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Lunasol Xmas Coffret 2011 part 2: eyeshadow quad EX01

Let's start with some sunday vanities with the last part of the review of the Lunasol Xmas Coffret 2011.

Probably the part most beauty people would be most interested about: the eyeshadow palette. The full name is the Kanebo Lunasol Three-dimensional eyes in EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown. I already found my title long enough so I just put down the things I placed above ;D

Lunasol Three-dimensional eyes in EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown (flash light camera)

Lunasol has been releasing different variety of their eyeshadow quads or quintets for a long time. They launched the octed one (that's 8, I had to look that one up too ;D)  this year. I hadn't been buying them yet, because my place is flouded with eyeshadow everything, but I was glad to receive it in this set.

Lunasol Three-dimensional eyes in EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown: outdoor light no sun

So you get 8 colours with the latest release. Some of them are quite tiny, and the most useful ones/the ones you probably use the most of are full compact colours. I already reasoned that the tiny strips do not bother me at all, because I have to see the first time I will finish an eyeshadow in a normal size..

Lunasol Three-dimensional eyes in EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown: Camera Flash
Swatch time: (feel free to click on the pictures for a better view)

Lunasol EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown EX01: swatches -> lighter top row

The colours:
1 is a glittery colour with a hint of a cool-white base. To me, this is the most useless colour because I don't do glitter, unless it is on my nails during the holiday season (hello glitter nails right now). For women/girls who like a bit of glitter, it is quite a grown up glitter and perfect for that eye-opening effect in the middle of your eyelids or anywhere you like that bit of flash.

2 is a bit chalky white, but looks better when blended. It is not so visible in the picture, but this white has a pinkish undertone you can see in different lighting. Quite subtle and really fresh.

When I was younger I used to LOVE to put white eyeshadow and white eyeliner on, even though everyone else recommended the smokey eyes. There was this brilliant quad from Christian Dior composed of all kinds of white with different hues, green/pink/blue I gorgeous (around 1996), they should relaunch that quad again. When younger you do not always go for obvious beauty (at least I didn't) but sometimes you want to look freshly different...the whites of the Dior quad were perfect for that.

Ahhh, makeup nostalgia

3 is another white with a slight purple undertone. It looks chalky but blends like a dream. Lunasol really pigmented this selection of quads but their blendability is still excellent.

4 is the perfect mushroom neutral that almost every makeupliking person would appreciate (and being familiar of). That's why this one is in the big formula.

Continuing with the browns:
Lunasol EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown Swatches the darker bottom row

5 is a warmer hued brown with a dash of glitter...yeh, not too hyped about the glitter. I hope I can use this one. Still, a beautiful neutal in a big formula as well.

6 is a cooler, darker brown with a shimmery base and a hint of gold. Ohhh, so lovely.

7 is darker than 6 so perfect for the 3-dimensial effect and gradually creating a smokey-brown eye. It has that lovely golden sheen as well and the glitter is small enough for me to tolerate ;)

8 is a blackish brown that I will probably use as a sort of eyeliner or close to my lashbase. A bit more glitter than 7 and 8 but for an eyeliner I do not mind because it makes it more alive.

Overall, the pigmentation is stronger than their previous ranges but they still blend easily so you can make it as deep or sheer as you like.
 It is also the perfect neutral palette, colourwise. You cannot go wrong with a set of browns. The whites make it quirky enough to do something different (see  nostalgia story of mine) if you wear them alone. So I really like the versability of the palette.
My only gripe is the glitter. It could have toned down on the glitter, but it is made for an Asian market and most girls do like a bit of sparkle.

If you want to see the review I made on the rest of the set, click here and you can see the other items included in the set.

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Jamilla Camel said...

A lovely palette! Good for pale complexions.