Saturday, 23 May 2009

My first Japanese Magazine...

Bloggers can influence each other so much: I have been oogling the blogs that posted about the Japanese magazines and their incredible Gift with Purchases they included. Innerchild, Rouge Deluxe and Makeupstash have been regular posters tempting me with the unattainability of Japanese magazines.

The great thing is, that I found a Japanese bookstore that sells some incredible selection of magazines. The owner is so nice to order the ones that they do not retail, for example, they offered to order Spring if I wanted to.

My very first Japanese magazine I bought was based on the GWP I received: the Baila.

I found myself to be a bit daft when I realised that the magazine has to be read from the other side than Western magazines...he he, I am not a regular Japanese reader.

The GWP is a sturdy scarf from See by Chloe, a yellow scarf with blue polkadots.

The fabric reminds me of the fabric I sometimes find at vintage shops...those dresses from the 1960s or is a bit stiff, though, but very lovely indeed.

As I said earlier, I cannot read a word of Japanese, but the beauty instructions are really wonderful: they have a special for applying blush and highlighter...the girl has PERFECT skin.

A bronze special with Chanel Makeup:

More highlighting tips:

The clothes are really mature: I always connect Japanese women and magazines with the girly cuteness (kawaii), however, I love the matureness of Baila. I already found some wonderful inspiration for new combos and outfits.

Beige clothes-special on clothes: very work-appropriate

I LOVE this dress, and love the curly look of the model. The ethnic print and bow on the dress is so cute.

I am already looking forward going back for the July selection of magazines. Makeupstash posted the upcoming GWP with the magazines! I really aiming to buy the Smart issue that has this Stussy duffle bag with it:

Or the Mina makeupbag that Rougedeluxe already bagged (here)


innerchild said...

Yay! :) I've yet to purchase my first Japanese magazine, I had the chance when I was in Japantown but I spent all the cash on snacks instead lol This mag looks different, would be appropriate for people in the workforce. The only other magazine that I know of that aims for this particular audience is Oggi. Very high-end and actually quite nice (the outfits are classy and elegant). Just way above my playing field x) What a cute scarf! I have a similar one from J.Crew, perfect for the Spring. I think the thing with Asian magazines is that they're just -full- of images! Even if you don't understand Japanese, you can still appreciate the mag as they're just a collage full of pictures! xD

thE lAdy qUeen* said...

Hi.. Can i know where's the japanese bookstore u mentioned? Thanks!!

MiuMiu said...

thanks for the scans! i love how japanese and asian magazines have all these detailed step by step photo tutorials...unlike most western magazines

Jennifer H said...

Hey! I'm a regular japanese magazine reader and am new to beauty blogging. The See By Chloe handkerchief must be really $$!! Their whole line is very expensive (and very cute too!) I read Vivi, Nonno, PS, regularly. You may as well look into them (younger female magazines). :)

Peter said...

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