Sunday, 29 July 2012

Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Coque d'Or 120

Lately I have had a period of swatching and trying on darker and redder lipsticks than I usually wear. I have been on the lookout for a moisturizing but opaque orangy red without clashing with my cooler skintones.

I went through my lipstick stash to see which bright and pigmented one I use the most, and that is actually the Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Chamade. Logically, I looked for that orangy red in the Guerlain Automatique range again.

The beauty already starts with the bullet: No fidgeting with caps that can fall off, only slide down the button to release its lipstick power.

Coque d'or means "golden shell" in French. With the Olympics opening last friday, I like the idea of going for gold.

Plus I already have a Kose Addiction eyeshadown in Tiny Shell, and now I added a Golden Shell too. The fun of having a sea-themed makeup collection.

Lipstick: taken with flash: reflecting the golden particles.

 Lipstick without flash: reveiling the red colour.

I don't have the best swatch again. After my camera died on me,  ironically to this theme, sitting at the ocean on a rock while it got splashed by seawater, I had to buy something similar. The similarity lacks at the part that it isn't that good with taking close-ups yet.
Still, this is the best shot I got until now that reflects the golden particles, the supple glossiness of the lipstick and the redness of the base colour. In fact, on my cool-toned skin it is not that orangy afterall. The gold gives it its slightly warmer glow, but not too orange to look weird on me.

As for the Guerlain Automatique texture; I believe it is one of the better lipsticks out there. It is moisturizing without comprimising on its pigmentation.

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Miss Kwong said...

their packaging really blows me away. and on your swatch it looks quite hydrating and pigmented.
lovely warm red that many people can wear!

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