Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gmarket haul 9 (continued)

I have been bragging in my last post for ordering the upteenth Gmarket haul, but it hasn't been that bad. Especially for someone who is slightly addicted to ordering cute things ♥

I hadn't been ordering from them a while but I heard that Etude House was getting generous again with the freebies.

Their latest lipstick release Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in RD 304

I was actually convinced by the cutest commercial ever. I'll show you that one when I will review the lipstick and show swatches.
(Itemno: 247073448 -spoiler: it's bríght!) 

Shower time with Milk Talk in Choco Milk: Etude has lots of talk for us in their latest releases
(Itemno: 242533019 )

A new sheet-mask: I picked Royal Jelly:
(itemno: 225961729)

Blusher! The Dear My Blooming Cheeks in OR 202
(itemno: 247997635)

How generous were the samples after this haul?

Ehm Yeh, I haven't been really overwhelmed.

I expected the smaller box to have a BB cream but it was another box of cotton pads. false advertisement? Anyway, at least I have enough cotton pads for the time being.

The smaller eyemakeup remover looks handy. I will be testing that one out soon: one eye with Lancome Bifacil and the other eye with Etude House Lip & Eye.

Such a lovely haul with new items I'm quite curious about: I will be reviewing the makeup items soon!


Pammy said...

I can just imagine the excitement as you open the small box only to find out that it contains MORE cotton pads. Haha!

I wonder how the blush looks like, if it's as pretty as the design. :)

Ashley said...

How lame of them to hide more cotton pads in a BB cream box :(
I want to order from Gmarket someday too but mostly for their clothes!

aMz88 said...

i got the choco body wash too and it smells sooo damn good! <3
Grrr they should have told u in the first place its cotton pads...gosh these people getting u worked up and excited then blahhh~ what is this? happened to me too one time but different situation :P

The Driveller Kate said...

I loved this sneak peek -- Korea definitely makes the wackiest beauty products (some which actually work!)