Sunday, 24 May 2009

another week in hauls

Hello again, another week has gone by. How has your week been? I had a fabulous start! My last grade of a course I took in the last term came back, and I was really delighted with the outcome. I considered my essay to be moderately good, and my dear teach ever gave me a more positive grade than I expected...WOOT!

My weekly mail-hauls were pretty good as well. I already posted about most of them, and I want to show you the rest.

A couple of weeks ago I had ordered some tea from a British teashop that was raved on one of the local forums. They can be great enablers as well. (what's in a name? glowchaser changed her name in Old cow; I have Moo cards and I drink from teapigs: I think I will name myself happyHorseHickups?) sell they tea in sample sets as well, which come in a tin that contains 3 teabags. It was a wonderful opportunity to try six of their flavours.

My picks were based on my lack of energy and the need for indulgence. The teapigs site has a small 'mood-o-matic teafinder' on the bottom left of the homepage, which makes choosing easy (and with a good dose of British humor). I kind of was tempted to click on all moods, especially 'old and wrinkly' or 'generally rubbish' (which was my mood a couple of weeks ago).

I ended up with:

Chocolate Flake tea;
Super Fruit;
Yerba Mate;
Tung Ting Oolong Tea;
Mao Feng Green Tea;
Lemongrass Tea

My absolute fave is the Lemongrass tea: it is extremely refreshing and taste like real lemongrass...yummmm

The tins are stackable. The labels are too cute: I love the tuk tuk on the Lemongrass, and the surfer on the Tung Ting tea

Non mail-retail therapy:

I had to go to the capital this week for a important lecture of a writer I really admire. Before that, I visited the Mac counter and picked up the Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Gentle Coral.

As if I do not have enough lipbalms, -glosses, and sticks....

I love the corally orange colour, and the typical vanilla scent from Mac is always a favourite of mine. (picture is made in shadow, so the colour is probably not really representative)

I went to the poshest shopping street, and only bought a Chanel lipstick.

But it is from their summer 2009 collection! I loved a variety of their latest Aqualumiere colours, and ended up with the flattering Ishia. I love their Sun Protection, which was another motive for picking it up ;D

Chanel should update the Aqualumiere lipstick in the same form as the gorgeous Rouge Allure form. That is the one with the Click tube...I still like this design, but it is a bit Blah... (it is still Chanellll, dahling)

This picture came out darker again. The colour looks like a MLBB (my lips but better) colour, or the colour after I have been drinking wonderful Cava in Barcelona (ahhh, can I dream?)

I adore the multiglitter in the lipstick, which came out all right in this close up: I see blue, copper, gold...

I have already blogged about my Paul & Joe haul. (ici et ici)

The Kawaii-ness of the Yumeko/Bittenbefore brushroll!!! (here)

And the wonders of the Japanese Magazine world (here)

tadaaah....Those were my hauls....


Old Cow said...

How the bubble head do you find sooooo much coool stuff?? This old cow stalks your buys......grazing in the meadow!! LOL

I got me some moooo cards thanks to you! I will post about them soon.

I now want me some oinky tea.

finx Birkie you sprinkle joyful hints my way every post!

Old Cow said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO well done you brainy box for your essay grade! If ever we get to meet - we must celebrate with a cream tea! LOL

fuzkittie said...

Haha how can we ever have ENOUGH balms, gloss or sticks.. or shadows or blushes... :P

Anonymous said...

If it's the "your lips but better" kind of shade, would that mean the Chanel lipstick has a sheer formula? I've never tried any of Chanels lipsticks before, though I wish I could. Oh, the tea tins are darling! I love cute messages like those, makes me giggle and brighten my mood. Teapigs, what a funny name haha Have you heard of MightyLeaf Tea? I like those, but I wonder if it's available in the UK. I'm currently trying to finish this -giant- jar of Chinese Oolong tea that my parents gave me as a gift. It's so soothing cos the tea's partially fermented. Yuuumm... ~_~

Jamilla Camel said...

Birkie, you must have a shopping tips and hints feature in your always find such cooooooool stuff!!

Congrats on your good grades!!

Yumeko said...

happyhorse hahah u make me laugh out loud
ppl thought i was nuts laughing XD

i do like tea, i will definetely check it out!

MiuMiu said...

those are some cute tea tins, they sound so yummy too

Blair said...

Yumm, I love a good cup of tea! Congrats on the good grade!

Hana aka acutelife said...

teapigs...what a cutie pie name your blog and the layout! :)