Thursday, 22 April 2010

Pleasing my pink side with Etude House LucidDarling 9 Romantic rose

Pink, as in candyfloss pink...I never guessed I would wear this colour as a lipstick in bright daylight!

But I did...
So, in my previous post I was slightly reserved about the latest lipstick of Etude House. I liked some elements of the lipstick, except the opacity and the colour.

You can imagine I was pretty annoyed that I had ordered another one of these lipsticks. These lipsticks were not really Me.

Guess what, I would like to nuance my opinion with another shade I received from the Lucid Darling collection. The no. 9 in Romantic Rose is such a bubbly and fun pink!

When I reluctantly opened my lipstick I first was shocked by the pinkness of the lipstick. Uhohhh, it looked so unlike I would normally wear.

However, the moment I tried on my new pink lipstick, I found it looking 'not too bad' in the mirror.

I upped the rest of my makeup, making my skin more flawless (and made up) than usual, and added some tiny loose fake lashes.

I also went into my wardrobe and dressed up in my minty green gingham blouse, wore my baby pink jacket and a girly skirt...

My normal (neutrally boring) look changed into something dipped into candyfloss...

I stepped outside my confort box, and enjoyed it tremendously.

I even dared to post a mouth-swatch...that is because I actually smiled so happily with this lippy...

Beside of my happy story, I would like to add my 2 cents of why this lipstick was able to work on my skintone.

It looks like a cool and bright pink in the tube and on my mouth. has those tiny, warm gold shimmers inside (NOT glitters...I despise big glitters in lip-products) which makes it wearable for warmer skintones too.  For a high-density and long wearing lipstick they are truly smooth and glossy.

I loved how the change of a lipstick made me change my whole total look. It would absolutely be too high-maintainance to wear this dolly-girl look daily, but it is fabulous for days when I want to up it a bit!

So, no regrets for buying the second LucidDarling lipstick...I think I want the brick red colour (Sunny Red 2) too.

This one arrived with a belated Gmarket order, so I paid ₩9,000 or $8.33 (excluding shipping) for these (here). They are available on ebay too (here) for $11,67 (including shipping).


Old Cow said...

Lovely shade of pink on you Birkie! I have never tried Etude lippies but hope to one day. I am on a make up ban...AGAIN! ahaha

birkinbagbeauty said...

Thanks Cowness...I wish bans could work for me but I am the worst on any kind of constriction...ha ha!

♥akisa♥ said...

love this post!! And it looks lovely on you~

Ting Ting said...

Lovely lippy! I've just ordered two of these lipsticks myself. Can't wait for them to arrive and try them out! =)

Shaimaa said...

Love this tone of pink
great choice well its hard to find this tone here :( as i always search for it