Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Finished Finesse

On the things I used up lately:

1. Shills Oxygen Mask:

This Korean copycat brand probably has been staring too much at Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energysing Mask because the concept is almost the same. But that was the reason I bought this one, as I like the Bliss Oxygen mask but I wasn't too fond of the price. Shills retails around $13 whereas Bliss is $54.

I have been having this mask in my beauty-cabinet since buying a lot of Shills from sasa.com. Lately I have been using it more and I like it as much as the Bliss: it's easy, its fun (when the foamy bit starts to work) and it's fast (also 3 minutes). It might be coincidence, but if I use this the night before I can see my skin being clearer and more radiant the next day.

I would repurchase: too bad it isn't on sasa anymore.
2Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation 120.
I am quite happy with the sample of the concealor I got in 020 (here), so trying out this *raved about* foundation was the next step.

It wasn't all perfect. First, as you can see, the colour has been quite dark. I didn't expected that as the colour beneath it, 115, claimed to be for fair skin, and this one for medium. It looks more like a medium-dark to me.  I thought the 120 would match the 020 concealer number? Secondly, the shimmer is too high for the whole face. Remember Mac Strobe cream? Only this over the whole face mixed with some foundation.

I guess this foundation will work for some people, but I prefer focused dewiness over total shimmer in a foundation.

3. L'Oreal Professionel Age Densiforce Omega 6 hairmask.
Another hairmask, and another one from L'Óreal Professionel.

I like this mask a lot, only the chemical rice-based scent will keep me from repurchasing it.

The beauty of this hairmask is that it is actually as thin as the usual conditioner, but works enough to qualify as a hairmask. As it targets for ageing hair, often thinner hair, the lighter consistency means it bring in more volume than the average hairmask. My hair was somewhat bouncier and with more volume than the average mask, without compromising too much on the moisturizing/repairing factor.

Right now I prefer the L'Óreal Professional Nature Mask Omega I reviewed here, because it gives my slightly damaged hair more moisture (although this one is better in volumising), and the scent of that one is so much better.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Coque d'Or 120

Lately I have had a period of swatching and trying on darker and redder lipsticks than I usually wear. I have been on the lookout for a moisturizing but opaque orangy red without clashing with my cooler skintones.

I went through my lipstick stash to see which bright and pigmented one I use the most, and that is actually the Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Chamade. Logically, I looked for that orangy red in the Guerlain Automatique range again.

The beauty already starts with the bullet: No fidgeting with caps that can fall off, only slide down the button to release its lipstick power.

Coque d'or means "golden shell" in French. With the Olympics opening last friday, I like the idea of going for gold.

Plus I already have a Kose Addiction eyeshadown in Tiny Shell, and now I added a Golden Shell too. The fun of having a sea-themed makeup collection.

Lipstick: taken with flash: reflecting the golden particles.

 Lipstick without flash: reveiling the red colour.

I don't have the best swatch again. After my camera died on me,  ironically to this theme, sitting at the ocean on a rock while it got splashed by seawater, I had to buy something similar. The similarity lacks at the part that it isn't that good with taking close-ups yet.
Still, this is the best shot I got until now that reflects the golden particles, the supple glossiness of the lipstick and the redness of the base colour. In fact, on my cool-toned skin it is not that orangy afterall. The gold gives it its slightly warmer glow, but not too orange to look weird on me.

As for the Guerlain Automatique texture; I believe it is one of the better lipsticks out there. It is moisturizing without comprimising on its pigmentation.

Friday, 27 July 2012


I am in the mid-summer beauty blahs: I got this craving to buy something from any newer collection but the ones that are available now do not really appeal to me (NARS) or appealed to me until I read what they were like according to my sweet commenters (Jill Stuart blushes).

Thus, a rediscovery:

I have quite the stash of MAC I collected for a while. However, I hardly buy them anymore because I don't reach for MAC enough. Beautiful colours and recommended textures (by MUA etc), but somehow I found brands that suited me better.

I Ilike the Wonder Woman Amazonian Princess for it's girlpower box and name.

Most of all, I have fallen for the cooler pink colour. And there must be better versions of this colour out there but I still have it in my stash and it's fun to use that little red box.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

testing 1..2: Kerastase Elixir Ultime Moringa Immortelle

Kerastase has been launching 3 new hairoils as more specified alternative on their cult-classic Elixir Ultime hairpotion.

Of the three I hesitated between the thinner Rose Millenaire & this one. It was the fact that I picked this Moringa Immortelle is that it's specified for damaged hair: it's summer and I still can have some more repairing or some extra protection.

They also have the pink version in Rose Imperial with tea extract that is suited for coloured hair. As for the moment I have been using some (see photo) and I kind of prefer the effect over the original golden one. Only thing is that the scent of the original one was a tropical floral that I prefered. Nevertheless,  the scent of the Moringa Immortelle is a fresh, powdery scent that is actually quite good too. I recon it's more neutral when wearing other fragance than the heady florals of the original.

They are on sale in the Dutch webshops and I saw them on this UK site as well. They are featured on the French Kerastase website but not on the American Kerastase site yet, so I guess Europe gets the first scoop.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kose Esprique Liquid eyebrow pen in BR300

I have been into eyebrow shaping lately because it is one of those tools that can make you appear optically younger. I already bought the quite-reddish based B&C one I reviewed and liked over here but my curiosity spurred a bit further and so I went for the Esprique one as well.

 I love bolder eyebrows and one of my eyebrow icons is Cara Devigne (on the right & the woman of the Burberry advertisement)

I don't know whether I read a sort-of-interview of her in the British Vogue or Elle, but it was British and of this summer season. Anyway, she said she used to be the tomboy of her family whereas her sisters & mum were and still are the frilly & girly ones. You probably have seen her sister Poppy in the spotlights as well (sisters together).

Anyway, I'll disgress and will return to my own eyebrows. Adambeauty had this one listed. So the first thing when I got it was to compare it with the creme-de-la-creme of the beautyblogger's world: Suqqu Liquid eyebrow pen.

As for the swatches:

  • Esprique & Suqqu have similar warmth or actually coolness factor. 
  • Esprique is a lighter cooler brown than Suqqu, and has a hint more green in it (only minimal)
  • B&C (as reviewed before) is the redder and warmer tone.
  • Esprique looks less pigmented on the photo, but that's my lousy swatch for today. It has similar pigmentation level as the B&C
  • Esprique has similar lasting power as the Suqqu
  • B&C is the longest lasting one. Esprique & Suqqu will fade after a shower whereas B&C still has colour left.

Colourwise, I love my new Esprique pen as it looks naturally neutral that matches my eyebrows. The reddish tone of B&C can be quite beautiful as well, but I prefer this one when my hair is slightly more reddish and warmer (eg during autumn).


I bought this one from adambeauty for $20. They come in 3 colours, also in a reddish brown & a slightly darker ash grey.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Finished up: L'Óréal Professionel Expert Liss Ultime Reflexium Thermo Serum &

I bought this one last year when I was more proactive in straightening/curling and blowdrying my hair. I saw they sold this product in the Dutch hairshops, and found a review from Brazilian beautyblogger "Beleza Nada Rara" who gave it heads up.

I hardly speak  Portuguese so I did the Google translate thingy. It seems that L'Óreal Professional is quite big and expensive in Brazil because it is officially not imported. My bestie told me that, as she has been there and saw the prices of the clandistine sold products in the hairdresser salons. Well, from a country where good hair flourishes and Brazilian straightening comes from, that must mean it is quite THE product to have.

  • Natural gloss without greaseball effect: 
This is quite important. You like your hair to look naturally radiant and not "oops I forgot to wash my hair for 5 days"-like
  • Protection against styling tools? quite good. 
My hair is slightly damaged these days but it's from the times I forgot this product (and my swimming sessions on holidays). Overal, it really brings out an extra layer of protection over your hair
  • Scent? slightly spicy but neutral after a while
  • Price? Affordable for about € 9.10. 
They sell the ordinary L'Óreal already for about €10 euros over here so this price for a hairdresser-recommended (and used) product isn't that much. 
  • lastability? It took me a year to finish it. 
But I'm not the regular straightener/curler etc although I was more regular last year. I think it will take 3 months for the average and daily hairtool-user.
  • taming the frizzies?
Quite good compared to other tamers. I am really frizz-prone and it does a fairly good job without the aforementioned greaseball effect.  


Repurchase! I need this one for taming the frizzies and when I go with that GHB near my hair again.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Summer Makeup wishlist

1. Jill Stuart Fig Tart blush from the Summer Patisserie Collection

First spotted by reading Rougedeluxe's blog. I love this one because it is a lot brighter and more reddish/pink than the usual collection of blush that Jill Stuart has. And as a food lover, I am smitten by the name :-)

I have seen it online but I still haven't ordered it yet. Probably because this one isn't cheap and I am not too certain about the people selling it.

2. Kose Addiction Lady of the Lake eyeliner pencils (or the lacquer)

screenprint from their video
I think it was the challenge that Yumeko from Bittenbefore gave other beautybloggers to show their collection in colour schemes. Some of the bloggers had trouble finding enough whites but I actually love white eyeliners, and saw that the Lady of the Lake collection has an awesome white pencil called Moonwalk:

Now I know Kose Addiction doesn't come cheap but they often excel in what they do in makeup.

I like the eyelacquers too, but I  am not really into high-makeup when going into the water (pool or sea) but a good pencil often gives out some definition or extra zest to the eyes.

Any specific makeup items you have been eyeing up?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Skin Haul Colette

Colette Haul
(predominantly skincare and a bracelet from Momo & Me)

I hauled from Colette.fr. It has been more than a year since I ordered from them but it was the lure of another gift with purchase again in the month June.

Eventually, the shipping took a longer time because the bracelet was OOS and they forgotten my freebies: maybe they were finished or because of the delay in shipping they didn't find it necessary to list me under the freebie-action of the June-month anymore.

However, most of my curiosity and the reason I ordered it is for skincare: I had read a couple of raves on Joelle Ciocco, but this one is available in Holland as well so that is not why I ordered from Colette (besides of the beautybox I didn't get). My biggest curiosity goes to My Codage Summertime. Similar as the Springbreak they released this spring, it is a limited edition targeted for skins in (duh) Summertime.

This actually brings me back to when Will Smith was still the "Fresh Prince of Bell Air" 

I like the laidback-ness & happiness of this song.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush Classic in 213 Courtesan

A while ago I reviewed and swatched the Vapour Organic beauty concealer (here). I also bought a swatch of their Courtisan blush for testing and as an organic alternative for the non-organic blushes I have.
Courtesan is described as a "classic rose" on their website. Most people into blush love to go for the pinky corals that are related to the NARS orgasm family (and their many offsprings). I have a preference for rose-coloured blushes: it mimicks my natural flush the most and it looks also flattering as a colour on the lips.

The promise:

 The ingredients:
from naturisimo

Before I discuss the texture and the fact if it will work on both cheeks and lips (didn't want to use rose on my eyes) I will look at the colour first:

Colour sample: a reasonable amount:

When a cosmetic addict fan like me receives something, I often try to link it to another colour that I might have that would be similar.

Initially, I thought it would match closely to NYX doll lipstick and Sephora Nano lipliner in 15 Royal rose: according to the colours on their packaging I suggest they would be close matches

And then again, they are not similar at all: no sibling material. All three part of the rose family but all three such different roses.

I wondered if one of my other cream-cheek blush would be similar. My initial thought was the Lipstick queen (hybrid) colour in Minor Crisis:

(not the best swatch due to the flash)
Lipstick queen is the cooler rose of the two. Vapour Courtesan contains some red that makes it slightly warmer and more red.

  • it is really pigmented for a normal and even for an organic blush.
  • Normally, the hybrid lip/cheek performs a bit lesser on the lips, however, this one brings out a lovely and visible stain with a reasonably creamy base. I spreads quite evenly over the lips
  • for cheeks I advise good blending because it is quite pigmented 

Organic cosmetics have come a long way since they were introduced and lots of brands have jumped to the occasion to go organic. Vapour is a newer and not that widely known as RMS but I think it delivers on creating a good concealer (see post) and a beautiful rosy blush/lip hybrid product. I like the fact that you can carry it around in a thin stick when buying full-size, which is also somewhat more hygienic than a pot.


I bought my sample at naturisimo but they have been OOS for a while. Their full size is only available in Tender at the moment (here) which looks more like a highlighter to me. I think the vapourbeauty.com website is the best bet for both samples and full-size right now

Monday, 9 July 2012

Borghese Fango Soap

I got this phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" connected to old-fashioned soap, but the initial reason I bought this piece of soap was for the gift with purchase.
 It's just one of those moments the GWP draws you in (a generous set of 4 mud-masks): I already have this gorgeously frangant Portuguese Claus Porto soap, so why would I be tempted by the Italian Fango?

Well, this soap captured me for its properties and the idea of the mud/spa treatment, especially on the "absorbing action [that] helps to remove impurities and unclog pores":

The french description got overlighted, but you can read it in English and Italian
The ingredients:

A simple list with ingredients minimises the chances on senstivity issues. The Fuller's Earth is the main worker in this soap for the part that helps to draw out impurities.

When you open the package you get a beautiful green soap that already smells spa-like: slightly minty and a hint of algs or muds...
This is one of the soaps I feel best about using after exercise: It has that minty freshness and I love the idea of drawing the extra impurities out.

The packaging tells that you can use it on the face, and I do that every now and then when I feel that my skin could benefit from the Fuller's earth and other Fango-based properties. I don't think it dries out the skin on my face (or not anything more than the Nuxe 3 Micellaire mousse I described over here). I don't use it as my main makeup cleanser because for that I need a different arsenal, but if my skin is relatively clean it helps to remove sweat or some superficial dust.

I think it somewhat clears up impurities, but the best result on the face (and body) is when you combine this soap with one of their masks (that I got with the GWP)...that quite draws some yuckies out.

I bought my soap on cultbeauty over here and you can read some more sophisticated claims/properties over there too.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Review: B&C EX water strong W Eyebrow in Natural Brown

A while ago I bought the highly acclaimed Suqqu eyebrow pen when dollyleo was still in service. Geeeh, why did that shop go away? It was the cheapest way for me to get some Suqqu. Anyway, I would probably not repurchase the Suqqu eyebrow pen on reasons I will explain later, but I loved the concept of a pen and I went further to seach for another pen.

B&C Water Strong W Eyebrow

The most famous one afterwards that I saw on blogs is the KPalette version, but it was sold out on adambeauty so I went for the B&C EX water strong W Eyebrow in Natural Brown instead (listed here). These names are choking me up sometimes: what does the W stand for?

Translated from Adambeauty's site from Chinese:

B & C Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil with Pencil + liquid on both sides of the pen design, pencil , moderate hardness, can depict a very coarse, fine and soft lines, suitable for the brow and eyebrow contours depict; liquid written with elasticsense of the fine brush design, suitable for depicting the thin lines.
Containing a special water-retaining membrane, a 24-hour waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-sebum.

It's a dual sided browliner device giving you the option to use the pen, the pencil or both: each for a different effect.

I bought it for the pen side, and, strangely, the pen didn't even come with a lid on the pencil side: doesn't that dry out the pencil in the end?

out of package (I didn't loose the lid from the pencil side, it comes like that)
Next to my Suqqu pen (the one in front)

The pen side has a similar sized shape and tip as the Suqqu one, perhaps a tiny bit larger:

The Pencil part:
 It's approximately 0.4 cm and I consider that shape to be rather thick for drawing in a finer line with eyebrows. On the other hand, this part is for a different effect so if you like your eyebrows to be a bit more dramatic. You can use it slightly slanted for a thinner pencil look.

The swatches:
  • Colour of the pen: obviously, B&C is a lot warmer in tone than Suqqu. I was quite put off in the beginning and intitially it looked too brown/reddish on my eyebrows. Until I looked at the mirror 2 minutes later and I saw it actually matches them. I think this one will work for warmer blondes, redheads, perhaps auburn or warmer shaded brunettes.
  • Colour of the pencil: Huh? how come this is a completely different shade being almost an ashy grey brown ? Indeed, it's a lot darker but in combination with the pen you can work up to either a natural-looking brow (mimicking the natural difference in hairs and tones that they have) or go dramatic.
  • Inkiness of pen: It gives out more pigment than the Suqqu with the first swipe. Personally, the lack of pigment was my biggest gripe of Suqqu: I kept on swiping and hardly saw anything (and I often dislike eyebrow products for looking too harsh on me). So I prefer the inkiness of this one: it is still light enough to look natural.
  • Inkiness of the pencil: I was complaining about the lack of a lid on the pencil part? Yes, and the effect is that it balls up at first when using it (see above) and you have to break of a piece to go to the better part. However, without the lid I have to do that over and over again and that is not really efficient of the pencil side. Too bad, because, with a light hand, this colour works and I guess it can work for quite some complexions and haircolours too for being neutral enough.
  • Durability: It claims to have that 24-hours and anti-sweat/water effect and it stays rather put but I wouldn't say 24hrs. I have exercised with it and it stays rather put: I found that it is splash resistant too, but completely waterproof? I'm not sure yet. I can remove it quite easily with normal cleansers so I don't have to bring out the special waterproof cleansers that some Majolica Majorca mascaras need.

 Unexpectedly, when you think you bought a Dud-product based on your first swatches, it can turn out quite good afterall. I have to find a (sort of) matching lid for the pencil side or tape it off so it doesn't dry out. Using the pen gives a light effect (with a warmer undertone), the pencil a neutral, and both either a mimicking natural brow or a strong both, depends of how you shade and use it.


I bought it on Adambeauty for $14 and they have a darker/neutral version as well (here).

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cheek/lip hybrids: the battle

When I received my Edward Bess lip/cheek in Island Rose, I tested it ofcourse and the first thing that I thought was "Darn, my Kose Addiction is still the grand no. 1 compared to this one".

But to get things really precise I dug out all of my hybrid cheek/lip products, which turned out to be a lot, and tested them based on texture and hybridity. I only tested the products that directly marketed as being a hybrid lip/cheek: there are other products that work brilliantly for both and are still marketed as only blush or only lipstick, but I won't review those.

And even though I already gave out the outcome which is my fave no. 1 (Addiction), I still discuss them all for other no. 1s on other fields.
sorry for the NARS multiple looking so grubby: I cleaned it a lot but, it's reality: NARS stuff really gets a yucky packaging after a while
Ok, let the battle begin:

1. Julie Hewett Cheekie:

One of my first and still a good favourite of mine
Lip performance: it brings out a medium colour on the lips that spreads easily. It has a glowy texture, which is flattering. It feels a tiny bit waxy, but quite like a MAC lipstick so not really unusually un-lipstick
Cheek performance: A glowy colour with a medium coverage. It glides easily over imperfect skin (I have a tiny scar from a laser treatment that still has to heal) and doesn't sit in the pores. It last for approximately 5 hours before it diminishes in colour. The fading is natural and non-blodgy.

2. Etude House Angel Kiss Lip and Cheek

It's a light-pink colour and really the unusual one in my collection
Lip performance: For a light pink colour that normally wouldn't look good on my or would sit in the folds of my lip, it is quite dewy and glides over the lips and makes them appear smoother. The colour pay-off is medium to high cover. It feels somewhat waxy, but not too hindering. It lasts for approximately 2 hours.
Cheek performance: It dissapeared on my cheeks after a couple of minutes and I first thought that must be the colour, however, I saw it when I applied it at first. It is dewy enough to glide over that tiny scar I mentioned before.

3.  Etude House Sugar Pink Lip & Cheek

I like Etude House, obviously, and they have lots of hybrid performers
Lip performance: it felt grainy and waxy on my lips. The colour didn't spread equally and settled in the lines so it needed high grade of blending and a pre-lip product first: not something that you want from a easy-to-carry hybrid product.
Cheek performance: that part was a lot better! It spreads quite equally over cheeks and the colour payoff is light to medium. It lasted for about 3 hours before fading.

4. Lotree

My ultimate fave Korean brand for a while, and then it suddenly was really hard to get on gmarket, darn.
Lip performance: smooth and glowy on the lips with light to medium colour-payoff.
Cheek performance: one of my favourite blushes for a while and I was glad I reviewed it for this post because I will wear it again. I love it! It glides over the skin, last for 4 hours with equal fading and has the perfect neutral colour (oh, sorry, I wouldn't discuss colour over here but it's so lovely)

5. Edward Bess lip/cheek Island Rose

The newbie in my collection of last weekends haul!
Lip performance: Quite light! I saw it on Sabrina from beautylookbook who branded this item as her ultimate date saver but it might be that her lips are lighter because I don't see as much colour payoff as the others I reviewed. The scent is lovely, a fig-type and it feels really balmy and smooth. But it's more a lipbalm on me.
Cheek performance: Also quite light. I also found it settling in that scar after a while which made that darn thing more obvious. I think this one will go up for swap on makeupalley.

6. Bobbi Brown Lip/cheek in Cabo Coral

Probably the best known one! I bought it for the colour that is a coral/tan shade and perfect on (fake) tanned skin.
Lip performance: Probably discussed endlessly on other beautyblogs and reviews but it's quite light (to light medium) and dissapears after 1 hour. The plus side is that it is so lovely for smoothing out lips and it doesn't sink in any beginning lines around the mouth.
Cheek performance: Vivid and creamy. It needs good blending but if you do that it will look lovely on. It last for 4 hours and even through a dance workout!

7. Becca creme blush in Hyacint

I'm not even sure it markets as a hybrid but its quite lovely so I put it up.
Lip performance: light to medium. It looks like a glowy lipbalm/lipstick colour and last for 2 hours tops.
Cheek performance: Hyacint is one of the sheerer colours, compared to the imfamous Turkish Rose. It still needs some blending to get it natural but it will last about 4 hours. Not my favourite for cheek colour. Turkish Rose has a medium coverage and Hyacint light-to-medium.

8. Becca Beach Tint Lip and Cheek

In contrast to the Becca above, this one is really long-lasting for both lips and cheek. Then again, it markets itself as a hybrid beach products that would suit surfer babes and swimming queens so that makes sense.
Lip performance: It is a gel-texture and feels a bit dryer when applied. However, it turns into a matte to velvet stain (I have Watermelon) that really last in a water-setting for a while. The coverage is medium but still quite natural. It smells really nice like a candied watermelon.
Cheek performance: This gel-like product spreads on light but can stills settle in a pore or scar so blending is needed. After that, it stays rather put and has a light to medium coverage without any shimmer. It looks quite natural. It market as a Beach product and they made quite the reasonable product for it.

9. Vapour Organic cheek/lip in Courtisan

Another newbie I will review in detail soon. Shortly:
Lip performance: Medium to medium/high coverage. It feels like a dryer lipstick (eg MAC or NARS) but that makes it quite longlasting. I do find, just like the other dryer lipstick types, that I need a smoother under this lipstick to make it appear more equal.
Cheek performance: high coverage and needs good blending due to the dryer texture. It stays on for about 5 hours before fading.

10. Kose Addiction in Revenge

My most expensive, but my ULTIMATE lip/cheek hybrid!
Lip performance: BRILLIANT! It is one of those velvety mattes that actually look good on me. Chanel makes a velvety matte lipstick as well, the Allure Velvet, but this one is even better in smoothing out the un-plumpness of the lips. The colour payoff is excellent: it lasted a vigourous excercise class and my lips were as corally pink afterwards.
Cheek performance: Just as amazing! The velvet texture that smooths out lips works brilliantly on cheeks as well and even without all the priming/foundation I can wear it without setting into that scar. And that is often what I like when wearing cream-cheek products, when I don't have tons of makeup on! It wears for 5 to 6 hours.

11. NARS Multiple (Beverly Hills)

The limited edition one: it's not as vibrant in colour as the other multiples but doesn't have that pesky glitter/shimmer thing going on either. I will discuss the texture of the Orgasm Multiple as well for review's sake
Lip performance: Beverly Hills is really sheer and smells somewhat alcoholy and gel-like. It dissapears in 5 minutes? Orgasm (or Copacabana) stays for about an hour or 2, but as discussed in tons of blogs: it's not a real lip-product and feels somewhat dry and doesn't plump up lips.
Cheek performance: Beverly Hills is sheerer and more gel-like than the regular Multiples, but I love the sheerness on cheeks for giving that supernatural but still visible change in colour. Similar as the gel-like texture of Becca's Beachtint, although this one glides better over the skin. The beachtint, in contrast, last longer.

I already told you that the Kose Addiction in my favourite and I wish they came in tons of colours and half the price cheaper.  However, in the end I like them all for different reasons. Sometimes colour plays a great role too but I haven't discussed it today. Women like hybrid products for times we don't want to carry a lot of products a round or sometimes we want to colour-coordinate our lips to our cheeks. I don't think a hybrid lip/cheek product should be a hassle or too-much-an-effort to apply because I prefer my creamy blushers on a tinted moisturizer face or at least not too primed and powdery, otherwise I would have picked a powder blusher. So it has to have some ingredient inside that makes it easy to apply, but still longlasting and looking equal on both face an lips. That is a lot of things to demand and that's why I believe Kose Addiction did an excellent job: it's so travel-handy too.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Cosmetic newbies

I bought some new cosmetic things:

My Beauty Diary Rose & White Peony Brightening Mist

It's from the same company that makes the infamous sheet masks. I figured out that I might like their spray too. Until now, I do: it's quite neutral but still lovingly hydrating.

And one of their masks too: The France Apricot masks...these are so dewy and lovely. (both are from sasa)

I also bought this:

Yep, from strawberrynet...

And it is?

Edward Bess compact (cream) rouge in Island Rose.

Gosh, I have read so many raves on this product. I was looking for a lighter cream pink blush for the summermonths and initially I wanted to go for Bobbi Brown cream pot in Pale Pink based on someone's gorgeous makeup, who is a brunette as well (I first thought pale pink was just for blondes).

I saw in a review (here) that this one is quite similar so I went for Edward Bess instead. This one is cheaper via strawberrynet (with my discount 20  and BB is 25 in our shops). Also, I remembered one reviewer saying this one is travel-friendlier in size, and that is true as well. I also prefer Edward Bess as a brand because his ingredients are more naturally based. And this one got high reviews as the hybrid product it stands for: normally the hybrid lip/cheeks only work well on one part, either cheek or lips, but the raves said and showed it performs good at both tasks...
gonna find out for myself...;)

Also, the shop had a massive action going on (buy something via your mobile get a Calvin Klein lipgloss and buy something before a certain date get a Lancaster Lipstick, both by choice:

The Lancaster CM46 is a sheerer fushia pink with a blue-toned glimmer: really lovely for cooler complexions and the Calvin Klein LG 13 has the most perfect golden shimmer:

Kind of a face & lipstick haul this time....