Friday, 27 January 2012

The Beauty-Closet Find & Something Necklacy

Have you ever bought something from a Limited Edition but haven't found the courage to touch it? So you stashed it deeply into your beauty closet?

Well, I have, and it really feels like shopping in your own stash when you find a gem...

Let me introduce my Shu Uemura by Mika palette. This one even has more special memories because I bought it in the winter 2008 in Paris in Le Printemps ♥

The colours, oh la la, I really like them all and I can say that the quality is still quite good, even after being stored for almost four years. He he, perhaps we can call this the beauty-deadstock vintage find (deadstock is vintage that has never been used in clothing terms).

Colour No. 3 is actually another illusive peach I am craving at the moment...

And yes, I finally used some of the colours...finally!

I also bought a necklace from the sweetest seller who especially listed it for international shipping after I asked it

This is the sweetest thank-you note! 

I actually wanted the necklace because of the tribal form, ánd because one of the stones is made from Labradorite. (It's from ArtifactsEtCetera).

Now I feel a leeeeettttle bit spoiled....

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