Monday, 10 May 2010

Shills Super Magic BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation

I was asked to review a couple of the items I bought lately from sasa. And, ofcourse I will do that!

I will start with the Shills Super Magic BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation....That is an awfully long name for a product. And in that particular description you've got your BB cream, the sexy legs, the foundation and the Magic. Those are a lot of properties and promises.

I did some browsing before I bought this product in order to see if there were some reviews on it. I found some reviews and some handy instructions on (here). I will do my share of paste/copy to show you what cozycot has to say about the Leg magic spray BB Sexy cream, ahum(?).

From Cozycot:

SHILLS Super Magic Cream Sexy Leg Spray Foundation

Wish to beautify your legs as if wearing a pair of pantyhose but without the hassles of putting one on?
SHILLS B.B Cream Sexy Leg Spray Foundation gives you the instant effects of sexy glossy legs without stockings or pantyhose. With its creative super light nude-look particle adsorbing technology, it instantly modifys uneven skin complexion.

No oily & uncomfortable feeling in hot climates. Extracted from all natural herbal essence with Korean manufactured EGF technology

Natural whitening Arbutin essence whitens and moisturizes the skin. Peppermint essence refreshes tired legs and cools down skin in hot weather.

Unique Modify + Skin Care Formula:
EGF: The most popular skin care ingredient in Korea, regain the young skin.
B.B Cream: Extracted from natural herbs, not only modify the uneven complexion but moisturize the skin.
Natural Herbal Oil: Silkworm Chrysalis Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil etc., help to keep the skin with gloss and moisture.
Protein Essence: Extracted from 100% super tight protein essence, firm the line for more slender and neat.
Cool Refresh Peppermint Essence: Refresh your fatigued leg and cool down the hot skin.
Lavender Essence: The refinement of lavender perfume can release the skin as well as your nerves

Note:1. Please stop using if any swelling, severe redness or itching occurs. Consult a doctor immediately.
2. Do not use if your skin is sunburnt or injured.
3. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Besides spraying the BB cream spray on your legs, you are allowed to spray it on other body parts as well, as you can see on the promotion picture.
Cozycotters rated this product with a 3.9 of 5 points, and it was ranked in the promising department.

So, what do I have to say about the Sexy Legs Shills...?

The ingredients look quite promising. They are listed on the back of the box in english and chinese, which will target the largest group of consumers they aim to reach:

I zoomed in on the English description, although my apologies for the blurry image. My camera is not performing the way it should be lately:
Ingredients range from the good, like Meadowfoam seed oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Peppermint essential oil to the not-so-good like Methyl paraben. I miss the colour no. that I expected there for the colour of the BB cream formulation...
The can is embellished in a soft yellow colour with silver letters and some (sexy) legs on it...

Time to use the spray....

I sprayed some of the product on my leg, and it was slightly grossed out by how the product ends up on my skin initially.

As you can see for yourself:
  • it applies really irregular
  • the moisture particles stay weirdly on top of the BB cream
  • The colour was quite off: that was due to a self-tan action I had done.
Explaination for the self-tan: The weather was quite good, and in my culture it is somewhat standard to sport tanned legs with warm weather. Some people even justify going to tanning salons, which I find to be quite sinful in these times (come on, you know better than going to tanning salons these days!).
However, I sometimes go for a self-tan because a tan is supposed to make the legs appear slimmer and appear without cellulite....

Blended out, it looks more believable, although the colour is still too white for my faux-tanned skin.

The cool peppermint essence present in the spray is indeed very refreshing and conforting on the legs. I did not notice much of the lavender that cozycot described, but I am not a fan of lavender scents, so that is a plus to me.

It is really waterproof to the point of annoyance, because it was quite a B*&#h to wash off. I think an oil-based body cleanser is the most suitable to wash off this product, which is not easy to purchase these days (Occitane has a brilliant one, and Etude House has one as well, although I have never tried Etude House ).

So, what is my final opinion about the Shills Super Magic BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation?

I have mixed feelings about this product.

  1. It is not versatile enough in the field of the large spectrum of skin-tones available. I believe that the legs have to be a MAC 15-20 (NW or NC) to make this a believable colour. Although the spray functions as a stocking or pantyhose, I would not use it when your skintone differs a lot from the colour that comes from the spray.

  2. Intensive procedure to get a flawless base. The products that comes out of the nozzle spreads really unequally and you have to blend really fast to get the colour equally over the whole part of your legs. I think it will take up at least 5 minutes to spray your whole legs and get it equally right on every part of the legs. I have tried a Sally Hansen stocking spray before, and although the colour was too dark (ofcourse, it was targeted for the Western market that adores tan legs), it spreaded a lot easier than this product.

  3. Washing off the product will be a hassle. On the good side this means that it is really waterproof. However, pack some oil-based body cleansers or oil-based scrubs in your shower if you want to rinse off this product.
As the colour differs quite from my own, I was not able to use this more often and see the results of the whitening arbutin essence, so I cannot say too much of how this product would work in the long run. I did like the peppermint spray, that is quite refreshing.

Overall, this is something that I will not use often or probably not at all based on the shade and the intensiveness of application. I still think it can work for the N 15-25 skintones or skintones a bit darker that want to have a lighter, stockinglike appearance on the legs. I did not loose too much cash on this novelty spray, as sells this for $8.50 (here).


sizbelle said...

i was somehow wondering how this would work..

after your review maybe i would try when i'm much fairer.. but i'm hesitating after reading how water resistant this product is. i dun wana over scrub my skin so if there is a need, i would have to get a oil cleanser for my skin..

so you keep yourself updated to cozycot!

Old Cow said...

What a crazy sounding product.

I think I may stick to my glossy tights. I like tje Pretty Polly Sun Oil ones at the moment.

BV said...

Whoa Nelly - it seems like such a great idea though. I do think a lot of Asian actresses use a type of BB cream on their arms/legs - maybe it is MAC Face and Body instead??

I guess I'll just stick to my fake tan. Thanks for the review!


innerchild said...

Thanks for such a thorough review, Birkin! So it's essential a spray foundation for the legs. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you, frmo your pic it really does seem to be a hassle:(1)spraying unevenly, (2) being too light, and (3) need an oil cleanser to wash off! Haha it's so complicated! xD I heard of ppl using Makeup Forever's Face and Body for their legs, I think I might do that sometime just to finish up my bottle (MUFE F&B oxidizes really bad over time, and my bottle is getting old so the color is too dark for my face; mm maybe better as a leg foundation LOL)