Monday, 30 April 2012

NARS 413 BLKR & Catrice Swimming with Dolphins

A while ago I stumbled upon a  post from CaféMakeup who compared NARS 413 BLKR eyeshadow with some eyeshadows of her stash (link). I notices a lack of dupes but NARS 413 BLKR actually reminded me a lot of a Catrice eyeshadow I had

So, just a quick post to compare two eyeshadows and to see if they are identical twins, fraternal twins, sisters or distant familiy
They look rather similar in the pan.

Swatched without primer:
The intensity of NARS 413 BLKR is more intense than Catrice. But because I swatched it without primer I am quite sure that I can intensify the colour of Catrice Swimming with Dolphins to the NARS standard.

The difference might be in the luminace on the NARS BLKR: it has a slightly metallic mermaidy glow whereas the Catrice Dolphins is, indeed, more dolphin-like.


More fraternal twins or sisters than identical twins, but the colour family is quite the same and for the price (& availability in European countries) I would recommend going for Catrice. Catrice retails around 2.54 EU & NARS 24.00 EUR.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mid Weeklies

I do not have tons to mention, only I found this picture to be really cute.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mid Weeklies

Hello Wednesday,

1.  Venetian splendour
I kind of got my mind drifting to Venice. Perhaps because I saw 'The Tourist' for the second time, perhaps because I saw on facebook that JamillaCamel is holidaying there now, or perhaps because it's a darn beautiful city.

2. Greeting card wisdoms I believe in...
Sometimes I am a bit iffy about the gooey lovequotes about forever&ever&ever&a-day but I think friends deserve more quality time in the media.There's a mothersday, fathersday, Christmas & Valentine...even an animal day & secretaryday. Where's friendsday? (make it wednesday, friendsday today?)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Kose Addiction Cheek stick Revenge

It's time for another Addiction. Curiosity and the marvelous review of DrivellerKate got the best of me, and I'm glad that it did.

I bought this one a month ago. I hadn't been reviewing it yet because I hadn't edited the pictures. My fave site for it,, is closing soon so I had to go through some of my files and edit them before I have to get used to another photo-ed site.

Why Revenge? Because it looks sweet...hahaha. Actually because it was rated really high as a good lipproduct as well, and we all know the hybrid products sometimes are not so hybrid (dualuse friendly) at all, I really wanted to see if a bright coral would be a good lip product.
Also because Amazing looked too cool pink for my complexion and Rose Bar (here) was a bit too familiar in my cream-cheek stash. Kate also featured Suspicious in this post, but that one is more Autumny to me right now.

The colour is a vivid coral. It actually is not corresponding with the outside of the packaging. See how the holder is a rosy pink and the lipstick/cheekstick is actually a coral?
Close up of the lipstick:

The colour is a glowy but non-glittery/shimmery/flecksy pinky coral that is bright!

  • This is indeed a true hybrid product: both suitable as a good and flattering lipstick as a beautiful and easy-to-spread cheekcolour
  • it might not be a superoriginal pinky coral, but it has a superior texture. 
  • And incredibly travel friendly.
  • It's expensive for  €38.55 (current rate at ichibankao)
  • And it's small: at 3.8 gr a true lipstick size
  • But it delivers better as a dual product such as the NARS multiples, Bobbi Brown Creampots,etc.
  • The colour is really perfect for my complexion: both as cheek & lip product.
  • I believe this one is quite universal: it has both enough cool & warm tones and is pigmented for darker complexions


I absolutely love it. It's mighty expensive but I will probably buy the one in Romantic (not Romantic because it looks too shimmery in this swatch, but prob Rose Bar) in the future.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Last Week's Newbies

Last week I had two sort of hauls: Makeup & Skincare.

  • The Makeup came from They had a fab deal on the Rouge Bunny Rouge and I look advantage of that.
  • The skincare is from Naturisimo specialises on natural and organic skincare.

From Naturisimo I got the Akin Refreshing & soothing toner with some delightful orange blossom. I also added a natural-based Eau Micellaire or a cleansing water from Melvita. The Melvita handcream (left) is a freebie.

I also bought the small Caudalia Beauty Elixir: also such a fragance boost.

Caudalia B.E & freebies
From Rouge Bunny Rouge I bought another blush in Orpheline & the eyeliner pencil in Selene. Buying two RBR product got me a lipgloss free: Crips Sorbet 005
It's a beautiful deeper peach with pink flecks & a reddish glow: quite complex. It's sheer enough to layer over your lipstick without altering the base colour. Also quite beautiful on it's own.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Edward Bess bronzer in Daydream (older version)

A while ago I reported that I had spotted Edward Bess on strawberrynet. It took me some time before I decided to order something myself, because,'s is not that I exactly needed a new bronzer....(somewhat a euphenism, I've got quite some, see here)

hey, the package comes from Sweden???
Curiosity and good raves got me into ordering the Edward Bess Daydream bronzer. I love my regular cosmetic-pusher site Zuneta really a lot, but the total discount on the bronzer would be about 10 euros cheaper on strawberry and I would get the older version. Various bloggers had already blogged that the older version was better than the newer, so strawberrynet it became.
wow, such cute present packaging

The packaging and case is signature Bess in a smooth black shape that isn´t a fingerprint magnet.

The bronzer has a sleeve and a mirror inside
The colour itself is a lighter brown with a slight orangy undertone. 

tiny flecks in the pan
That exact slight orangeness was the reason I have waited for a year before ordering it. Last year I was able to buy a beautiful and incredibly believable bronzer from Lunasol. I really wasn´t sure that the Edward Bess would be anything better

Lunasol Natural Beige 01 | Edward Bess Daydream
Comparing the two compacts I found that the darkest (right shade of the Lunasol would have similar colourdept to the Edward Bess. So I compared the two.

(If you want a more detailed review on the Lunasol Shading Cheeks in Natural Beige, click here)

  • Lunasol is a cooler brown than Edward Bess Daydream. 
  • They both have similar lustre that gives the face a glow when applied
  • Lunasol is more difficult to apply. That is because of the tiny strip on the right. Also, you have to swirl the brush a bit more to pick up pigment compared to the EB Daydream
  • In general I use the whole Lunasol if I am really on the pale side, because the total colour is lighter.
  • For my NC 25 colour I like both the Lunasol right strip and the Edward Bess Daydream. Basically, because the difference in warmth doesn´t really show on my neutral toned face that much. Perhaps for people with the sharpest eye but I can do one half with Edward Bess Daydream and the other with Lunasol Shading Cheeks 01 (right strip) and I don´t think anyone would notice.
  • Prices are somewhat similar with Lunasol retailing for HK 220 or $32 & Edward Bess 30,00 (or cheaper when you get strawberrynetdiscount)

It is such a beautiful bronzer that will work for people with N20 to N35 ish skintones. I think many bloggers raved about its luminosity and I have to share myself among them. If you have the Lunasol Shading Cheeks 01 I don´t think you really have to have the Edward Bess. If you are rather cool-toned, I would recommend Lunasol before Edward Bess, and the opposite for people being really warm-toned. As for the easiness in use, The Edward Bess is slightly buttery and a tiny swirl with the brush will pick up more pigment than the Lunasol Shading Cheeks 01.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mid Weeklies

 1. My first Mid Weekly is a positive slogan. The more you believe in it....

2. In my previous post I reported I told you I was on my 499th post, but actually I forgot that I had some concept post in between so officially I am not at 500 yet.
Anyway, I would like to make a new header and I was thinking about this dreamy girl...Do you like her for my header or should I pick the makeup theme again?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Etude House Milk Talk showergel in Choco & Sheet Mask Royal Jelly

People, this is post no 499 of this blog but I will keep it rather short & sweet for today! 

For people celebrating the Eastern celebration I want to wish you a wonderful day. People not celebrating I want to wish you a pleasant day as well!

I will continue reviewing the latest Etude House products I have received in my latest haul from them (here). Actually, both are a foody bunch and over here Eastern celebrations is a lot about food & eggs, so it is a good theme for today ;)

First, the Milk Talk Shower gel in Chocolate.

I think the bottle is both cute and funny. It looks like a oldfashioned milk-bottle, but I think that 'Oh' on the left side is rather funny.

I once read that people that like to eat less of the so-called naughty foods can diminuish their cravings by smelling the food. The Dailymail has an article about it, but somehow I am a bit sceptic about this one because when I enter a bakery and smell delicious croissants, I only feel more inclined to eat one.

So actually dieting or eating less chocolate was not the reason I bought this showergel. I just like to smell wonderful things and the scent of chocolate is rather pleasant.

the gel: it also has a chocolaty colour
It is a mini review because there is not so much to analyse about showergel. However, I like it because:
  • it smells like Hersey's Chocolate. 
Lot's of showergels and bodylotions are not able to get it right: the authentic scent of a food-product. Or sometimes they get it right but it goes weird after a couple of minutes. This one is able to maintain the Hersey's scent. They also have the Milk Talk shower gells in strawberry, steam milk, banana & apple. I wonder how they will be able to get the scent right...
  • It cleanses quite well
The only con about it is that it isn't moisturizing enough. It isn't really drying either, but I think my Therme showergel is more moisturizing.
  • It is really affordable for $5.05 (here) or on ebay (here)
Continuing to the sheet Mask: It is actually called the "I need you" Royal Jelly mask Sheet, how romantic.

I really like those little fellows carrying something on the left side of the mask.

Sorry for this flash-picture. I normally check them before I throw the packaging away. I hope you can still read most of it.

 I found this description from this ebayseller

Opening the satchel:

The mask is made for Korean faces: That meant it was a bit on the wider side for me, but not too much.

There was enough room for my eyes, nose but the mouth was a bit on the smaller side. Oh well, I never eat stuff while taking a sheetmask.

My verdict:
  • The cloth is a bit rougher than sheetmasks such as Mybeautydiary, MyBeautyFriends & MySheming. Not hindering at all, but still a bit rougher. On the positive side it meant that it didn't tear so easily.
  • It has enough moisture inside. Normally the satchels are drenched in moisture & you can reapply the leftover part in the satchel after you have been using it, but this one is enough.
  • The liquid felt very comforting on my skin. It is scentless.
  • BEST THING: THE EFFECT. Although the things mentioned above aren't pure rave-ville, I really loved the effect. I took this mask at night and went to sleep without my usual night-prep, only the effect of the liquid of the mask. The next morning I actually looked younger, revived and my skin looked a lot fresher & tighter!
Basically, I will rebuy this one for it's effect. Probably not on the EtudeHouse gmarket side but from one of the ebay sellers who lists them.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Etude House Dear My: some Blooming Lips-talk in RD 304

I've been looking forward to do some blooming lip talk about Etude House latest lipstick:

When blush is something essential for looking healthy, I think lipstick is the fun part of makeup. A good lipstick can make you look glowier but if the rest of your makeup is good than you have quite some freedom to experiment with colour and it's effect.

As cute as ever and targetting for a younger market the lipstick appears in a soft pink box adorned with little hearts. The box speaks about a Smooth textured lipstick that supplies vivid colour and moist shine.

The reason I was enchanted the most was by a really adorable (and also slightly sappy) commercial. It is so sugary sweet and quite damsel-in-distress (no further spoilers).

Her lipstick looks quite bright too. I was wondering if this formula would come close to the ones I was so crazy about in 2010: the LucidDarling LED lipsticks (review here & here)

My colour pick was quite bright: I went for RD 30. I have such a large collection of MLBB, rosy tones etc so I wanted a poppy colour.

They have quite some choice, though:

The lipstick has a sweet shape and that cute tiny bow around the waist: just like a dress:

The colour, as I aimed for, is quite bright. It looks more orangy in this photo  

Swatch pictures: (left- photoflash: right: natural light)


  • I think the photo on the left is the most accurate. It is a neon-esque pink that will really work with the bright and neon trends now.
  • It somewhat feels like a matte lipstick or if you know YSL Rouge Volupté, it has that kind of texture.
  • It is quite scented: something florally I cannot put my finger on. Personally, I do not find it hindering.
  • It wears for quite some time and if fades away in a not-so-blotty manner. Although you need to check yourself after 4 hours if it is still on in a decent matter.
  • It does a good job covering your natural lip colour. In my case I have a somewhat flushed mouth that can alter the original colour, however, this one is almost as bright as in the tube.
Indeed, it is rather similar like their 2010 I was so happy about, both texture and opacity on the lips. I wonder if they just put the same formula in a cuter tube and a different name. However, that is something only the people from Etude House know about.


Wonderful and affordable. The colour is really unique and not easy to be duped, or not yet, at least. It stays on for a long time and doesn't look flaky nor doesn't it accentuate not so perfect lips: and that is well-done for a bright lipstick. If you have a sensitive nose it might be slightly too overscented.

I bought it on gmarket for for $7.77  (excluding shipping) but I think you are better of buying it from ebay (eg RubyRuby) for $11.99 because you saw they aren't too generous with the freebies (see here).

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mid Weeklies

I deliberately skipped last week's Mid Quirkies because I was in the middle of the giveaway. This week I'm back!

1. "Parting is such sweet sorrow"

I already mentioned the giveaway and I had this cute Dutch Miffy up. I bought it for the giveaway, but, as you can see on the detail: I think it's AAAdorable! I actually don't want to send it but I will and will get myself a cute Miffy too.

2. Pastel Green Nails again

I was on the brink of buying new nailpolish when I realise I still had the perfect pastel green in my stash. The only thing is that I like my limited editions but I almost do not dare to touch them. For the simple reason that they are limited edition and I don't want to finish them. This bottle has been from a swap with another person from Makeupalley a couple of years ago: 4 perhaps?

That makes me realise I miss Makeupalley a lot: I used to stay up all night to chat with the American girls that were more active at that moment (before the boyfriend and I went to live together). I learned from reading Drivellerkate that makeupalley is still an active place so I should go there and check out their forums again. I used to love it so much and the fact I could swap things from fellow makeupaddicts all around the world made it so special. I think blogs have taken the place that makeupalley once did but with forums the interaction can be more direct. Moreover, I would love to swap for some Cover Girl! Or even better: Tarte palettes ♥

Monday, 2 April 2012

Etude House My Blooming Cheeks in OR 202: Shy Coral Pink

I have the serious case of overcrowded beauty drawer. Perhaps I should make that beauty drawers because I couldn't imagine the size of the drawer if I had to store all my makeup in one. It must equal the size listed in the Guiness book of Records.

Somehow, of all beauty products, I always seem to make room for blush. I think blush is one products that makes a difference between looking alive and blah.

Etude House released the My Blooming Cheeks a couple of weeks ago. The packaging is always the cute variety with lots of pink & hearts and this time it the same cuteness.

I knew from the promotion pictures that it would be a baking blush. Baking blushers are often more metalic and slightly shimmier than the average blush.

Instructions according to Etude House:

I think it's a personal case of trial & error to see if these tips will work for you. With makeup it is easy to remove it when it isn't really the most flattering option.

As for the colour I wanted to go for a poppier variety than I normally do. NARS had been launching their cool pink Gaiety so I was looking for a cool pink colour as well without breaking the bank. On the other hand I wanted an innocent peach shade as well because it suits my complexion.

Basically, the OR 202 combined the two colours with the option of creating a third when mixing them.


A pigmented pair that you can layer without it getting caky. You can see it has slightly obvious glitterflecks in the pan but it doesn't really show on the skin.

The colour on the left really is that generic NARS Orgasm kind of shade without the original's glitter. I think it layers wonderfully and I am surprised how unmetallic and natural it looks on the cheeks. It's almost a matte.

The poppy pink on the right actually looks a lot more metallic (and more what you expect from a baked blush) than the left side. Colourwise, I do not have many cool bubblegum pinks in my stash for a reason that it doesn't really become me, but with a small amount I can use it for a different look.

I really like the mix of the two. The almost-matte consistency of the left colour is lifted in a slightly glowier variety thanks to the shimmier right, and together it becomes the peachy-pink glow that I like.

There are different ways to use it, as shown on the box earlier, but I prefer to use the left colour on the apples of my cheeks and the mix a bit higher.


A wonderful and cheap blush that has a variety of options. It is certainly not Rouge Bunny Rouge or Burberry quality but it's a fun and useful product for it's price.

I bought it over here/gmarket for $8.60 but you can also find it on ebay if you find that more convienient for $ 15, although the seller I found doesn't have the best rating.