Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My little Seahorse...and more beach

Last weekend I was acting like the total haul-a-holic running around limited editions and special releases.

I am normally not so influenced by the words 'limited edition' and 'special release' but the H&M Against Aids had my heart racing (dress I bought in this post) and I was lusting over MAC's To The Beach line. To The Beach was released this saturday, so I has to get THAT seahorse!

I am an ex-diver, and I have spotted a real life seahorse once. Since then, and before that as well, I am totally enamorated with sea life. And although I do not dive anymore (due to its costs, and the most beautiful diving spots are far far away from my little country), it still has a little place in my heart.

The boyfriend probably thought I was bonkers chasing 'special editions'. I actually had a white lie that it was not about makeup but a piece of clothing. Ehm, he thinks I have enough makeup (he is right, but it's my cash so "hush it, darling").

Now the pretties...you probably have seen them on several blogs before, but not with the cute background editorial I picked for showing them! (ha ha, lame excuse, but the background ís so beautiful and I am so enamorated by my goodies)

It took me some effort to get that seahorse. I went to city no. 1, and it was already sold out!


I told the makeup-artist I was bummed about this, and he told me to go to city no. 2 to get it.

"Well, is it really there" I said "because I chased my limited editions before, and it really s*cks when it is not there at all, after all the effort"

He assured me that it would be there, only I had to go the same day.

So off I went!

And there she was...in the store: the beautiful seahorse!

I also bought a rather bright lucky green. I normally am not about bright colours on the eyes, but this has some golden sheen that is rather sultry.

And lipstick: Thrills is gorgeous...Golden, beachy goodness.

So, I told you that I am all over the soft and flowy fashion of this Spring/Summer, and was really over the 'tough-as-nails' autumn/winter of 2009...

I lied a bit, because sometimes I like my clothes to have that little bit of attitude.

Because the post is beach, I have this gorgeous tree-trunk modelling my bikini of Autumn 2009 (it's from New Look)

The trunk has less cleavage than I do, but I prefer the trunk to model it, because this blog is NOT about me or a friend of mine modelling bikinis. There are millions of blogs like that, and this blog is not like that at all.

I could use a big banana leaf instead, like the girl in this editorial, as a bikini.

I love that skirt of hers...It matches my lucky green eyeshadow.

Now I am crazy enough to hunt for a skirt that matches my eyeshadow.

Does that happen to any of you a lot? That you do the opposite than normally done? Buying clothes to match your makeup or nailpolish (instead of the other way around)?

Enough funny talk for today...the beach gave me a bit of a sunstroke...

(I will keep it more serious in the next post ;p)


Blair said...

Your new babies are such beauties! =]

I looove your new bikini!

Lipstick Rules said...

Love this post!! I can totally relate ;-)


Zuuchini said...

happy for you for finding the rare marine life blush! and god, you sure make me laugh a lot while reading this post. I love your sense of humor and writing!

Yumeko said...

woo for getting it!
esp since u have such a lovely background story to go with it

Anonymous said...

Your ideas are very funny, bikini on tree trunk etc :-) I have the seahorse, too, but you can't use it ever... because the gold is only an overspray. I wrote all about it on my blog, if you're interested. I love seahorses (the real ones!), not least because the 'men' get pregnant ha ha!

Old Cow said...

DIVING BIRKIE?? No end to your talents is there?

Oh That seahorse is calling me too.

*hides face*

sizbelle said...

i heard so much ppl lusting for this range, oh god luckily i can't swim so couldn't relate with anything to marine other than those i saw in discovery channel. well its a blessing as me too, haul just a bit TOO MUCH this mth. in fact i can feel that i overspent my budget for next mth too!

hey, at least you wear bikini.. i dun as i'm too shy to show off my excess baggage..

i must say, your post on this collection is the most entertaining, with excellent pic relating to topic!

Love your post so much as usual!!

K /BihadaDiaries said...

Congratulations on finding ML!!! I heard it's already going for 3x+ the price on ebay!

Musicalhouses said...

Wow you found Marine Life! Congrats on getting it! :)

Tracy said...

Congrats on getting the ML. Wow! you dive? that's cool. I'm thinking of taking it up as well.