Thursday, 26 March 2009

Not Your Average granny

I haven't done the Icon post for a while...and as I am severely lacking any new hauls yet (the postman is dissing me, boohooo!)
So, I think I have to look at one of my style-icons now. I am more than what I buy (he he, or was it I buy, therefore I am?)

My next style and personality icon is the British Lady of cool. I have a weak spot for everything British, as I am a huge fan of the cool and quirky outlook some of the Brits have upon life, fashion , art, etc. And this lady has started the ubercool movement of rebellion and punk in the 60s, and she is still going strong.

This is not your tea and cookies-cozy grandma that knits woollen socks for you.

This is Vivienne Westwood: probably one of the few seniors that rocks the orange hair, the baseball cap and the axe!

To me she is the woman who defies age, absolutely crushes the notions of behaving old, she was the epitome of Punk-coolness in the 60s, and she still has the Mojo in the noughties (that is now).

And the things she designes, oh stop me....I ADORE her designs. The dress she is wearing in the second picture is quintessentially Vivienne Westwood, and is both weareable for the skinnies among us as the curvy girls...not discrimination on the body front!

I once passed a Vivienne Westwood shop in Manchester, and I almost ran frantically up and down in the bus (as I travelled in the bus to the Manchester centre) in order to get out as fast as possible. Did I visit the shop? No, my wallet would not allow me to do that...

But if I were a chica rica, or a rich girl, I would certainly bring my amped up creditcard to the Vivienne Westwood store and leave with big bags and a big grin....


Jamilla Camel said...

Yeah, my mother still loves Harajuji Girl stuff!!

Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhh how i love, love, love -- the new DUTCH inspired poupee fashions, I immediately thought of you!!!

Glow Chaser said...


me too Birkie me too!! I sometimes hand around outside her store near Conduit st so I can see her, when I do catch up with her I am going to ask her to adopt me!

BTW I love the website you referred me to...delicious! xx