Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Kanebo Kate Lasting Color Eyesl in GY-1: grey colour??

I have not seen that many reviews on Kanebo Kate latest Eyeliner pencils yet: actually, I have not found a single one before ordering this sweetie from adambeauty.

I am still looking for a really good and smooth, but not smudge-tastic grey eyeliner pencil. This pencil actually sells like a hybrid between eyeshadow and pencil. I picked the colour GY-1, because that normally corresponds with a grey shade.

That is the colour I picked: GY-1

I had to check the label, because as you can see on the next picture, it looks not grey or slate/greylike at all. There are some golden glitters in the pencil, and it actually looks more dark green/khaki than grey.

The pencil has a twist-up mechanism, which means that you do not have to sharpen your pencil constantly. I do not like sharpening big pencils, as you always spoil so much product.

The colour is quite nice, although it has nothing greyish in it. It looks like a dark brown with lovely golden sprinkles in it. It is a nice creamy texture, which makes it suitable for a soft and somewhat 'dewy' application.

This picture is an even closer close-up (click on the picture for more detail).

It can work as an eyeliner pencil, or as an eyeshadow. I smudged the pencil a bit so you can see how it looks in a smudged form (as a eyeshadow or eyeshadow base). Ok, it looks more slate-like now, but I still find the golden flecks to alter the colour from its (hardly existent) greyness.

Ha ha, I am complaining a bit about the colour, but I actually love the product a lot for using on my eyes. I like the creaminess of the product and I found it to hold up all day, without a base. I did not experience any irritations from it either.
I bought this pencil for $10.50 on adambeauty. I think I am going to pick up the black one as well, or perhaps the white for putting into the waterline (and look awake when I am not).


fuzkittie said...

Do you simply use it as an eyeliner? Or is it more like you line your eyes then you smudge it out? Hehe it does look brown!!

sarahPUFFY! said...

MUFE has a grey shade that Fuz actually posted on her blog a few days ago!


They have a grey and dark grey that's ACTUALLY grey. And only $17! :)

Old Cow said...

Grey??? I seee no grey!!


I happen to like khaki and I think this would look stunning on your lovely peepers either way!

Jenn said...

I had picked up the minty green shade from this line but haven't really worn it yet.

Defintely more brown than grey. It reminds me of how maquillage called one of their 3D eye palettes Grey when it's more brown-go figure.

jojoba said...

i never thought of its pencil liner either. just tried the gel and didn't like it.

Kathi said...

Ah, my thoughts exactly! The color has nothing to do with gray!
Though I admit I hate this pencil, it smudges like mad on me and doesn't hold up at all!

ekimura said...

Hi~ its says its eyeshadow :) it doesnt look grey at all but very pretty shimmer! LOL

Yumeko said...

i think this is eyeshadow but if u are looking for kate eyeliner, i did a review of their eyeliner pencils before ^^

oh i like MUFE or Banila eyeliners
mufe doesnt smudge on me

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Fuz, I think you can use it for both eyeliner and eyeshadow: it is a combination product (I think, my Japanese is not that fluent :D)

Hi Sarahpuffy,
Fab, I am going to check out the MUFE grey: I hope the new MUFE eyeliner pencils are launched here as well (or Sephora can be sooo slow)

Hi Cowster,
Yeh, khaki suits my eyes as well...but still, why retail a pencil as grey as it is absolutely not.

Hi Jenn,
Ohhh minty green: let me know how you like (or dislike) the pencil :D

Hi Jojoba,
I heard lots of people complaining about the gel. I only tried the gel twice, and it is rather sheer, but not unpleasant.

Hi Kathi,
Mmmm...I haven't experienced any smudging yet, but my upper eyelids are quite dry so that might have something to do with it.

Hi Ekimura,
uhuh, the mystery of the Grey that wasn't grey :P

hi Yumeko,
ohh, I totally missed your review...I am going to check it out instantly.
Oh Banila, I will add some banilla eyeliners to my gmarket cart soon :D

MiuMiu said...

i think that's so funny how they label it as a GY shade but looks more brown hehe