Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mid Weeklies

1. Lipstick? Bite me!

I really like this picture. But my frustation has been based on the surge for my temporary crush (the Chanel Flirt lipstick) and the mostly ridiculous service at the beauty counters. I think I visited four Chanel counters  and most SA were a. either putting on lenghty makeup on other customers without even looking slightly at real customers that actually wanna buy something. b. Prefering to discuss the weekend with collegues instead of seriously helping me. Only the last SA actually took the effort to surge for my illusive Chanel Flirt, only to conclude it was sold out (fair enough).

So, I think my infatuation lessened and I might be better off with a similar looking Lavshuca or Kanebo Kate, sight.

2. The looming prospect of Valentine's Day

I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's day: but I know it's there and some people go really ballistic about it. If you are not a fan either or you want to perk up another not-so-Valentiny-friend I have found some anti-Valentine lipbalms at Elladean's..NARS is still selling their 'I will survive set' too but they will have the typical crudeness of NARS-names...

Still, these kissers look romantic and I really think kissing is underappreciated these days. So, it's a bit like fairytales and I still love the idea of a romantic day for lovers, however, when did it get so commerical?

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Yumeko said...

i know some ppl boycott it and what not saying there is no need to have one special day and it should be everyday

my opinion is..why not this day too XD i like any excuse for a celebration hahahahaha