Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My little Seahorse...and more beach

Last weekend I was acting like the total haul-a-holic running around limited editions and special releases.

I am normally not so influenced by the words 'limited edition' and 'special release' but the H&M Against Aids had my heart racing (dress I bought in this post) and I was lusting over MAC's To The Beach line. To The Beach was released this saturday, so I has to get THAT seahorse!

I am an ex-diver, and I have spotted a real life seahorse once. Since then, and before that as well, I am totally enamorated with sea life. And although I do not dive anymore (due to its costs, and the most beautiful diving spots are far far away from my little country), it still has a little place in my heart.

The boyfriend probably thought I was bonkers chasing 'special editions'. I actually had a white lie that it was not about makeup but a piece of clothing. Ehm, he thinks I have enough makeup (he is right, but it's my cash so "hush it, darling").

Now the pretties...you probably have seen them on several blogs before, but not with the cute background editorial I picked for showing them! (ha ha, lame excuse, but the background ís so beautiful and I am so enamorated by my goodies)

It took me some effort to get that seahorse. I went to city no. 1, and it was already sold out!


I told the makeup-artist I was bummed about this, and he told me to go to city no. 2 to get it.

"Well, is it really there" I said "because I chased my limited editions before, and it really s*cks when it is not there at all, after all the effort"

He assured me that it would be there, only I had to go the same day.

So off I went!

And there she was...in the store: the beautiful seahorse!

I also bought a rather bright lucky green. I normally am not about bright colours on the eyes, but this has some golden sheen that is rather sultry.

And lipstick: Thrills is gorgeous...Golden, beachy goodness.

So, I told you that I am all over the soft and flowy fashion of this Spring/Summer, and was really over the 'tough-as-nails' autumn/winter of 2009...

I lied a bit, because sometimes I like my clothes to have that little bit of attitude.

Because the post is beach, I have this gorgeous tree-trunk modelling my bikini of Autumn 2009 (it's from New Look)

The trunk has less cleavage than I do, but I prefer the trunk to model it, because this blog is NOT about me or a friend of mine modelling bikinis. There are millions of blogs like that, and this blog is not like that at all.

I could use a big banana leaf instead, like the girl in this editorial, as a bikini.

I love that skirt of hers...It matches my lucky green eyeshadow.

Now I am crazy enough to hunt for a skirt that matches my eyeshadow.

Does that happen to any of you a lot? That you do the opposite than normally done? Buying clothes to match your makeup or nailpolish (instead of the other way around)?

Enough funny talk for today...the beach gave me a bit of a sunstroke...

(I will keep it more serious in the next post ;p)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Etude House Sun Guard Natural Covering Color Base SPF42/PA++ (2010 edition)

In my last post I lavishly displayed my lack of moderation in terms of buying clothes and cosmetic items.

Indulgence was my middle name...

I also gave a kind of harsh judgement on the latest sunblock from Etude House I bought. Most people who see my reviews also know that I often keep my judgement and review nuanced, even though I (personally) find it craptastic, it might always be someones elses treasure.

I am not sure if this sunblock will ever become somebody's HG.

Ok, what has happened that I found it so trashcan-worthy?

It is not in the packaging. Ok, the packaging looks a bit bland, although the sunny rays give the message across. It is clear that is is a sunblok with 'color base' and has a high SPF factor in 42. Until know, everything is quite clear and simple.

The first blob of sunscreen looks promising as well. I picked out the 'color base' version of the sunblocks that have been released for this year. I figured that they would work like a primer/brightener and a sunblock in one...

It is a light pink tone...

Spreading out the blob makes it more difficult. It is quite a pastlike cream, and it stays quite white for a long time.

Blend blend blend blend blend
Blend blend


hey, look at that, there is still some white sunblock-type something stuck between my pores and over my skin...

In different light these is a slight sheen on top...

So, is it really not even workable as a base product? With so much white stuff over your face, there must be some protection?

Well, that might have been the case, were it not the fact that the next morning after testing the sunblock on some specific zones on my face (to test how these zones are reacting, and not if the possible breakout is coincidental) I had some congestions and some whiteheads....

Oh, and do not get me started about the perfume! It is excessively scented, even for people who are used to using scented products oftenly.

  • thick white film
  • suffocating feel on the zones where the cream was applied
  • whiteheads and congestions the next day
  • perfume overdose!
Al those elements make a product quite craptastic.

This surprised me a lot, because I also have the Etude House Sun Guard Glow Base in SPF 36 I bought last year (I never reviewed it personally, but lotuspalace, cocomotion, simplicity and probably more bloggers have reviewed it and loved it just as much as I do.

So, it has nothing to do with Etude House making awful sunblocks. Probably only this one is just not suitable.

It did not break the bank, because I payed $6.54 for it.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Lately I have been spending a bit too happily on clothes and makeup.

Actually, the clothes took the headline in my spending habits, because after the strict and fierce fashion of this autumn and winter, spring seems to have so much refreshing (and some reworked) themes in clothing that I just had to put even more in my closets...

First, I finally turned in the gift coupon I won at gmarket, and with some points I collected I was able to haul for FREE! That was brilliant! ♥. One of the things I bought was...what else, a blush!


This is the Angel Blush from Etude House in Cutie Angel (no.1).

Etude House had a special going on at the time of purchase. When buying for 20.000 won (about $18) you would get a lot of freebies.

And these are the freebies:


The Hello Kitty Pouch speaks for itself. I also received a Acne sample set and some other skincare products to use.

And that pink with green thing in the middle is a sort of flapping plant it that moves on solar energy...ha ha ha, it is useless but so cute!

I also purchased Etude's latest SunGuard Natural Covering Sunblock in Color base. A review will follow, but I am not fond of it...

This is the print of a t-shirt I bought on Gmarket. It has lots of doodling on it!


I had to try one of Gmarket's dresses that were featured in the clothes section. This print is so cute with all those dots and stars...



This is not from Gmarket, but from a sasa haul from some time ago. It is from Shills and it it their POPS!! Body mouse. It is awful!!!!


It is a mousse that supposed to work against cellulite, but I am afraid it will burn away your whole legs (Ok, it is not that awful, but got some mousse out of the can and it sizzled like a maniac against the palms of my hand...so scary!)

So do not buy this stuff...please!

Last, but not least is a kind of generic piece of clothing I loved so much that I looked beyond the normal-ness. It is from the H&M Against Aids fashion line of this year. I love H&M, but I normally do not venture too much on the stuff that have elaborate patterns, because everybody here knows their H&M and it will make it a bit less special to wear. (I like their neutral basics, though)

But the festival themed look of this dress was so lovely...and affordable...


It grazes the ground a bit, when walking...

Gosh, have you seen Lizzy Jagger modelling this dress in the campaign? So stunning...


They should add a disclaimer with the dress, sounding something like The dress does not come with looks and a rock-and-roll life like Lizzy, so...dream on.

I think I can rock the dress like myself as well...just with a bit less rock-and-roll.

So, I hope that everybody has a fantastic day tomorrow, either if you are celebrating a religious day or just a normal sunday...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

WINNER Mid May Giveaway is....



And that is Jenn from beautymooglezone!!!

Congratulations Jenn, I'll mail you for the updates.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Mid May Giveaway!

After a time of not giving away anything, I think it is time to give away some lovely Korean, Taiwanese, British, French and American products. I have left my giveaway quite international ;)

  1. From Taiwanese BeautyDIY I have the Red Wine Mask (brand new, ofcourse). It has some raves on sasa (here)
  2. SkinMD has been quite over all of the beauty-blogs lately, so you probably have read the raves. I can spare giving away a brand new Shielding lotion.
  3. Fantastic Korean brand Lioelle: I have the bright Pink Mood Blush to give away. It has a sponge applicator like this, and it is a mineral based blusher. Brand New.

4. I blogged about the Etude House LED darling lipsticks, and have been quite fanatic about them. The colour No 4 in Pixel Pink is not my favourite colour, but I am sure it will wow lots of peachy/pink lipstick fans. This one has been tested once, but I will be disinfecting this lipstick thoroughly.
5. I have also a Jadilla J The Last Rouge of Mine (that is the name of the lipstick!) in colour no 2: Original Rose. (tested once)

And if you thought that was all, guess what...there is some more!


6. I really like Illamasqua's products. I have a powdered Eye Liner Cake in Mislead for the winner. It is a matte black colour, that is a classic to have.
7. More Illamasqua: The Under-eye Concealor in UC210. It is not quite a matching shade for me, but maybe it is for you...(tested 1X)
8. French brand Caudalíe and the Tinted Moisturizer in Peau Mates (tanned skin, or to use as a shader/bronzer for lighter skin)
9. A travel size of Real Secret Blemish Balm.
10. A sealed tin of Rosewood Salve lipbalm

I have to post these pesky guidelines again. So, here we go:

1. Make a comment or say something small. I should be able to contact you, or you should read closely to see if you are the winner after the drawing, so you can contact me. I do not want followers just for the giveaway, so you can join even if you do not follow my blog. I just want to contact the right winner when the winner has been drawn.
2. Contest ends on Thursday, 20 May 2010, 3 PM European standard time, GMT +1)
3. You are only able to make one comment, so no cheaters who would like to double (or triple) their chances.
4. Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by random.org
5. Please contact me with 2 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected! Prizes will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!

Good luck and have fun joining the Mid May Giveaway...you might be the lucky winner this time....

Friday, 14 May 2010

O'slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser

Lately I have been testing this new goody I received from my last sasa haul: O'slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser.

I spotted this cleanser based on the raving reviews on sasa, and the promise that it would be incredibly suitable for sensitive skin was quite present in the reviews. Unfortunately, it seems to dissapear from the sasa site, which is an inconvienient thing that happens sometimes when you would like to reorder something.

The O'Slee website has some interesting things to say about the properties of Rosehip, so you can check it out if you are more interested in the idea behind Rosehip in O'slee (here).

If I would have the wish to reorder this cleanser, it will take a long while, as the content of the cleanser is a lot! It has 250 ml of milkshake inside, that almost tops the McDonalds of their milkshake contents...

The cutisy factor absolutely took part in my decision to buy it...the cleanser comes in a deep pink milk-pack, absolutely adorable!

On the side of the packaging is a very graphic picture of a before/after picture of some facial skin....yummy, pores...(LOL)


The cleanser is supposed to be a combination of a cleanser and a peeling, which depends on the manner you use it.


So let's take a look at the descriptions. First, it says that it is a mild formula that leads to low irritabilty. I would prefer to have NO irritability at all from the products I use, but I like the way O'Slee backs itself up by saying that they AIM to have no irritability, but it could happen, only in a low manner.


It also promises to improve skintone and maintain skin moisture. That is a good thing, a non-stripping cleanser: those types are fantastic in the winter or when your skin is rather sensitive.

And improving skintone, I am always in favour for that....

Mild Peeling:
The peeling promise is targetting on dead cells: I am so glad that they promise not to harm my cells that are still alive. I am not sure if I would like to have translucent skin, but the fine and glowing part would work for me.


I like the fact that there are little ingredients inside. A sensitive skin should aim to have as little ingredients as possible on the skin. HOWEVER, I must say that if there is only óne ingredient that could irritate you, then the whole effect of non-irritation could be over.


Shortly, if you leave it on for 2 minutes, you will have a more peeling effect than if you would cleanse it off directly. It does not really say HOW to cleanse it, by water (?), tissues (?) or cotton pads (?), but I personally like to use a damp cotton pad (with water) and remove it with that cotton pad.

The bottle takes up some space in the bathroom department. However, it looks cute and the pump dispensor is both hygienic and handy:


I placed some of the cleanser on a pink sheet in order to see the colour and texture. It is not really milkshake-like, but more of a yogurt consistency. The red pods inside are the rosehip-seeds, according to the package description: they are the peeling parts of the cleanser.



I used this cleanser for a couple of days, and it was quite a soft cleanser. On the days I left it on for 2 minutes, I found my skin to be slightly dryer (or thinner). However, it is not exactly a peeling product in the traditional sense of the word, so I would not call it a peeling.

I have not been wearing heavy makeup during the testing period, so I cannot say how it removes the heavy layers by itself.

Although I like this cleanser, I tend to reach for my sudsy wash-and-foam cleansers more these days, as the spring leaves my skin oilier than in the winter. So, after my testing period I went back to my foaming cleansers again.

I think this can be a lovely cleanser for the winter period, when wash-and-foam cleansers can be somewhat drying. So, I think it is a lovely seasonal cleanser for combination skin and perhaps a wonderful cleanser for dry skin during all seasons.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Nothing in the Air: Perfume and the art of feeling Birkinesque...

Phil Collins was quite convinced that there was "something in the air tonight". I like the air surrounding me to be a kind of nothingness...


Or, actually, when I wear L'Air de Rien (air of nothing) the scent is more than nothing, as it is one of my most smoky and oriental-based scents I have.

Miller Harris created this scent with my muse Jane Birkin in 2007. It was one of the first perfumes I bought unsniffed based on the description, and the link with my muse. I was so fortunate to really like this perfume a lot.

How was this perfume created (according Miller Harris site):

Working with Lyn in her laboratory, Jane was introduced to Lyn’s many exquisite, raw materials. After listening to Jane talk extensively of her vibrant life, rekindling memories of her beloved France, Lyn went about translating these passions into a fragrance. While Lyn performed her finishing touches to the formula, Jane sat across from her doodling William Blake-style nymphs appearing from behind the signature Miller Harris flowers. These images now decorate the bottle and packaging, adding the final Birkin twist.

Jane’s vision was something chic, original ethereal and airy, like an aura around the body. The result is an exquisite oriental fragrance of amber, vanilla, neroli, oak moss and sensual musks. The lightness remains in the way it is worn, like a veil over the skin giving it a mysterious sensuality, hence the name L’Air de Rien, a name she has cherished for some time.

I once read an interview that she wanted her perfume to smell like she had been in a smokey bar the whole night long...and that is precisely how this perfume smells like...a whole lot of smokeyness, some sensual musk, a dash of vanilla (the naughty kind...not your grandmothers cookie vanilla) and a kind of sensuality that is connected to a wonderful night out.

This perfume is also one of my emptiest bottles left. I had to share lots of this perfume with afficionados around the world (on makeupalley) and with my face-to-face friends.

To me, it is absolutely not my everyday perfume...I enjoy this particularly on special occasions such as festivals or a certain kind  of vibe that has a mix of hippy-esque happiness with a dash of sultriness.

It also lingers for a couple of days when you have sprayed in on your clothes or hair...

My feel-good sultry 60s maven perfume....

I wonder how the new Petit Rien of Miller Harris would smell like...should I order it unsniffed online again????

Shills Super Magic BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation

I was asked to review a couple of the items I bought lately from sasa. And, ofcourse I will do that!

I will start with the Shills Super Magic BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation....That is an awfully long name for a product. And in that particular description you've got your BB cream, the sexy legs, the foundation and the Magic. Those are a lot of properties and promises.

I did some browsing before I bought this product in order to see if there were some reviews on it. I found some reviews and some handy instructions on cozycot.com (here). I will do my share of paste/copy to show you what cozycot has to say about the Leg magic spray BB Sexy cream, ahum(?).

From Cozycot:

SHILLS Super Magic Cream Sexy Leg Spray Foundation

Wish to beautify your legs as if wearing a pair of pantyhose but without the hassles of putting one on?
SHILLS B.B Cream Sexy Leg Spray Foundation gives you the instant effects of sexy glossy legs without stockings or pantyhose. With its creative super light nude-look particle adsorbing technology, it instantly modifys uneven skin complexion.

No oily & uncomfortable feeling in hot climates. Extracted from all natural herbal essence with Korean manufactured EGF technology

Natural whitening Arbutin essence whitens and moisturizes the skin. Peppermint essence refreshes tired legs and cools down skin in hot weather.

Unique Modify + Skin Care Formula:
EGF: The most popular skin care ingredient in Korea, regain the young skin.
B.B Cream: Extracted from natural herbs, not only modify the uneven complexion but moisturize the skin.
Natural Herbal Oil: Silkworm Chrysalis Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil etc., help to keep the skin with gloss and moisture.
Protein Essence: Extracted from 100% super tight protein essence, firm the line for more slender and neat.
Cool Refresh Peppermint Essence: Refresh your fatigued leg and cool down the hot skin.
Lavender Essence: The refinement of lavender perfume can release the skin as well as your nerves

Note:1. Please stop using if any swelling, severe redness or itching occurs. Consult a doctor immediately.
2. Do not use if your skin is sunburnt or injured.
3. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Besides spraying the BB cream spray on your legs, you are allowed to spray it on other body parts as well, as you can see on the promotion picture.
Cozycotters rated this product with a 3.9 of 5 points, and it was ranked in the promising department.

So, what do I have to say about the Sexy Legs Shills...?

The ingredients look quite promising. They are listed on the back of the box in english and chinese, which will target the largest group of consumers they aim to reach:

I zoomed in on the English description, although my apologies for the blurry image. My camera is not performing the way it should be lately:
Ingredients range from the good, like Meadowfoam seed oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Peppermint essential oil to the not-so-good like Methyl paraben. I miss the colour no. that I expected there for the colour of the BB cream formulation...
The can is embellished in a soft yellow colour with silver letters and some (sexy) legs on it...

Time to use the spray....

I sprayed some of the product on my leg, and it was slightly grossed out by how the product ends up on my skin initially.

As you can see for yourself:
  • it applies really irregular
  • the moisture particles stay weirdly on top of the BB cream
  • The colour was quite off: that was due to a self-tan action I had done.
Explaination for the self-tan: The weather was quite good, and in my culture it is somewhat standard to sport tanned legs with warm weather. Some people even justify going to tanning salons, which I find to be quite sinful in these times (come on, you know better than going to tanning salons these days!).
However, I sometimes go for a self-tan because a tan is supposed to make the legs appear slimmer and appear without cellulite....

Blended out, it looks more believable, although the colour is still too white for my faux-tanned skin.

The cool peppermint essence present in the spray is indeed very refreshing and conforting on the legs. I did not notice much of the lavender that cozycot described, but I am not a fan of lavender scents, so that is a plus to me.

It is really waterproof to the point of annoyance, because it was quite a B*&#h to wash off. I think an oil-based body cleanser is the most suitable to wash off this product, which is not easy to purchase these days (Occitane has a brilliant one, and Etude House has one as well, although I have never tried Etude House ).

So, what is my final opinion about the Shills Super Magic BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation?

I have mixed feelings about this product.

  1. It is not versatile enough in the field of the large spectrum of skin-tones available. I believe that the legs have to be a MAC 15-20 (NW or NC) to make this a believable colour. Although the spray functions as a stocking or pantyhose, I would not use it when your skintone differs a lot from the colour that comes from the spray.

  2. Intensive procedure to get a flawless base. The products that comes out of the nozzle spreads really unequally and you have to blend really fast to get the colour equally over the whole part of your legs. I think it will take up at least 5 minutes to spray your whole legs and get it equally right on every part of the legs. I have tried a Sally Hansen stocking spray before, and although the colour was too dark (ofcourse, it was targeted for the Western market that adores tan legs), it spreaded a lot easier than this product.

  3. Washing off the product will be a hassle. On the good side this means that it is really waterproof. However, pack some oil-based body cleansers or oil-based scrubs in your shower if you want to rinse off this product.
As the colour differs quite from my own, I was not able to use this more often and see the results of the whitening arbutin essence, so I cannot say too much of how this product would work in the long run. I did like the peppermint spray, that is quite refreshing.

Overall, this is something that I will not use often or probably not at all based on the shade and the intensiveness of application. I still think it can work for the N 15-25 skintones or skintones a bit darker that want to have a lighter, stockinglike appearance on the legs. I did not loose too much cash on this novelty spray, as sasa.com sells this for $8.50 (here).

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Notice something?

I have changed my layout in a more standard, but easier-to-read template.

It is not completely standard, because personified it with some colours and my header is a field of flowers in a psychedelic colour composition...

So why the coloured field of flowers and not a makeup-inspired header? Well, I love my colours and lots of beauty readers like theirs as well.

And I really like a flowerfield header for this late spring!