Saturday, 28 March 2009

Banilla Co Gossip Girl Palette

After the estatic feelings of receiving my long-awaited Gmarket haul, I was able to make a couple of pictures today. I will start with one of the girliest and cutest items from the bunch, the Banilla Co Gossip Girl Palette.

As you can see at looking at the box: it is girly, it is bubbly, it is a cute palette.

I think Banilla Co. made a good move of using Gossip Girl as the theme of the palette. I do not know if Gossip Girl is being aired in Korea, where Banilla Co. is manufactured, but in the US and probably all around Europe as well you find a lot of press and publicity around the Gossip Girl TV show. Why didn't MAC or any other western brand picked up this idea yet? (so, Korean cosmetics-makers are brilliant IMO)
The show itself is targeted for a young public (teens and twentysomethings) but lots of thirtysomethings like the show as well. Anyway, I probably do not have to explain anything about Gossip Girl, as most of you will probably know something about it, he he.

The Banilla Co. palette is just as lighthearted and girly-with-a-dark twist as the show. The box is a matte case with several pink-coloured dots in various shapes.

The inside contains a mirror, which is still protected in the picture with a plastic shield. The box absolutely looks similar to a MAC palette. The content is a pink blush/highlighter, a whitish eyeshadow, a dark taupe eyeshadow and a bubblegum pink eyeshadow.

Up close: the taupe would be a Blair colour, as she could work it in a naughty girl kind of manner. The pink is a Serena colour, and I do not know the other characters too well, but the designer girl could have the white colour, as she is still incredibly young (what is her name in the show?)

All girls in the show have a lovely, innocent glow over them (brilliant makeup-artists and perfect Genes, I assume). So the blush included would be very Gossip Girl-like.

The swatches: I layered them a couple of times, so you could apply them with a lighter hand. I love the taupe eyeshadow the most, and the blush would be lovely when blended carefully. As for the bubblegum pink eyeshadow on the right....ehm, not a wonderful match for my mature (seasoned, LOL) green eyes. The white can be applied with a light hand as a highlighter under the brows.

I have paid approximately $17 for in on Gmarket. I bought it from seller khs005492, itemnumber 151717489. The seller was quite generous with the extras (see last post), and he did that for every item I bought from him, which explains the great amount of primers. Overall, a very nice addition to my fun palette collection.


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

That palette is really pretty! You're right, it reminds me of the MAC Dress Camp palette...maybe the same manufacturers made the palettes for both companies. It would be nice to see a MAC Gossip Girl collection, though I think the Gossip Girl concept suits a brand like Too Faced better.

Anonymous said...

so cutee!! i love the light pink shade.


Jamilla Camel said...

I think those colors will go so well with your porcelain complexion and coloring!!

Please provide eye and lip shots!

P.S. Just opened your packet this afternoon--will post about it tomorrow!! Thank you so much!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i saw this at the store but opted not to buy it
now i am regreting it XD

K said...

What a pretty palette? I'm curious - how large is it?

✿Ji✿ said...

It´s a really pretty palette!<3