Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mid weekly quirkologies

The last couple of days:

...has been about animals and art:

1. I really like this drawing from Hanna Hermans.

The cat is actually bigger than the human. And sometimes, the cat in the home actually considers herself to be bigger and more important than the human caretaker, so it is somewhat symbolic. Also, it looks like the cat is actually protecting/conforting the human instead of the other way around. And yeh, most people have pets as a kind of friend or unconditional being that loves you.

2. A installment called nature's revenge

Not quite pets, the tigers, and they are hanging around graffiti area. Or perhaps the urban jungle...The difference between the comfort and the cuddly nature of home with the pet and the possible danger (ánd excitement) of a place outside the home that is full with raw art (graffiti) and the metaphorical tigers.

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