Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mid Weeklies

I deliberately skipped last week's Mid Quirkies because I was in the middle of the giveaway. This week I'm back!

1. "Parting is such sweet sorrow"

I already mentioned the giveaway and I had this cute Dutch Miffy up. I bought it for the giveaway, but, as you can see on the detail: I think it's AAAdorable! I actually don't want to send it but I will and will get myself a cute Miffy too.

2. Pastel Green Nails again

I was on the brink of buying new nailpolish when I realise I still had the perfect pastel green in my stash. The only thing is that I like my limited editions but I almost do not dare to touch them. For the simple reason that they are limited edition and I don't want to finish them. This bottle has been from a swap with another person from Makeupalley a couple of years ago: 4 perhaps?

That makes me realise I miss Makeupalley a lot: I used to stay up all night to chat with the American girls that were more active at that moment (before the boyfriend and I went to live together). I learned from reading Drivellerkate that makeupalley is still an active place so I should go there and check out their forums again. I used to love it so much and the fact I could swap things from fellow makeupaddicts all around the world made it so special. I think blogs have taken the place that makeupalley once did but with forums the interaction can be more direct. Moreover, I would love to swap for some Cover Girl! Or even better: Tarte palettes ♥

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