Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wishlist collection Spring 2012

I am quite delighted with the new spring-colour featured with Asian and Western brands. They are released in the late winter, which, just like a snowdrop, gives you hope for spring to arrive.

One of my favourite collection must be the one from Kose Addiction: The Sand Castle edition

Perhaps I like this collection because it hints more towards summer than spring.

Moreover, the dusty, duny, sandy colours are so gorgeous. And I know Kose Addiction is stellar in making an excellent formula.

For more upcoming collections of new Spring collections I would advise to look at Rougedeluxe (here), who is always ahead of the newest releases.

For me it will be a matter of patience and frequently visiting ichibankao and mihokoshop for the SandCastle edition to launch.  Yikes, they are already there on ichibankao!!!!

I really like Bobbi Brown Rose Collection too, but for Addiction value I like the look of this one the most right now...

Ps: What is your ultimate spring 2012 lust-have item/collection?

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