Friday, 8 May 2009

Time for business

In order to 'sell' the brand called 'ME' I decided to create a couple of different business cards that I can hand out in various situations. I was really hesitating about picking 1 image, which was a bit of a dilemma for me, as I (brand ME) have multiple layers...he he: I needed some cards for fellow bloggers, some quirky cards, some business-cool cards, some purty cards, some for uni life, etc.

I found a lovely British company that ables you to upload different images for the same pack of cards, pretty nifty...I think. You can upload as much as 50 images for 1 pack. I bought the recycled edition for 18 euros including shipping @

The first picture shows a couple of the cards I ordered...

You can order the laminated version as well, but I wanted to be environmentally friendly, which, hopefully, gives a good impression when handing out the cards to high profile people...(also, I believe in being good for Mother earth as well)

Mmmm, I feel so much organised already! ;p


Glow Chaser said...


You keep throwing these wonderful ideas my way!! I am soooooo going to do this! THANK YOU!!

Yumeko said...

ooh love it! i keep tellingmyself to get some [since i have a paid flickr acct, they give u some free cards]

i shall try them soon