Thursday, 24 November 2011

Review: Kanebo Lunasol Coffret Xmas 2011

Hello, it's here!

Hold tight, because I will have pictures and swatches of almost everything, that is a lot for one post but I decided to keep it in one post.

The only thing I won't be swatching is the eyeshadow palette. (I'll keep that one for later).

I already had high expectations based on the promotion pictures I saw (talked about it here). I have been slightly enamourated with the clutch and I know from previous Lunasol Xmas editions that they seldom dissapoint...sometimes they repeat the best-sellers, but for me that is not such a problem because that has given me the opportunity to (finally) have one of the bestsellers that are always sold-out.

The shine on that clutch is already amazing.

But eventually I bought it for the shiny thingies inside, right?

Lunasol provides its coffret with 4 full sized products:

1. the Skin Contrast Face Powder in 01 Glow
2. Full Glamour Gloss in EX19 Tender Glow Pink
3. Cream Cheeks in EX 04 Tender Glow Pink
4. Eyeshadow palette in EX 01 Tender Glow Beige Brown

So let's look at everything in the same order!

1. Skin Contrast Face Powder in 01 Glow

I was most curious about this: I wondered if it would be an overly shimmery/glittery powder or a powder for blotting/diffusing the face. I hoped for the last.

And YES! It's mainly a face powder for setting makeup:

Still, if you click on the pictures you can see a tiny glitter/fleck appearing. I don't really mind. One of my favourite face powders is from Jill Stuart and they are based on the same principle -> with a tiny hint of shimmer to make the powder feel less flat on the face.

Blended in the skin:

I really like the soft-diffusion effect...I think you can see the difference between the powdered part and the non-powdered parts: but in a good way because the powdered parts have that softly-lit or airbrushed finish.

I think it holds away the oilies for a good couple of hours. It is also non-scented and that is brilliant. It doesn't irritate my skin as well and it feels soft on the skin.

That's my temporary review: I will have to road-test it for a couple of days more to give out a definite review :D

2. Full Glamour Gloss in EX19 Tender Glow Pink

It's a clear pink gloss without any shimmers. The foot on the applicator is slightly bended for a better reach on the lips.

The colour:

I do not think it changes the lip-colour a lot, but it is perfect for that glossy finish without a tacky feeling. It almost feels like a high-end lip treatment. The pink/rosiness gives the lips that bit of extra.

Overal, a safe colour as an extra over lipstick or for a slightly fuller pout on its own.

3. Cream Cheeks in EX 04 Tender Glow Pink

I have seen a lot of raves blogwise so I was really glad this product is included in the set. I could finally get my hands on this blogger's favourite.

The colour is a warm but light pink, infused with flecks


I am somewhat surprised that it is quite light. I am already such a pale-face but this one looks more light a pink-toned highlighter than a blush. 

I might be used to liquid blush that has a bit more coverage/pigment in it, such as my By Terry liquid blush and my Inglot liquid blush/highlighter (here). But it is still perfect for creating a sweet highlight.

4. Eyeshadow palette in EX 01 Tender Glow Beige Brown

So I haven't swatched this one yet. But it looks so versatile and promising in the pan. I can already distinct 8 colours in a handy size!

As for the tiny strips? I don't mind. I cannot remember if I ever finished any eyeshadow in my life: I'm just too fickle for that and I like to vary my eyeshadows (or days I don't wear them at all).

I will swatch it as soon as possible ;D

The best surprise has been the clutch and the quality of that one!

It is of marvelous fake-fur quality: I love the taupe tones and the velvet brown ribbon:
The inside is such an ON-TREND velvet.

It truely can double as a fashion-item for toting around.

But it is not only beautiful: it has been zippered on both sides so you can divide your makeup/mobile/money safely and handily:

Lunasol's label is displaced on one side of the zippered compartments:

I sound like I am completely hired by Lunasol to pimp out their new Coffret, but I honestly have to say I am superenthousiastic by myself and it is probably the best Xmas palette from Lunasol ever, perhaps even the best Xmas set ever.

There are items inside that are normally $60 on its own (the eyeshadow palette) so the whole set is such a bargain.

I hope my pictures and review has helped you to make a decision. If you decide to buy it, adambeauty still have it up for $92 (here).

EDITED: I swatched and reviewed the eyeshadow quad in this post over here


Jess said...

Lunasol Christmas Sets are always adorable. I got my hands on the last year's set, and still loving the palette so much!

I guess, I'm going to pass on this year's, as I have spent too much on other stuff already! :/

Thanks for sharing, Birkie!

Beauty Basics said...

Thank you for your review. I am so tempted to get a set. I personally haven't own any lunasol products but have been hearing alot of good reviews.

Old Cow said...

This is indeed a wonderful looking Crimbo set! I was tempted too!!