Monday, 30 March 2009

Banilla Co. Kiss Scandalous lipgloss in 11 Egoïst

I have been incredibly addicted to everything lip-related lately. My quest for pillowy, beautiful lips have made me buy tons and tons of wonderful Japanese lipsticks and lipglosses. I also have been quite happy with some of my Korean lip-products I have bought in the past, therefore I was happy to include the Banilla Co. Kiss Scandalist in my last G-market order.

I have no idea why they called it Kiss Scandalist: perhaps it is related with the Gossip Girl theme I blogged about yesterday. The word Scandalist would be more suited to dark red or vampy lipsticks with a high degree of opaqueness, very Dita Von Teese. For these lovely and light lipglosses the name is a bit overdone. As you can see at the colours below, they are so fresh, pink to nude and lovely, how could they be Scandalous?
I picked one of the newest colours in Egoist. I liked the colour from the swatch chart above, and I found the name suitable for my personality, LOL, I am a big Egoist! The colour does not dissapoint. As you can see, it is a pinky nude with red and multicoloured shimmer inside. It is absolutely gorgeous. I also enjoy the fact that you can close the distribution of lipgloss with a cap: that is very hygienic and handy.

When you take the cap off, you can twist the bottom of the lipgloss, and the lipgloss will come out of the smaller dots.
The close up shows the multilayeredness of the lipgloss. It looks like the perfect pinky nude, but the shimmer amps up the lips!

More swatches to show the beauty of the gloss in all its dimensions.

The product iself isn't just pretty to look at: the lipgloss feels balmlike and confortable on the lips. It also adds a plumping effect from a slightly minty consistency it has, but not too obtrusive. The scent is a mix of fruitiness and a tiny hint of mint: I enjoyed the scent personally, but that might be a matter of personal taste. It is not too thick, nor too thin. It stayed on my lips for approximately 2 hours, and I am not the keep-the-lips-still-and-pretty-type, so I think the endurance level of the lipgloss is quite reasonable.

The gloss retails for 8.500 Won on Gmarket, which is $6.59 at the current rate. I bought it from seller khs005492 as well, and they are generous with samples. The itemnumber is 120480686.


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

u make me wanna go back to korea i swear!

btw i cant wait to hear wat u think of innisfree

MiuMiu said...

that's a very nice color! you should try the integrate ones too =D

ning * star said...

the color is really nice <3

Anonymous said...

i love the colors!! they are all so cute!


Jamilla Camel said...

Lipggloss Porn! Thank you Birkie.

Sigh...I feel more internet shopping coming on!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm i am thinking of some pink /light color but i heard they have to much glitters..

can you post swatche on lips?

Audry Dayes said...

This brings out the trypophobia in me O_O