of the dress is a bit above the knee. The fabric feels a bit like some natural fibre (but I am not sure, I have to check the lable), and it a light fabric. I can wear this dress for winter with thick tights and a turtle neck under it. It is light enough for mild summer weather as well!

I will wear this dress when I have a meeting in the business sphere, or on chic days at Uni (when I want to look more polished up.


Jamilla Camel said...

I love COS! Those outfits are so cute!

K said...

Wow, is COS available in the US? H&M just came to Japan and it is PACKED from what i hear!