Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mid Weeklies

Setting the midweeky quirkologies in the right spot for this week:

1. The Elephant

Somehow it has been about memory last week: remembering things. So the elephant is symbol to memory and I really liked the way this elephant has been photographed...Stunning.

2. The Birkin

"oh na na, what's my name?"
Clearly, I don't own one. So the Birkin-bag to me stand for somewhat impossible (for the moment) dreams and a bit of excessive luxury.
Even though I were to be able to afford one, I would simply think deep about it as to direct that kind of money to a bag instead of the other options of life (travel, education, your loved ones) sounds a bit excessive.
Still, they are the golden standard of luxury so it stands for girly dreams as well: it's the glass slipper of bags and to own one would be close to bag-perfection...

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