Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

Last days I've been thinking about

1. Creating the perfect red lip:

Every Autumn the Glossy magazines are often full with the return of the red lip. Sometimes purple is announced as the new red, sometimes orange. This season the red lip comes back with an incredible impact: the 1970s nightime inspired fashion needs that disco-esque glossy red to company with it.

This year's red is supposed to be a sort of brick red or slightly brownish. Also, burgundy is making a comeback, but right now I'm obsessed with it's lighter sibling: red (and in a rusty, brickish tone).

I kind of already have a good red: Chanel Rouge Coco in Vendome, which is a red with a bit of shyness in it. Remember me to swatch it later for you ;D. But hey, I am slightly beauty addicted so I will hunt down for some more in the brick-red department that still flatters me.

Oh, I have been reading lots of beauty-columnists advises in Glossy magazines, but I somewhat disagree on this idea of them: they say that you can put on a red lipstick (without much other makeup) and look polished instantly.

Well ladies, if you ever had a pimple or other redness in your face (almost everyone has at a time being) knows that red only highlights other reds. So, I suggest to keep the makeup as simple, or as complicated as you like (the girl in picture no 1 is wearing lots of makeup too: superthick mascara, eyeliner, big blush, lots of foundation). I would recommend having your surrounding skin on the calm side, either with makeup, or, if you belong to the lucky flawless people, without.
But I will not go too complicated with my red lipstick and keep the rest calm and not too made up.

2. Sweet slogans to remember:

The paper is crumpled, but smoothed down again to keep reminding us of moving on and laught a bit.


Isabella said...

i've been reallllyyy into red lipsticks lately too. right now ive been using NYX's snow white + Revlon Fire lipgloss on top. and just bought MAC Lady Bug to wear alone but yeah definitely needd to hide the redness in ur face to pull off red lips. also i read that if ur super fair you should add some color to ur eyes to balance it out

Jamilla Camel said...

I'm not ready quite yet to get into Fall lipsticks - I'm wearing Orange as a compromise!

birkinbagbeauty said...

hi Isabella,

Ohh, I forgot how gorgesou NYX snow white actually is. I still have it somewhere. Oh, Lady bug is such a gorgeous red too.

Hi Jamilla,
Orange is still quite bold, perhaps even flashier than reds. But I saw you sporting Rimmel Kate's red and the Tom Ford version and you look quite good in it.