Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentttt (noo, not another post about it)

Right now some of you will be quite sick of all the valentine related messages, commercials and ideas that have been going around, so I just post something related to increase that feeling.

Just kidding, LOL.

I just want to show you some wonderfully pampering goodies, albeit Valentine related, but with some more realistic titles behind them.

Thus, who needs love?

I do...and I am always advocating the right of a woman to pamper herself.

Box of Love
I ordered some deliciously sounding new concoctions from Haus of Gloi, and I was truely glad I received them before valentine (within 1.5 week). I am familiar with etailer and homemade businesses, and if they become really popular the turnaround time can be somewhat longer, however, often it is really worth the wait.

Fun thing is that Haus of Gloi keeps their customers/fans informed on facebook, so if their base products have not been delivered, or have just been delivered, you can find out by their frequent posts.

They also tapped in on a gloomier mood around valentine, with names such as 'Who needs love', 'Something hopeful' and the bit more luring 'Come Hither'.

Who Needs Love?
Gloi's products are Cruely Free, unlike some forms of 'love' sometimes
You might think I picked this scent because I have become a cynic towards valentine and love.  Oh, it's not that bad, I can still a bit romantic at times. I also mentioned (jokingly) in my Valentine's giveaway contest that there are many ways to celebrate love (and/or passion).

I ordered this scent for the scent description

Gloi's description:
A mahogany box filled with chocolaty orbs, coated in crystallized coffee - filled with a pomegranate and raspberry filling. Who needs love when you have something this decadent?
My description:
This is chocolate therapy without the calories! I love the biscuity scent that mingles with a warm and milky chocolate, and the raspberry makes it fresh and fruity.

I ordered a whipped soap, and the blend is with a swirl of pink in it. Even the sceptics can use a bit of pink...

soapy time
I also ordered a couple of samples, one having the 'Come Hither' scent in it:

Because, you know, timing and love do not always go hand in hand, so you might not find your perfect scenario up this valentine...soo,

That is why you need Something Hopeful.

Gloi's description:
Perhaps the first stirrings of the spring to come. Warm sakura blossom green tea with the tiniest droplet of plum juice, red mandarin and crystallized jasmine essence.
My description:
It is the scent of spring indeed. I am not nose-trained enough to distinguish the Warm Sakura Blossoms from it, but some of my Japanese readers would probably be more familiar with the delightful Sakura Blossom scent. To me, it smells like a grass blend with a hint of floral. 
And yes, that combination smells a lot like spring, and spring is a hopeful season, so it is true to its name...

I ordered a scrub. I just love how they are incredibly dense and economic in use, and create a fantastically fun lather when in contact with water:

Overal, I'm a happy camper (I like this expression, because I actually do not like camping at all..haha). I just hope they do not become too popular, so the turnaround time will always be this short.
Although I always think that someone or a company that delivers quality should be rewarded for that.


Citrine said...

How can they come up with such a long description...most of the time I smell things, it's would be "foral", "tween" or "middle age businessman" something like that...

Anyway, I bet it's yummy...

Ida said...

Oh Haus of Gloi's packaging for their Valentine's stuff looks cute. :) I was thinking of passing up on their Vday collection but now I want to get Who Needs Love!