Monday, 31 October 2011

Kanebo Freshel MoistLift BB cream Medium Beige vs Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB in Light

Today I will do a 'battle of the BB creams' in a kind of West-or-East idea.

Or, not really like that ;),

I only like to compare my personal prefered Asian BB cream against the 1st BB cream I have seen in Holland for a Caucasian market.

 Knowing BB-creams for a couple of years I have been delighted to see it launching for a Western public as well.

But I have been reading some information about the newer generation of BB creams formulated for a non-Asian public (or the Caucasians among us, I haven't seen that much BB creams for Afro-heritage people yet). Most of them claim that the lack of grey colour (often seen in the Asian varieties) work better for the Caucasians among us. That might be true, but I would like to see the Garnier BB in light will be a better match for me than my latest favourite: the Kanebo Freshel MoistLift BB in Medium Beige.

The packaging:

The first verdict: Kanebo Freshel wins on style points: I really like their bronze brown, graduated packaging with golden letters. It looks more expensive than it actually is.

Garnier has to stick to their recognizable formula, the oatmeal colour with thier silvery letters. Still, for a cheaper cosmetic brand I find their packaging quite lovely.

Kanebo Freshel has a twist-off tube. Garnier has a click-open bottle. You have to decide which one you prefer, but as messy as I am I would prefer a twist-open tube, because Garnier click-open could spill in your bag when travelling.

To the colours:

Kanebo Freshel Moistlift BB is my favourite Asian BB cream for a while, after trying a whole lot of Korean ones, and later some Japanese ones (Kanebo is Japanese as well). What works for me is their colour: it is not too light and does NOT have that grey tone I hear some people complain about (to cancel out redness and yellowness?).

You have to consider why they made BB creams in the first place: to cover up those post-(plastic)surgery or laser-people with red or peeling skin that both covered and healed their fragile skin. So that bit of grey was a good thing for the aim it was made.

Back to the swatches:

Kanebo Freshel Moistlift looks like a light neutral colour (NW 20/25) whereas Garnier Miracle lift has some pink tones in it (NC 20/25). They look similar in colour dept, only:

Verdict: Kanebo Freshel is more yellow toned and Garnier Miracle is more pink toned.

On the skin:

They both spread out in a similar matter: they start out in a creamy way which makes them suitable for normal to dryer/dehydrated skins.
Kanebo Freshel is as good as without scent. That is a positive for me. Garnier Miracle BB has that typical (over)scented trademark scent that will dissapear after a while (or after spraying some moisture spray on top of it).
Actually, the Garnier matches my skin a bit better. However, because of some redness (also visible on the arm) I prefer the Kanebo Freshel for toning down a bit of redness, especially in the winter times.

Better picture of the difference in yellowness/pinkness

Almost blended (click on the picture for a bigger view):

When blended, the yellowness of Kanebo Freshel is not too obvious and it becomes a good match. Similar to Garnier Miracle BB.

Texture on skin:
I think that Kanebo Freshel makes my skin look more airbrushed and diffused. So it looks a bit better.

Both are BB creams which have a similar degree of cover to tinted moisturizer. Actually, that phrase and conclusion is a bit of a dud as well, because every brand has a different level of coverage when releasing their tinted-moisturizer, similar as the BB's.

They have similar coverage, quite light. Only the Kanebo Freshel looks more polished on the skin. They both feel really light and almost weightless on the skin. Something not every BB cream in the past has felt like (some felt like a suffocating blanket).

The Garnier is approximately 16 euro, but I bought it with a discount for 11 euro. I bought Kanebo Freshel on adambeauty for $15 (add $2 for shipping). Concluding that the Kanebo Freshel would be the cheaper version if I didn't have the Garnier discount.

Garnier wins this one. Easy to get in lots of drugstores these days. Although Adambeauty often delivers within two weeks.

Long term effect:
I cannot say anything about the long term effect, especially when comparing the two. I could do that wearing both for at least 3 months on each side of the face, but I wouldn't have the patience to do that.

Final Verdict:

Kanebo Freshel Moistlift wins! But I still find the Garnier version to be quite good for one of their first versions. I mean, before finding my close to HG Kanebo Freshel I have gone through at least 20 brands from 20 different companies (more or less). In that field I believe that Garnier is still quite do-able and I would reach for that one if I were on holiday and wanted a BB cream for temporary and light cover.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Budget score: Catrice Palette in Berlin

Yesterday I was a happy camper for finally stumbling upon something that made my makeup-heart beat a little bit faster:

Catrice The Berlin Collection

Remembering my old love for anything palette and anything in cute boxes I was instantly drawn at the latest release from German budget makeupbrand Catrice. I like Catrice for various reasons, but mostly for they relatively good quality for a affordable price. Adding that Catrice packaging has become much sleeker (example here) makes it an attractive brand.

Catrice palette formula: a good clone format I've seen on other brands

It seems that Catrice have ventured on a new field, palettes. To make me more enthousiastic, because I am a realy city-a-holic, they connected their palettes to big cities. This time they didn't went for the most obvious of the 3: normally they are Paris, London, New York but included cities such as Berlin and Sydney. I still believe they got London as well, but London is too good to miss anyway :D.

So why did I pick Berlin. Most because of the colours, but I really like the description of the city as well: "The capital with its exceptional city spirit allows anyone and everyone to live by their own rules". Brilliant!

Opening the box gives out 2 blush colours and 6 eyeshadow colours. The thicker box might make you think that there is an extra layer beneith, such as the brands like Urban Decay do. But that isn't the case. I am not complaining because the whole box is under 7 euros.

I picked this box because I liked almost every colour in it. And every makeup and palette-addict knows that such a deal is hard to find: because there are always colours or formulas that you feel 'meh' about in a palette, don't you?

First the Blush: 

They included one shimmery blush, that doesn't contain glitter <BLISS> so it works for the non-perfect skins out there as well.
The second one is a matte colour.

Blush Unten den Linden is a shimmery rose-toned bronze that can work as an eyeshadow as well. I think this one will be better suited when my skin is (faux)tanned.

Siegessäule is just PERFECT for my winter skin. It creates a light windswept flush that reminds me of Bobbi Brown Slopes, only a bit lighter and more subtle.

The eyeshadows:

I included two different pictures to show the multidimension of the colours. I have to say I am incredibly impressed by the way a cheaper brand has made these colours look bi-toned from different angles!

I am not going to describe all colours, because you can see them by yourself from the swatches above. However, the only mat is Am Alex and it is a useful matte: I really like brown or taupe colours in matte. The rest are intricated shimmers/metallic colours in 3 cooler tones: Tiergarden, Brandenburger Tor and Ku'dam. I consider Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie as 'I've fooled you colours': looking cool at first glaze but with a warmer reflection from a different angle.

Best example of an 'I've fooled you colour' is Checkpoint Charlie: look how cool and white it looks from this angle:

Only to look as the most gorgeous rose-gold sheen I haven't seen in a while from this angle: 

Ku'dam looks so pretty in that picture as well. Such a perfect mauve metallic.

Strangely, the names remind me of the time the cold war was still going on (the 1980s). I know these points still exist for tourist sake (or historicans) but they were mentioned a lot in the 80s when Berlin was still separated in East Berlin (communist Sovjet) and West Berlin (kapitalist Western).

Anyway, this is the best makeupfind I have found in a while and I am quite enthousiastic about it. I wonder if Berlin itself will be just as enticing as the palette ;D.

So, what do you think? Should I buy another palette and put it up for a giveaway soon? (I couldn't let my readers with no access to Catrice miss out on this palette, right?)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

1. As you can see, there is not much happening at this blog lately. Simply, I have to get my blogging Mojo back.

2. I would like to master this makeup. It looks easy and natural, but it takes lots of work to make it that flawless and blended. The brown/smokey eye looks so lovely, the way it tapers out to the sides.
The way the blush is placed on the outside of her raiser-sharp cheekbones looks quite inventive. I wonder if it would work with my not-so-present-cheekbones as well.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mid weekly quirkologies

The last couple of days:

...has been about animals and art:

1. I really like this drawing from Hanna Hermans.

The cat is actually bigger than the human. And sometimes, the cat in the home actually considers herself to be bigger and more important than the human caretaker, so it is somewhat symbolic. Also, it looks like the cat is actually protecting/conforting the human instead of the other way around. And yeh, most people have pets as a kind of friend or unconditional being that loves you.

2. A installment called nature's revenge

Not quite pets, the tigers, and they are hanging around graffiti area. Or perhaps the urban jungle...The difference between the comfort and the cuddly nature of home with the pet and the possible danger (ánd excitement) of a place outside the home that is full with raw art (graffiti) and the metaphorical tigers.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Last days I've been thinking about

1. Creating the perfect red lip:

Every Autumn the Glossy magazines are often full with the return of the red lip. Sometimes purple is announced as the new red, sometimes orange. This season the red lip comes back with an incredible impact: the 1970s nightime inspired fashion needs that disco-esque glossy red to company with it.

This year's red is supposed to be a sort of brick red or slightly brownish. Also, burgundy is making a comeback, but right now I'm obsessed with it's lighter sibling: red (and in a rusty, brickish tone).

I kind of already have a good red: Chanel Rouge Coco in Vendome, which is a red with a bit of shyness in it. Remember me to swatch it later for you ;D. But hey, I am slightly beauty addicted so I will hunt down for some more in the brick-red department that still flatters me.

Oh, I have been reading lots of beauty-columnists advises in Glossy magazines, but I somewhat disagree on this idea of them: they say that you can put on a red lipstick (without much other makeup) and look polished instantly.

Well ladies, if you ever had a pimple or other redness in your face (almost everyone has at a time being) knows that red only highlights other reds. So, I suggest to keep the makeup as simple, or as complicated as you like (the girl in picture no 1 is wearing lots of makeup too: superthick mascara, eyeliner, big blush, lots of foundation). I would recommend having your surrounding skin on the calm side, either with makeup, or, if you belong to the lucky flawless people, without.
But I will not go too complicated with my red lipstick and keep the rest calm and not too made up.

2. Sweet slogans to remember:

The paper is crumpled, but smoothed down again to keep reminding us of moving on and laught a bit.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Becca Illuminate Wash in Moonlit

Another member in my Becca family: a illuminator, or highlighter this time.

This one was the promised freebie from Zuneta if you decided to purchase the Lost Weekend Palette I blogged about a couple of days ago. I am familiar with Becca's powdered highlighters/colour embellishers and I also have a liquid bronzer in my collection (that one I review later).

As for this one, I consider most of Becca's highlighters that I already have to be incredibly natural looking, so I was curious how this one would live up to the liquid highlighters I already have.

The first thing that I saw is that the size was not the biggest one. I sized the tube (middle) up against the quintessential MAC lipstick (left) and the Dior Serumdrape lipstick:

Ok, it is a freebie so I shouldn't complain, and I often find Becca products to be really economic in usage.

 Opening the tube displays a brush-like wand. You can use it like that, but for hygienic reasons I suggest a tiny drop from the tube itself, because you do not want to affect the highlighter with germs that come from your skin.

Sorry for the quality of the photos: my newer camera is not living up to its expectations right now.

The ingredients: feel free to click on the image for a gigantic photo:

I decided to compare the Becca Illuminator with my other liquid highlighters. I picked the most familiar ones, and skipped the Body Shop, for instance.

I left out my powder highlighters in this comparing post, because the idea behind a liquid highlighter is different from a powdered highlighter. Also, I want to keep it focused on one type of product.

So, from left to right is the Becca one, the MAC lustre drops in Pink Rebel, and the Benefit High Beam freebie I received with the British Glamour some time ago:

Same order: unblended: (again, click on the picture for a closer view)

The photos are still not brilliant, but they really represent the lustre or metallicness of the products really well.

1. Becca is in my opinion the most natural looking one. It has a dash of shimmer, but doesn't really veer to the metallic side. I use this one when I want a really true highlighter that will look natural and not made-up in full sunlight.

2. MAC Pink Rebel has been my favourite highlighter from last year. It is rather gold compared with the others. It is actually a rose gold, and has more metallicness in it than Becca. still, it is not that silvery/metallic as the Benefit High Beam.
You can see it is makeup if you take a mirror in front of you and see yourself in direct sunlight, so others close to you with a sharp view will see it as well. I love this one for an evening glow, and to bring out highlights when on photos, because then it just looks natural.

3. Benefit High Beam: I understand that this was a revolutonary product when launched in the 90s (??) and it probably looks delightful in nightlight and photos, but I honestly wouldn't purchase a whole bottle for myself with the better and natural looking hightlighters available these days. It plainly looks quite white, metallic and somewhat silver. I think it only limits itself to a small amount of skintones, being the cooler, lighter types or the ones for a dramatic sculpting effect (for pictures or night-life).

To justify my point I show you the products sheered out:


1. Becca: The side on the left isn't the most focused one, true. However, I think the Becca has the ability to give out a glow instead of a sort of metallic sheen. So it renders itself perfectly for daylight, sunlight and closer enounters when still want to look as a non-madeup girl (or boy). 

2. MAC Pink Rebel: That one is already more visible as being makeup and has that slight gold sheen on the light complexion of my arm. I still think it is lovely when I want to look glowy and slightly made-up, because it does give out a bit more shimmer/glow than Becca's Illuminator

3. Benefit High Beam: I already made my point clear why I am not a fan of High Beam and this picture justifies my point. I have a neutral to slightly cool (NW 20-ish) skintone and even then it looks quite silver and slightly glittery on my skin. I don't think it flatters me.


I am really delighted with my new Becca Illuminator freebie. It might be small but it spreads out easily and gives out that incredibly natural dew that can stand the test of direct sunlight. I think this one will be a repurchase when finished, but although small, I think I can get quite some use out of it because it is an economic product.
 I also think that it is an incredibly universal glow that can be applied to almost every skintone/deepness without looking fake. It simply gives out a glow
My MAC lustre drops are still my favourite for a tad more shimmer/definition, but for a natural look I would absolutely veer to the Becca Illuminator.

You can buy this one from Zuneta or the Becca site for $23, and probably some more places :D. If you buy from Zuneta, it might be handy to visit the beautybible site first for 10% discount, or the code is ZBEAUTYBIBLE

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

The last 7 days:

1. I've basically felt like this:

I often try to keep my blog uplifting and positive with a honest side to it. So I'll keep it somewhat symbolic. I've felt a lot like that fish in that fishtank. And you can see he is not the happiest fish in a fishtank around, because they even put some dirty coins in his precious environment. On a positive note, it's a pretty fish and it could be swimming in oil-spoiled water too...
Still, that fish in that tank idea staring to the people who can move around freely.

2. The quiet place

That aforementioned feeling makes me want to escape to somewhere really quiet and perhaps a bit misty. I think the next Jane Eyre film is about to be launched soon, and that idea of a misty, romantic landscape and the lone boat on the lake looks really appealing at the time being.

A good place to be a happy fish, ehm, Birkie.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Becca The Lost Weekend Palette

Some time ago I blogged about my latest haul from Becca's Autumn line. I haven't featured the palette, and I think there are some people out there that might be interested in it, so here goes my two cents.

I always like the simplicity and originality of the Becca box. Ok, it's not super-original because NARS has a matte exterior as well, but in contrast to NARS this one stays rather clean: NARS matte exterior boxes turn really groggy if you carry your little palette around, and I never had experienced that with Becca.

The descriptions of the colours: two mattes and one sparkly one:

Here is the first image of the colours:

You might be surprised or underwhelmed by the colour palette of this palette. So why did I buy this one?

Well, Last year I purchased Becca's Prairie Moon palette: a set of 3 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner and a lipgloss. The eyecolours were in a similar formula of muted mattes, only in a cooler colour composition. I have been really surprised the amount I reached for these colours when I wanted to fake real beauty.

So it is the idea of faking real beauty instead of being beautifully made up that made me go for a similar palette again:

Let's take a better look at the colours:

Moleskin is a light brown colour with a slight mauve undertone. It looks really flattering as a base colour on the moving eyelids. It brings out a different colour in hazel eyes and green eyes as well. For brown eyes it can give it a different dimension as well, but that depends on the type of brown eyes you have (that differences for each person). It is a matte colour.

Chino is a milk-chocolate brown that is a neutral to somewhat cool. So, if you normally shy away from warmer colours because they don't flatter your complexion, do not shy away from this palette because it is not really a warm palette, even though it features brown shades. These browns I can typefy as neutral to even somewhat cool.

I believe Becca makes the best mattes, even better than MAC. It stays on quite long without a base, longer with a base, and the fading is not crepey or hindering, just a soft fading.

Normally, I am not a fan of everything glittery, but I always trust BECCA for not making it over the top, so here is the only sparkly one of the 'Lost Weekend': Moiré

Moiré is one of the  most interesting colours I have in my stash. I don't really know how to describe it as a muted pink, a pinked mauve or a dusty rose. Perhaps it is all of that. But what it does is that it gives such a cute sparkle to my eyes that is so flattering. I apply this number in the middle of my moving eyelid and it almost brings out the light in my eyes.

To see some of the colours for yourself I have made some swatches:

[Swatches made without base]

A. the first picture is made in cool, natural daylight:

Moleskin somewhat dissappears on that pale arm of mine. I do have some pigmentation on my eyelids, so it actually is brighter than the skin on my eyelids, which fakes my eyes to be a bit younger...haha, bonus.

Chino, as earlier described, is a cool chocolate-milk. In this picture it looks slightly mauve.

Moiré, the cutest colour of all is not glittery but a fun sparkle.

A. Picture 2 in warmer light, direct sunlight:

Moleskin still dissapears against the colouring of my arms.

Chino looks slightly warmer in this shade. It is still on the neutral/cool side of the colour spectrum.

Moiré hardly seems to have any shimmer in this picture but a wash of colour.

The final verdict is that I like the palette. I should be because Becca's Lost Weekend might be lost but it isn't cheap, :D

If it is going to be a hit like the Prairie Palette? Not sure yet. I like the fact that three colours are set up together and work well with eachother. I can use Chino with a light hand as a shader, perhaps. I haven't used it like that.

As far for Moiré-> adore that colour and I think I might use that one every now and then.

I've bought my palette at Zuneta and I am quite happy about their service. Becca is available at other places as well.