Monday, 16 July 2012

Summer Makeup wishlist

1. Jill Stuart Fig Tart blush from the Summer Patisserie Collection

First spotted by reading Rougedeluxe's blog. I love this one because it is a lot brighter and more reddish/pink than the usual collection of blush that Jill Stuart has. And as a food lover, I am smitten by the name :-)

I have seen it online but I still haven't ordered it yet. Probably because this one isn't cheap and I am not too certain about the people selling it.

2. Kose Addiction Lady of the Lake eyeliner pencils (or the lacquer)

screenprint from their video
I think it was the challenge that Yumeko from Bittenbefore gave other beautybloggers to show their collection in colour schemes. Some of the bloggers had trouble finding enough whites but I actually love white eyeliners, and saw that the Lady of the Lake collection has an awesome white pencil called Moonwalk:

Now I know Kose Addiction doesn't come cheap but they often excel in what they do in makeup.

I like the eyelacquers too, but I  am not really into high-makeup when going into the water (pool or sea) but a good pencil often gives out some definition or extra zest to the eyes.

Any specific makeup items you have been eyeing up?


Citrine said...

I really like the blushes and eyeshadow from Shu Uemura fall collection (They are named after food as well!)but that won't be here for a while.

The Driveller Kate said...

Dear one, I can report back on both of these :D

The Jill Stuart blush came out just before I left HK -- it's VERY pigmented and a gorgeous shade but also very sparkly so beware.

Addiction Moonwalk is shimmery, not really white also just fyi.

Ida said...

Oooooh the Fig Tart blush ❤❤❤❤❤

Haru said...

I was so tempted to get the blush as well but my Jill Stuart blushes don't get used enough as it is, so I passed. The white packaging also looked a bit too plastic. Will definitely check out the Addiction eyeliners when I go to Japan in September! I have a black one from last year's Xmas set and it's pretty good.

plue said...

fig tart look frosty in swatches i have been, so I only pick up berry tiramisu~ it got sold out real fast though! >.<