Sunday, 2 October 2011

Becca The Lost Weekend Palette

Some time ago I blogged about my latest haul from Becca's Autumn line. I haven't featured the palette, and I think there are some people out there that might be interested in it, so here goes my two cents.

I always like the simplicity and originality of the Becca box. Ok, it's not super-original because NARS has a matte exterior as well, but in contrast to NARS this one stays rather clean: NARS matte exterior boxes turn really groggy if you carry your little palette around, and I never had experienced that with Becca.

The descriptions of the colours: two mattes and one sparkly one:

Here is the first image of the colours:

You might be surprised or underwhelmed by the colour palette of this palette. So why did I buy this one?

Well, Last year I purchased Becca's Prairie Moon palette: a set of 3 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner and a lipgloss. The eyecolours were in a similar formula of muted mattes, only in a cooler colour composition. I have been really surprised the amount I reached for these colours when I wanted to fake real beauty.

So it is the idea of faking real beauty instead of being beautifully made up that made me go for a similar palette again:

Let's take a better look at the colours:

Moleskin is a light brown colour with a slight mauve undertone. It looks really flattering as a base colour on the moving eyelids. It brings out a different colour in hazel eyes and green eyes as well. For brown eyes it can give it a different dimension as well, but that depends on the type of brown eyes you have (that differences for each person). It is a matte colour.

Chino is a milk-chocolate brown that is a neutral to somewhat cool. So, if you normally shy away from warmer colours because they don't flatter your complexion, do not shy away from this palette because it is not really a warm palette, even though it features brown shades. These browns I can typefy as neutral to even somewhat cool.

I believe Becca makes the best mattes, even better than MAC. It stays on quite long without a base, longer with a base, and the fading is not crepey or hindering, just a soft fading.

Normally, I am not a fan of everything glittery, but I always trust BECCA for not making it over the top, so here is the only sparkly one of the 'Lost Weekend': Moiré

Moiré is one of the  most interesting colours I have in my stash. I don't really know how to describe it as a muted pink, a pinked mauve or a dusty rose. Perhaps it is all of that. But what it does is that it gives such a cute sparkle to my eyes that is so flattering. I apply this number in the middle of my moving eyelid and it almost brings out the light in my eyes.

To see some of the colours for yourself I have made some swatches:

[Swatches made without base]

A. the first picture is made in cool, natural daylight:

Moleskin somewhat dissappears on that pale arm of mine. I do have some pigmentation on my eyelids, so it actually is brighter than the skin on my eyelids, which fakes my eyes to be a bit younger...haha, bonus.

Chino, as earlier described, is a cool chocolate-milk. In this picture it looks slightly mauve.

Moiré, the cutest colour of all is not glittery but a fun sparkle.

A. Picture 2 in warmer light, direct sunlight:

Moleskin still dissapears against the colouring of my arms.

Chino looks slightly warmer in this shade. It is still on the neutral/cool side of the colour spectrum.

Moiré hardly seems to have any shimmer in this picture but a wash of colour.

The final verdict is that I like the palette. I should be because Becca's Lost Weekend might be lost but it isn't cheap, :D

If it is going to be a hit like the Prairie Palette? Not sure yet. I like the fact that three colours are set up together and work well with eachother. I can use Chino with a light hand as a shader, perhaps. I haven't used it like that.

As far for Moiré-> adore that colour and I think I might use that one every now and then.

I've bought my palette at Zuneta and I am quite happy about their service. Becca is available at other places as well.


Jamilla Camel said...

This looks like the perfect everyday palette for a porcelain complexion. Very pretty colours!

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