Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kose Addiction eyeshadow Tiny Shell 059P (spring 2012)

About a week ago I talked about my delight of seeing the softer and peach-inspired colours of the new Spring collections in makeup.I have still been modest with buying newbies, wich was in some cases a mandatory thing and you know why if you read my mid-weeklies of yesterday  ("~")

But I caved with one thing of Kose Addiction line

I kind of liked the idea of a summery instead of spring-like summerlook and their Sandcastle release has this kind of dreamy atmosphere.

 I often wonder why a cosmetic brand chooses for a specific face: Kose Addiction, something I talked about before, often chooses quite Western looking models. Ok, Western is a wider concept these days but I mean the run-of-the-mill beachy blonde types that are supposed to be really Western. This model had some wonderful intervention from her hairdresser to get a sort of buttery shade that matches the sand-dune idea so this time it makes a bit more sense. I also see that her face is a bit wider and her eyes are a bit slanted so she might either have a tendency to look a bit Asian (another big concept for so many types).

I only went for the most-anticipated personal makeup musthave, and that was the perfect peach eyeshadow. I saw a colour that had peach in it with the delightful name of Tiny Shell, so I picked that one.

Ayako, the makeupartist that is the hand behind Addiction, 'escaped' from NARS to launch his own line. The line still has some NARS-like elements in it, for example the black packaging with the minimalistic name on it.
What he doesn't do, Hurray, is the crude name element that Nars love to add at his products. He he, I'm certainly not the only blogger slightly blah about his names. Ayako, instead, sometimes hints towards sexuality and I could certainly see what 'tiny shell' could implicate besides of the Sanddune theme, but it is also easy to absolutely not notice this at all. Also, Ayako really likes Lady Gaga, because he has an eyeshadow called 'Bad Romance' (a stark matte purple) and I think he launched 'Pokerface' lately.

 Tiny Shell absolutely has the shell-like quality when opening it. It is a part of his P (pearl) collections, so the whole pearly pinkish peach colour is there.
(notice that the eyeshadow doesn't have a mirror inside)

Somewhat a Bobbi Brown Colour and slightly more highligher-quality than a true peach:

I swatches this baby and it has some excellent covering without primer. It is lovely for opening up eyes with a lighter colour without really being a highligher. The colour is somewhere between a pearl and a metallic shade, which makes it perfect for slightly older eyelids.

However, it is not completely the peach I had in mind. But no worries because I already found my perfect peach with my last Dolce & Gabanna haul from Harrods (yes, the foundation wasn't my piece of cake but I L.O.V.E. the Nude palette)

So, I compared both to show how the Kose Addiction is more a light pinkish peach shade instead of a full on peach.
Also, D&G has less shimmer pigments so it looks a bit flatter on the eyelid.

Oh, I wish I had the best of both worlds because the shimmer in Kose Addiction Tiny Shell is really stunning and brings my eyes more to the surface, whereas D&G Nude (peach) has the perfect colour. I think I will pair them both when doing a peachy EOTD so that will be peachy.

I bought my Addiction at ichibankao.


Jamilla Camel said...

oooh! Can't wait to get to the Addiction counter in Tokyo!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Jamilla, Tokyo??? Whoa, lucky you! Better bring your camera with you and swatch some ;)

emmabovary said...

I think these colours will look great together! Can't wait to see them on you